Sunday, 11 November 2012

History Activity

Last night I heard a strange noise
I heard a very strange noise coming out of her sleep ,  downward sounded like whispering my name .
Igot out of bed and get down no one and my parents were a sleep , there was a noise in my room and i ran , had fallen a book .The doors closed all of a sudden , the light in the room quenched, and again that strange voice calling me .He turned on the computer and wrote name next day i asked if he knew who they all were suprised . It was the name of my aunt Mery , died several years ago in a traffic accident, when you tell me that more scared . The next night i could not sleep and went to see the name of my aunt Mery on the computer but this time put more, put running .I ran without telling any family , within five minutes the house went up in flames, by an electrical problem .My family died charred never fungive myself .

                                                                                                                ( By Lorena and Maria )

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The terror hospital

In a one abandonated hospital one light shine for a one window. Two mans was see it and they go to see what happening.One of them open the door and a crazy  scream sould for old the hospital, blood for the walls and clothes brokens for the floor. They was very scary and try to scape but one person was in front of the principal door with a smile on the mouth and blood in the hands. The two mans was running for the hospital trying scape but host posible. The crazy man was captured him and kill him. And the light of the window turn off.

Adrián García & Antonio Fernandez.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

This is a wonderful pro-peace song by Pete Seeger. Pay attention to the lyrics. What do you think is the message of this song?

If you want to know a bit more about its history, read HERE.
It's lyrics? You can read them HERE.  

Vocabulary: Geography

Here you have a set of words related to Geography that you need to learn. You can listen to the words, and you can play different games with them. Enjoy!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Vocabulary: clothes and accessories

Some vocabulary about clothes and accessories. Have a nice time learning!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vocabulary: adjectives related to food and fashion

Here you are a set of adjectives related both to food and fashion. This is a very nice way to review them!! Enjoy!

Thursday, 14 June 2012


I am going to talk about Spirited Away, a cartoon anime film directed by Hayao Hiyazaki.This film is graet beacause its pictures are drawed in a amazing and sophisticated way .
It is about a family that is moving to another city to live and during the travel they have to stop in a strange place because they are lost.Then the parents start to eat at a restaurant, it is empty but they are so hungry to wait for the waiter. Chihiro, the daughter of the family and the main character, had went to see this place, and when see come back, her parents have been transformed in pigs by a spell of Yubaba, the boss of this place that results to be a bathhouse where Gods go to relax; the food that the parents of Chihiro ate was for these Gods. Chihiro have to work for the bathhouse and she is put to the test to save her parents along the entire plot and the end have some unpredictable and interesting events so I would recommend it to see it with all the family beacuase it is very original and if you see it you will get a funny time.

The Godfather

I'am going to talk about "The Godfather".
I think that you should watch this movie if you like the films where the gangsters appear. The plot of the movie is interesting and the soundtrack is very good. This film is about  the sicilian gangsters who they live in New York and they have many fights with other gangster families.
The main character is Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando and his son Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, is other of the most important characters in this film.
My favourite part of the film is when Tom Hagen, the "consigliere" of the familie cut the head of a horse and put them into the beb of a enemy while he was sleeping. When he get up, he shout a lot.

The Godfather

In my opinion the best fim that I've ever seen is ''The Godfather''. I like this film because it is interesting and it is an action film. The saga is composed for 3 films but in my opinion the best film is the first.

The film tells the history of gangsters in United States during the 70's. Is one of the bests films in the history.

The main characters are Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, and Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. The film is directed by Francis Ford Copolla and is based in a book by Mario Puzo.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I'm talking about the film ''Battleship. I think that this film is very interesting and it is full of action. The film dealls with an invasion of an alien's fleet. The humans have to fith against the aliens. The history tell us an adventure in the sea, in the sky and in the Earth.

The film are starring for  Taylor Kitsch, who plays lieutenant Hopper, Brooklyn Decker is Sam Shane and Rihanna is Raikes.

In my opinion, the history is not very original because in other films appear aliens too, but the special effects and de acting os actors are very impressive. lieutenant

Oral exam: The vow.

In my opinion, the best film is The vow, I think that the plot is original. The film treats on a pair of newlyweds who have a car accident. Since the accident, she's in coma and he takes care of her every day but she wakes up and the doctors see that she has lost the memory, then he try conquer his love again.
The soundtrack is the music of Taylor Swift and the principal characters are Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Women in sport.

The topic of women to make sports has been always a very controversial issue. A lot of men think that they are more stronge than women because their bodies have been prepared in the past to cath animal and fighting. 
On the one hand, it's true that women are less than men as to muscular mass and for that, has been created the womens sports. But it isn't bad, the opposite, this has been created to balance her strength and play only to each other. Although, womens are better than men in some sports, for example: ice skating and in some cases in swimming. On the other hand, women are best than men as well in intellectual themes, for example, some studies show that the women when she have seven years old, have an Intellectually coeficient from 101 and the men only 99. 
In conclusion, women are better than men in some things and in reverse.

