Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mountain adventure.

One day, five friends decided to go to the mountain to spend the afternoon. It was a summer day with good weather. One of them began to guide but he had a absent-mindedness and they were lost.

Soon the night arrived and began a big storm. They were very wet and they didn't know where to go because all was dark. They couldn't to call anybody because in this moment they didn't have a mobile phone. In the meantime, a boy, whose name was Peter, had lost the group and he was scared and inmediately the other four began to call him. When they found him, he was under a tree and he had very cold. A few hours late, they saw a village and they ran to this place.

They waited to the train for back home. When they arrived they were very happy and save and sound. It was a experience that they will never forget.

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