Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mary in Libya

Mary went to Libya last year to film some images for her work as a reporter. She was so exited about it because her boss had promised her that if she made a good job she will be promoted.

When she arrived, she went to a house of revolutionaries in where she would stay two weeks. Unexpectedly, the third day, the army began to attack the town where Mary was, and she was determined to take a photo of the fight, so she decided to stay out. Half hour later she has already taken ten photographies, but suddenly a tank appears at the corner of the street. Luckily a five years old child takes her from a trap door and they managed hide themselves until the time the army was in the town.

At the end of this two weeks Mary come back to her country, and she will never forget the five old child who safe her life.

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