The terrible day of Jack and Jhon

John is an agent of FBI and Jack is a police officer in Los Angeles. One day, the brothers  were taking together a coffee and a donut in the cafe of century street when they were called to go Mayor office.

The Mayor told them that in the city has been developing a criminal organization and they were brothers, they were assigned as mates to investigated this criminal organization and stop when they give a false move. 

After leaving the mayor's office, they went together to investigate a direction that gave the mayor himself and appeared to be its center of operations. When leaving there, and while John was off the track they caught Jack and took him hostage. After a long search that night, John was able to identify those who had taken his brother and after a hard pursuit he managed to stop them and he recover his brother safe.

To be continued.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Mishuwitos were little creatures that measured one meter high. Were completely identical and worked as a team. One day, they were in their works when one of them crying out and alarm the small town, they had founded for them, saying that a new kind of enemy has appeared, to shelter and not to leave. All whole city was paralyzed when he heard these words. The president called this and asked him why he lied. He answered and told him that was no lie that he had seen the news and it was kind of animal with feathers, wings and beak, a little bigger than them, and I was able to eat one. As described by reports by the name of poultry. The president put his army to protect the city. After one week gave news to the people that this was true were protected and not to leave so as not to risk their lives. The city really scared obeyed orders. But as time wore on their food ran out and the city was destroyed, the President met in his concern to his counselors and told them they had to be united. When ready to begin the fight against the enemy realized that they also had an army. They started the battle, recalled that the good always wins and forces retook beginning to end with the enemy. At the end of the battle's won Mishuwitos to the birds and continued their normal lives.

Womens in sport

Is a topic very discussed because there are many opinions. In the first place, the women’s have got less strength and in many possible cases less resistance, but here are some exceptions. It is true that women tend to have more intelligence than men’s and something it is more important in sport.

 In the second place for sports more aggressive the men’s can be better when going to practice because are sports that need more strength and men’s are stronger than women. For sports in which the intelligence needs more than the strength the women’s in general have got more advantage.

 In conclusion, the woman’s are very good at sports where intelligence is used and the mens are very good at sports where the strength or the resistance are more important. Many womens have got more speed and more resistance that in the case of the resistance in general the mens have got more. In sports depends much individuality but the more important quality in sports are the team.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sonnet for "La Niebla y la Doncella"

Hi all. I leave you a sonnet that was created by me for a book called "La Niebla y la Doncella". Hope you like:

Evasión, sueño, imaginación

profundo respiro a orillas de la mar,
beber cada palabra con ansia de más,
avanzar cada vez con más atracción.
Querer saber cuál es la solución,
pero, a su vez, no quererlo acabar,
misterio, intriga, sorprendente final,
verse sumido en desesperación.
Llegar a casa y, antes que nada,
coger el libro que tanto te fascina,
y leerlo hasta que el día acabe.
Dejar a cualquier persona anonadada
con la historia que, aunque no quieras, termina.
Esto es "La niebla y la doncella",

                                                     quien lo leyó, lo sabe.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Women at sports

This has been a topic very discussed, because there are many different opinions. On the one hand it is true that men have more strength that women, and are faster than them. So if the women play in a men´s team probably they will be hurt and it will be disadvantages for the team.

On the other hand, we know that there are exceptions, there are woman that can be faster and stronger than men but it’s a minority. I think that maybe in some sports we can include women and men, and they can help in the team, the men can bring the strength and the women the intelligence to make better strategies or something like that.

But in real life there aren’t too many sports in where women cannot be hurt by men, so in conclusion I think that women have to be separate with the men in the teams. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

An important question for us

There is a big controversy with the problem related about to allow or not mixed contests between men and women.

On the one hand, it's obvious that men are physically stronger than women. Their physical characteristics are more prepared to do extreme activities, such as competition sports. In these situations women are in disadvantage because they are "worst" to bear that point of effort.

On the other hand, it's very enriching mixing sexes on sports, because like that, there is not any barrier between us. It is an advance for all the people. It does the difference between women and men littler, so the sexism could go down.

In my opinion, for contests it is better to separate women's sports teams and men's sports teams. It is juster, because men are physically "superior" than women.
But for recreational sports it's better to mix sexes in these sports.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Women in sport

Nowadays, a topic of debate is whether  woman can play in men’s teams or are trained for play sport.
Generally, men tend to have better physical condition than woman. They are also more aggressive and they have more strength, although a lot of women have a very good conditions and they could compare perfectly with men.  Then in almost all sports (like football, basketball and rugby) requires physical contact  which involves force where would do harm to the woman. I think that in these games women and men can’t play together. But in others like tennis or athletics, yes they could do it.
In short, I think that women can play as well as men and they must be accepted in sports in spite of their teams isn’t as popular. In addition, I think that, if they want, it should do teams mix in some sports and try not to discriminate in sport for women.

Women in male sports.

At present many sports exclude the women. Some sports only belong to men, others are mixed, and i think that any sport didn't excludes the men's.

On one hand I think it's good to differentiate in some sports because women don't have the same force that can have a man or men don't have the flexibility to a woman. Furthermore, the men's are more gross, and if we play for example a football game with them the women  could do much damage.

On the other hand, I think some women are strong enough to win the men in some sports, despite not being normal.  If there were no distinctions, many men would cease to be macho...

In conclusion, it is normal that there are differences in some sports, but if a woman is able to play with men, I think they should let her play with them.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Women In Sport

Women in men teams - Yes or Not?

A lot of people think that women can’t play in men competitions in any way, and many women want to play in men’s team versus other men, but most of sports organizations prohibit the mixing of genres.

On one hand, the world is finding the gender equality and we could try to eliminate the differences allowing women and men play together. Furthermore, women even can play better than men.

On the other hand, men have better physical that women by nature, and it would be an inequality if women competes with they. Moreover it can be dangerous for them because men play hard and a woman might be injured.
In conclusion, although I defend the women’s sport, I believe that men should play without women as well as women play without men in their leagues.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Women at men's sport

The participation of the woman with the man in the same team at sport is a theme with many opinions in favor and against. Recently, this topic is being discussed a lot.

On the one hand, man's physical strength is greater than that of women. Furthermore, in some sports, women are at risk, as happens in rugby and football. For this reason, women would be at a disadvantage to men and couldn't play together.

On the other hand, women can play as well as men because, if they prepared to win, they can play better than men. In addition women are able to remain calm in difficult times, moreover they could help men to control their aggressiveness and remain calm.

In my opinion, I think women and men can play together in certain sports but not all, because women may be disadvantaged by playing with men who have long played together.

The part of the women at the sports

Many people think that women are too qualified to compete in the same competitions than men, but isn’t it as easy as it seems.

On the one hand, we have got all females that are playing in authentic competitions, where they fight like true men and they play in tournaments as the Women’s Champions League. Females think that moving them away them from the men’s competitions in the FIFA is unfair.

On the other hand, men are very animal, and for security and health rainsons, I believe that is better that women play sports in other level. Furthermore, if women could play in the masculine leagues, why could be on the contrary?

After all, I think that the women’s competitions should be better valued to compensate that media difference that divides many sports by genre… Over all, I would never let a woman play with players like Pepe.

Sports for women

In recent years, women are allowed to play sports that only men could play. However, women and men do not play together on the same team.

On the one hand, some people disagree. They think that women are not as strong or as fast as men, and it is true. Furthermore, women may have an accident with men or could get hurt, because they have more physical strength, so women should not play men´s sports. That could be a big disadvantage for the team.

On the other hand, some women have shown they can be just as good as men in sports, and even better. A female athlete can have the same records that men and overcome them without problem.

In my opinion, women and men can play together on the same team. Men are stronger than women, but women are more skilled than men, so players help each other.

The woman in sports

The woman in the sports is a difficult theme today because many people thinks that the woman not have the same boy than mens.

However many woman have best physical conditions than many mens although we can’t refuse that the men have the body generally more stronger than the women. The woman can play all sports because they are socially aware of they can have a accident. Because the mans are more gross. However there are many sport in rubby for example, that the player must have a big and strong body or in the boxing the player have a very strong body.

In my opinion, the woman can play all sport same the men can play all sports although there are many sports (rubby, boxing,...) where the requirements are very high (high size, high weight, many hours in a gym, have a hard mentality).

Women at team sports?

The participation of women at team sports is a topic and controversial discussion and I’ m going to analyse it.

On the one hand women are weaker than men and it would be a disadvantage to the team, but if all teams would incorporate women in them, none of them would be affected. However some people say that women would be hurt accidentally by men in a match, although I think that it is their problem and they must be psyched for any problem. Moreover, there are women stronger than men despite the topic.

In short, I think that women must be accepted in team sports because they are the same as men and his strength is not an excuse. Also I think that it must be three kinds of teams, men teams, women teams and mixed teams, because in this way more people could get satisfied.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Women and Sports

Some years ago, one question appeared: The women can play sports as well as men? Some men are against and some are for.

On the one hand, genetically women are powerless than men, and they can run as fast as men.
The men are more agressive and can hurt very much the women.Because very people think that women are worst than men in sport and don't let them play with men at many games.

On the other hand, a decided woman can win a match versus a men, like the event "The Battle of the Sexes" where Bobby Riggs play versus Billie Jean King (Billie beat Bobby 6-4,6-3 and 6-3). So the women can play as well as men if they think that is possible and try it.

In short, the women can play with men in sports. A great female player can win a great male player.So the sports organitations (like FIFA) should let the women play with men, if the women want to it.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hans and the moose

This is the story of Hans Jorgen Olsen, a Norwegianboy of 12 years who saved his sister from a moose with the knowledge he learned playing the gameWord Of Wordcraft.
He was walking around the woods with her sister when they attacked a wild moose. He faced whit the moose to take notice of him and leave her sister. He says that this is used in the game for the monsters away. But the moose was gonna by Hans now.
The he used another technique he learned in the game,he played dead and he get the moose go away.Then took his sister and returned home.
Apparently, after this experience, his parents don´t punish him again without games

My savior

I was in the beach, with my family and a friend of my brother, i hate this boy, because my mother is always speaking about him, about all he can do, and I cant stand it, so this day, when my mother was going to start to saying what perfect he was, I said that I  didn’t want to listen this things about the boy, that I hate him. In that moment I started to run and I entered in the water, I swam all quickly I could because I was very angry, when I wanted  to realise , i saw that i was very far from the shore.
I was very afraid, so I started to scream asking for help, but  nobody could hear me, I scream louder and the people of the shore saw me, but nobody wanted to come to rescue me, they call the police but I was tired and I couldn’t stay more time floating, then suddenly, my brother´s friend, who I have insulted, came swimming to rescue me, and he told me that he have done a first aid course, if this boy hadn’t done it, maybe now I would  be dead

In trouble.

When I was very young, I lived a little unpleasant experience yet funny.

My parents, my brother and I were on vacation in Santander. A day in the afternoon, my mother, my brother and I decided to go for a walk. We saw a herd of cows and we decided to approach him. Suddenly, a cow escaped and ran towards us. We were very scared and ran away. The cow ran behind us and the pastor ran behind the cow. My mother told me that it ran more to tell my father but I said no because I did not want to leave her alone. Finally, after running a while, the pastor got to catch the cow and we could go home alone.

Now many years have passed since that experience, but never forget.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alive by his friend.

It all began when Danny and Gerald went to the cinema last week. They were watching a new horror film when, all of a sudden, everyone in the cinema cuold hear a voice that said: the cinema is burning, please left it quickly!

First, nobody took it seriously because they thougth it was a joke of the film. But, shortly after, a lot of red flames enter in the screen. In few seconds, the fire filled the room with dense black smoke. All the people began to run away through the emergency exit, but Danny was pushed and trampled by a group of frightened people.

When Gerald reached the street, he realised that Danny had not left the building. He entered again into the burning structure and he rescued his friend, who was unconscious. Fortunately, both friends are now safe and sound. Danny will never forget his friend's courage.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The holidays of Mike and John

Miked and John travelled to Brazil in holidays. When they were in the river Amazon they lost the tour guide in the jungle.They only had food and water for two days.

First they were afraid, but they were calm after. Mike to decide to make a refuge for the night. It would be night in few hours. They may stay high for be safe of the carnivourus animals of the jungle. The next day, they continued walking near the river for arrive at the sea, they tought it would be near.

In the way to the sea, they saw many animals, like snakes and tarantules but it didn't attack them. They finished their water, and when they went to the river for drunk, they discovered that in the river were cocodriles! So they decided to took water so carefully where there wasn't a cocodrile, and they could drunk.

Finally they discovered a village an they were sane and sound.

Lost in the lake

It was a sunny August day. Sergio and Adrian were in the Talagante Lake. They were playing with an inflatable beach ball next to some rocks when, suddenly, a strong wind blew it and carried the ball so far. Immediately, Sergio took a big float, got into and rowed after the ball, but the wind was stronger and moved it to the other edge lake.

Without warning their fathers, they pursued the ball, but an hour later, when they arrived to the edge, the ball had disappeared. They were too far to come back swimming again, and they tried to walk around the lake, but it was impossible. Without the ball, they took again their float and try to come back, but they gave up soon.

Shortly after, they were crying when a blonde mermaid appeared, and finally, she took them and brought them with their fathers. They had never been so lost and they learned the lesson.

"A wet summer"

It was summer, I was in a campsite, with my friends, in a village of Toledo. We campt next to a river. The second night we were in the campsite, we were very tired, so we went to bed earlier than other times and we slept deeply, until a masive current of water woke up us. Immediatly we were in the middle of the furious river.

First, we started shouting help, but it didn't help us, it only did that we were more exhausted. Then we tried to go to the riverside, but we couldn't, the current of the river was too much strong. I thought we hadn't got an opportunity to survive...

Until suddenly, in front of us, we saw a group of trees' branches as low as we could climb on them. Thanks to the branches we are alive.

Already dawned, Amanda looked in the mirror, her clothes and her face were bloodied, had
been a long night.

Happy days with Ana and Lucy were behind, they were the best friends and never thought that it exchange until they met Robert. He had white skin, he was dark and his eyes were black and deep.
When they came out of high school, Robert invited them to his home that was outside of the city. They got into his car and began the worst trip of their lives.
That afternoon was cold and rainy, and when they arrived it was dark.The home was in a forest full of trees that the wind and rain moving strongly.
They went into the home and when they wanted to look back Robert had disappeared. All the doors were closed, they were scared and began to look for an exit for escape.
Suddenly, Robert appeared with a knife in his hand and ran quickly to the girls, Amanda was able to escape until she stumbled into the forest.

When Amanda opened her eyes, she was lying on the floor. She stood up and went to her home. She looked in the mirror: the nightmare had finished or just begun?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Fox

Three friends went camping in the mountains of a small village. They walked untin to find a good place for put the camping tent and sleep.

They found a plain site, surrounded by trees, and they prepared all the things to pass the night. They have dinner and go to sleeping bag very late, because they were telling ghost stories. Later, when they slept, one of the friends listened a strange noise in the countryside. He switched on the lantern and woke up his friends. Inmediately, they left the camping tent, and walked around it. They saw a dark shadow moving and they discovered that was a fox. They were afraid and ran into the camping tent.

Later the morning arrived, they slept very little. Then, they go to his village and told to their families what happened, everyone laughed a lot because foxes didn´t attack people.

Mountain adventure.

One day, five friends decided to go to the mountain to spend the afternoon. It was a summer day with good weather. One of them began to guide but he had a absent-mindedness and they were lost.

Soon the night arrived and began a big storm. They were very wet and they didn't know where to go because all was dark. They couldn't to call anybody because in this moment they didn't have a mobile phone. In the meantime, a boy, whose name was Peter, had lost the group and he was scared and inmediately the other four began to call him. When they found him, he was under a tree and he had very cold. A few hours late, they saw a village and they ran to this place.

They waited to the train for back home. When they arrived they were very happy and save and sound. It was a experience that they will never forget.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mary in Libya

Mary went to Libya last year to film some images for her work as a reporter. She was so exited about it because her boss had promised her that if she made a good job she will be promoted.

When she arrived, she went to a house of revolutionaries in where she would stay two weeks. Unexpectedly, the third day, the army began to attack the town where Mary was, and she was determined to take a photo of the fight, so she decided to stay out. Half hour later she has already taken ten photographies, but suddenly a tank appears at the corner of the street. Luckily a five years old child takes her from a trap door and they managed hide themselves until the time the army was in the town.

At the end of this two weeks Mary come back to her country, and she will never forget the five old child who safe her life.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Moraleja a good place to live

I think Moraleja de Enmedio, my town, it’s a very good place to live. Moraleja is too calm but very interesting place though it doesn’t have more places of entertainment, except the parks. Moraleja has got many parks between them the most frequented by the teenagers is the park of the ducks. A disadvantage is that when you want to see a movie in the cinema you must to take the bus to go to Xanadú. Other frequented places are the square of the village and the square of the town hall. The people of this calm village are very nice and always or almost always they greet you when they see you for the street.
The worst of Moraleja is the reputation that has got in other cities because the people in others cities think that the people of this small village they are bad people.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fuenla City

 Fuenlabrada is not the best place of the world, but you can survive good in it.

 Fuenlabrada has got a lot of trees and parks, the most famous is “La Solidaridad”. But if you prefer indoor places, Fuenlabrada has got shoping centers. In Fuenlabrada there are a bike road around all of that and it has got gyms and swiming pools. Also in Fuenlabrada has got a University. If you are in Fuenlabrada you can go to the capital in underground, because in it are good lines of undergrond and bus.

 The people of Fuenla can be good people or complete idiot. If you talk with people of other towns they say “thives”, “uneducate”, “canis” and people who says “pesi” instad “pepsi” when talk about Fuenlabrada. In addition, Fuenlabrada has a good basketball team.

 Fuenla can be the best place for teenagers, but people living on it are doing nothing for that.

My city, Fuenlabrada

Fuenlabrada, in general, it's a good city to live and to going out.

There are many shops in Fuenlabrada, here we have two comercial centres to going shopping. Also, in Fuenlabrada there are many parks to going out with your friends and family. In my city, we have got a cinema, but is in Loranca, one of the many neighborhoods that Fuenlabrada has got, and it's a bit difficult to go there, because you must take a bus to go to the cinema, and this is an advantage to lazy people like me.There are many young people in Fuenlabrada you can meet, specially, on Fridays, obviously.

 But the worst thing, like in all cities, is the bad people. This is a problem in some places of Fuenlabrada because in this places it's easy to have problems, but if you have got the adecuated friends you mustn't be afraid about this.

Fuenlabrada, My Town

 Fuenlabrada is the perfect place where to live. It has more places where meet you friends quietly for example Solidarity's parks or If you see a basketball match, you can go to Fernando Martin's sport center and there another sport center where train and play people that love basketball but aren't proffesionals. By in the town are many basketball and football tracks, where you go whith your friends and play.  

Fuenlabrada has a comercial center. But the most known is the Plaza de la estacion's comercial center. You can go to shooping or take something. There another that also it is known is the Fuenlabrada 2 comercial center. Years ago it was more comercial but now it only there bars. For the young people if you can go to the party by the night, you can go to La plaza. there some pubs where you can drink or dance. Fuenlabrada also has a Big hospital that is very good in oncology but in the rest is dreadful.

Definitely Fuenlabrada is a good town for the teenegers and a good place where to live.

Fuenlabrada a nice place.

I live in Fuenlabrada, a town of Madrid, is an entertaining and nice place. In my opinion,  is a good place to live because it’s got a lot to offer.
Fuenlabrada is near Madrid, only 40 minutes in train, so If you don’t want to stay here you can to take a walk through there.
It has a lot of parks, but the most important is Solidaridad’s park, because is great and beautiful!. Also, it had many sports centers like Fernando Martin or La Cueva, but if you don’t want to play sport, you can go to shopping center as there are many. Again, at night you can go to pubs and have a good time with your friends. Something very important, is very suitable for people in wheelchairs, less in the older areas but it’s few.
In short I have to say that there are nice people, a lot of places where you can go and for now, I like to live in Fuenlabrada.

Fuenlabrada, a good place for living.

Fuenlabrada is a city of Madrid and I think that it's a good place for the people.

Fuenlabrada is a big town and have a lot of things. For example Fuenlabrada has got a parks where you can go to play on it, to do many sports, to go to your friends, to go your family, etc. Solidarity Park is the most famous park in Fuenlabrada. Also Fuenlabrada has got a shopping center where you can go and by many things and to be with her friends and with her family. Also Fuenlabrada have got a sports pavilion called Fernando Martín. In this pavilion is practiced many sports, for example: basketball, karate... But the sport that there is more to play basketball. As for nightlife, Fuenlabrada has got some pubs and clubs and you can go if you have more than 18 years.

In short, Fuenlabrada has gat many things that you can enjoy. Not the best city and hasn't got all the best but I like it.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fuenlabrada the best place to live

Fuenlabrada  is a city in Madrid, is a good place, because here you can do many things. Fuenlabrada  has got many natural spaces , like the Solidaridad´s park that  is too big and there are another parks around the city, in the night you can go to the pubs and have a good time with your friends. In general the weather here is very good, so you can go to take a walk with your friends, but if it isn’t good you can go to the shopping centers because here there are so many, and you can go to shopping or to watch a movie in the cinema.  Here there are many schools and high schools, and the education is very good and  there are sports facilities too, football fields, the Fernando Martín ´pavilon.
In summer you can go to the swimming pool  and in September you can enjoy with your friends or family in the fair.
In short I think that Fuenlabrada is a good place to live.


In  my opinion my town is normal, it is neither a wonderful place nor a boring place.

Fuenlabrada is located near Madrid. It hasn´t got sea , rivers or lakes, but it has got a party zone called La plaza, and locals to make parties, and we have got a big park named La Solidaridad.
The people here are very friendly and amusing.
Here in Fuenlabrada there are cinemas, shopping centers and a lot of restaurants.In September when the festivals begin there are concerts , parties and funfairs.
Here in Fuenlabrada there aren´t sports facilitys because the majority of the teams there are not professional , except basketball so we have got a team in ACB and a modern sport centre called Fernando Martin.

In short Fuenlabrada it´s a good city but it could be improved for be a better town.When I grow up I would like to go at other city.

Fuenlabrada, good but improvement

I live in Fuenlabrada. It is not a bad city but it could be better. The security here it`s waste. When you walk trought the center of town you may be carefully, because someone can steal you. The police take a long time to come at the place.

On the other hand there are something that i like of Fuenlabrada. Fuenlabrada has got many parks and squares. They are big and there are many benchs. They are goods but there are very dirty. There are many trash on the ground. There are many poops too, it´s horrible.

Other good thing that there are in my city is the mall. It`s a big building where are many shops and places to stay. There are much people too.

In summary, Fuenlabrada it´s a good place for teenagers but sometimes it`s dangerous.

Fuenlabrada, a good place (by Enrique Muñoz)

(I have published the composition of Enrique beacuse he hasn't got account in the blog)...

Fuenlabrada is a good place to live because it has lots and various places where you can do a lot of things there including shopping centers, sports grounds, cinemas, shops of all types. Because of this many young people in fuenlabrada living there, so the population is young people fuenlabrada.

So there also a rather high crime rate, also the notes of the institutes are usually so bad with a bad reputation for being a bad town to live but that's just an opinion they are not all bad marks as well very smart students there, plus there a great sport.

Another good thing about fuenlabrada are the relationships with people coming from other towns or cities near and moral leganes and surrounding areas, this is because it has very good transport routes as the metro and commuter train

Fuenlabrada, a big town

I think that my hometown, Fuenlabrada, is a good place for teenagers, but it could be a better place for us.

Fuenlabrada is a town in the south of Madrid. Fuenlabrada is over thirty minutes of Madrid City if you go on train, but in our town we have got places to enjoy ourself, so we don't have to go to Madrid. There are places for everyone. If you are a sporty person you can go to the swimming pool, to all the parks we've got, you can also go to some of the sports centres of Fuenlabrada. If you are an outgoing boy or girl you could go in the night to "La Plaza", it's a place with lots of pubs with many kinds of music, it's a fantastic place. Fuenlabrada has got many cultural centres.

To sum up, Fuenlabrada is an entertaining city.

Fuenlabrada, a wonderful place!

The town where I live is Fuenlabrada. I think that this place is good for teenagers and now I'm going to write some reasons.

Fuenlabrada is in the south of Madrid and the name comes for a fountain that is in the old twon. There are big parks with gardens for spend a great evening with
your friends,shopping center and restaurants. In summer, we don't have beach but if a swimming pool, it's something. We find also many schools, high schools and a university, the last is near the hospital. There is a cultural center called Tomás y Valiente. In the square where is the old town hall there are many pubs and the people go there in the night.

To sum up, Fuenlabrada is a good place and I love to live here.

Fuenlabrada, a great place for teenagers

I think that Fuenlabrada is a great place for all the ages. It's got a lot of to offer and it's got a differents places to go for not bored.

Fuenlabrada is a wonderfull town where there are many parks, shopping center for buy a lot of objects, many restaurants to be quietly with the friends or family, there are a lot of sports centers for play football, basketboll, tennis and more sports. In Fuenlabrada there are many educational places, there are a lot of schools, universities and high schools. Fuenlabrada have got excellents public transport, for example the train, the bus, underground, etc. for go to the other places. Too in Fuenlabrada once a year there is a fair with very events, concerts, shows and attractions.

In short, Fuenlabrada is a great place for teenagers where there are many things to do and I will always want to live here. 

Fuenlabrada, a good place

Fuenlabrada is medium city,  it is near to Madrid. Fuenlabrada have got many young person.  It have got many schools and many high school. This site have got many station of metro( Parque de los Estados, Fuenlabrada central, Parque Europa, Hospital de Fuenlabrada and Loranca). Fuenlabrada have got four big neighborhoods (El Naranjo, el Arroyo, El Molino and Loranca).

Fuenlabrada is entertaining because it's have got many parks and two bigs shopping center ( Plaza de la estación and Loranca). In this shopping center there are many shops. In the center of Fuenlabrada, many pubs and clubs. In september, Fuenlabrada have got many parties and funny things the central. On 19 of february, there is carnival, it is a very funny party because the people can put funny clothes and go to the street.

Finally, Fuenlabrada is a good city because it is very funny.


In my opinion Fuenlabrada is a wonderful place for all the ages. It's got a lot of differents places to go and it's got a lot to offer.

Here in Fuenlabrada there are a lot of sites to spend the spare time like cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres. There are also sports centres, gyms and parks with lakes to practise many differents sports . As for education, this town is plenty of nurserys, schools, high schools; even a new university called Juan Carlos I. Fuenlabrada has got different ways of public transport, for example, a undergroun line, a train line or buses. In Fuenlabrada take places many event of entertaiment, such us, concerts, fairs or exhibitions.

In short, Fuenlabrada has got endless things to do, and it seems to me that is a good enviroment for the development of teens. That's why i've always loved living here.

Fuenlabrada, a relaxed place

I think that the town where I live, Fuenlabrada, is a normal one, but I am going to analyse it.

First of all, I can say that Fuenlabrada is a "bedroom town", there are a lot of buildings, a few shopping centers and hardly there are cinemas or other leisure places. Also there are many parks for children or others bigger for walk, run or stay with your friends. Tghis last thing is what I usually do, sometimes the place is not the most important thing, but the people who is with you. About the health service I think is good , there are a hospital and some ambulatories and my experiences in anyone of them were acceptable.

This town is reputed to be one of the mos conflicting ones in Madrid but actually is an exaggeration. In short this town is for enjoy a relaxed life, but there are very few leisure places.

Loranca,a wonderful place for teenagers.

I believe that Loranca is a good place for everybody, children, adults or teenagers. It's got a lot to offer.

Loranca is a small village of Fuenlabrada, but the teenagers can have fun in many ways. There is a shopping center with a lot of stores, a cinema and a lot of places to eat, for example a McDonal's or some restaurants. There is the Loranca's lake too, with some sports facilities and parks near it. Teenagers spend a lot of time in those places. Sometimes, there are little festivals, like the medieval market in winter and spring, or the stake in summer. Also, in Loranca there are some schools and high schools, so there are not problems about children's education.

In short, In my opinion Loranca is a wonderful place for teenagers. There are things for everyone, that's the reason I love living here.

Fuenlabrada, a great place to live.

I think that my city, Fuenlabrada, is a wonderful place for teenagers. It's got a lot to offer.

Fuenlabrada is a city in the south of Madrid, so teenagers spend a lot of time in all activities. Because it has got sport facilities, education, entertainment. There aren't any cinemas in Fuenlabrada, but there are other things to enjoy, for example: shopping centers, parks or swimming pool. In Fuenlabrada there aren't any museums, but there are an excellent public transport (bus, train, underground). You can visit other cities or towns with them. I believe that Fuenlabrada is a safe and clean city. One of the best things of Fuenlabrada is that it isn't a noisy city.

In conclusion, Fuenlabrada is a good city to live. It is a modern city and there are a lot of technology. I like to live in Fuenlabrada.

Fuenlabrada, a teenage paradise.

I believe that my hometown, Fuenlabrada, is a beautiful place foto teenagers, even for adults.
Fuenlabrada is a town in the center of Madrid. There are many teenagers and a lot of activities for them. The education is very good hear, there are a lot of school and a university. For nightlife there are many discos open and the people dance and they are having fun. The weather in Madrid is usually goog so take a walk with friends can be fun. The thing that o like is the parks what there are around Fuenlabrada. There are very nice.
To sum up, Fuenlabrada is a teenage paradise. There are a lots of thing for everyone to do. I want to life always here :)

Fuenlabrada, a wonderful place!

The town where I live is Fuenlabrada. I think that this place is good for teenagers and now I'm going to write some reasons.

Fuenlabrada is in the south of Madrid and the name comes for a fountain that is in the old twon. There are big parks with gardens for spend a great evening with your friends,shopping center and restaurants. In summer, we don't have beach but if a swimming pool, it's something. We find alsomany schools, high schools and a university, the last is near the hospital. There is a culturar center called Tomás y Valiente. In the square where is the old town hall there are many pubs
and the people go there in the night.

To sum up, Fuenlabrada is a good place and I love to live here.

Fuenlabrada, a place for teenagers?

I think that Fuenlabrada is a good place for teenagers.It's good for do many activities.

Fuenlabrada is a town in Madrid,Spain. It hasn't got beach and sea,but it has a lot of swimming pool, for summer and ofr winter. There you can swim free in summer or learn to swim in winter, and in summer also! There are many gyms and sports centres too. You can practise football, tennis, basketball,athletism, tae kwon do, karate, judo and more sports. There are also many shopping centres where you can buy clothes, food, TVs, computers games,etc. You can go to cinemas and see the last films very comfortable. In september there is a fair in the town with many attractions, and yoy can also buy candy floss.

In the short, Fuenlabrada is a good place for teenagers. There are many things to do, you won't be boring in you stay here.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Loranca, a quiet ville. By Miguelito

Loranca is a wonderful place for people who wants relax and have all kind of stores near.

Also called "Garden city", Loranca is a district of Fuenlabrada with a population of thirty thousand approximately, but here there are all things you want: two shopping centers, a cinema, sport areas and a lot of parks for children and parents to enjoy. As for education, exist around six schools and three high schools.It's also a quiet place with no problems to rest. But not all is good at my ville, there is a zone where live bad and danger people, for example the half moon, and if you want to haven't problems, try to don't find that people.

In short, Loranca is a good place for teenagers and people of all the ages and you have a lot of things to do here.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My point of view about Fuenla City (Fuenlabrada), by Alvaruky

This time I must write about my hometown, Fuenlabrada. It's a good place but it isn't as great as it could be

Fuenlabrada is a big town that has got about 200000 people. It is at the south of Madrid with others similar villages. There are shopping centres, many fountains and public buildings that make life easier because everything is near, but there aren’t cinemas, bowling and there are very few entertainment places, although you can visit the basketball team, for example, that is very funny and exciting. Generally, people that live in Fuenlabrada are stroppy and shelfish, and the youth is dangerous, so you should be careful. A typical celebration in Fuenlabrada is the Omelette’s Day, on the 9th of march, where the people go to Valdeserrano to eat omelette, and the youth to drink…

In conclusion, in my opinion Fuenlabrada is a successful place to live, but if can be boring to young people and even dangerous.