Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Degree Business Administration and Management

Hi,my name is Natalia González.

I'm studying social sciences bachelor because it was preferred to the degree I want to study.
I will study a degree in Business Administration and Management.To access the first cycle I will have to pass high school and I will have to sit selectivity.

It is one of the races with more employment opportunities because of the versatility of this degree I plan organize,direct and control the activities of public os private enterprises in industry and services.
In private enterprise, the fuctions a degree in Business Administration and Management are as many as you can develop existing business areas: Production,Finance,Marketing,Sales,Audit,Human Resources...etc.

I would like study at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The court noted is 6.53
The degree is four years. During those four years I will study subjects such as:
Economic,Macroeconomic,Fisical system...
Every year study ten different subjects,five in each semester.
The final year is devoted largely to the work of degree.
In this university I offer four different routes I would choose the route of Marketing.The four electives that study would be Integrated Marketing Communication,Distribution sales,marketing plan and marketing international.
A part of those four would have to choose two electives from four thaat would be Govermment,Social responsibility and Sustainability of Business and Organizational Sociology
Y would have access to a virtual campus.
Come at 8.30 a.m and leave at 14.30 p.m

that's all


Hi all,

Hello, I´m Alvaro, and I would like to study the degree of informatic engineering. I would like to study it at the university Alfonso X, but first I need to finish the high school.

People who has finished the degree, usually hasn´t got problems to find a job, because nowdays all the companys need an informatic engineer. If I finish to study it, I will be able to make robots with artificial inteligence, make computer and computer programs, probrame computers and make operating sistems.

The mark that i would need is just a 5 in most of the universities of madrid, but people says that the best university for study this degree is Alfonso X, because people who finish there this degree, hasn´t got any problem to find a job. The problem to study in this university is the mark, because you need a 6, but I think I will have it.

The most important subjects in the degree are phisics and maths, but I would need to learn eanglish and probably germanish to have a job in wherever in europe. I will need to study other scientist subjects like artificial inteligence, computer programing and all kind of subjects about computers and internet.

I think its a dificult degree, but I belibe I will be able to study it.

Monday, 14 December 2009

My degree

Hello! My name is Vanessa.
Since I was little I have always wanted to be a teacher.
I have been playing teachers, inmagining that I was the teacher and the people my students.
Today I still want to devote myselft to this profession.
I dislike the science because the are very boring but I like the maths because My favourite subject since I was little.
I would like to be teacher at primary school because being a high school teacher is more complicated for me.
I prefer to be a teacher to high school because with young children need to be a very patient.
However, I prefer to be a teacher to school because I love the childrens and I have always followed the example of my aunt.
Now, I am studing of social science bachillerato. This year is the first but the bachillerato is two years. When Y finished the high school, first, I must pass an exam to start the degree in the university.
I want to study of the Complutense university in Madrid. To enter the university I have to get five on the exam in June. The degree lasts three or four years depends the new law. In the degree there are eight or nine subjects for year.
When you finished the degree I will be qualified I work, but I will have to practice and then we star working in the degree I wanted.
I will be a good teacher =)
That´s all.

Monday, 7 December 2009


Professional Profile
Social science that studies how societies decide what to produce, how and for whom, in order to propose strategies and public policy to achieve higher levels of growth and prosperity. The economy has to do with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
As economic researcher
It's in the formulation and proposal of development policies, social policy, the study of economic and social projects in various areas of regional and local and foreign trade. Study and management functions economic and financial state, local governments regions and communities. Creates and evaluates investment project and monitors its implimentation. perfoms economic and financial budgets of state agencies. Study the social and economic indicators by country or region. Study employment and public investment.
Interview with an Economist
English is its official language and we must continue with all its specific terminology.
As well as Teaching and Research
Approximately 5 years, according to studies scheme of the institution to provide it.
Main subjects
General Training Courses
Social Psychology, Organization Theory, Theory of Society...
System Theory, English.
Basic Training Courses.
Professional Area
International Trade, Economic Development, Economy Fiscal, Monetary Theory
Economic History, Theory of prices, Social Evaluation of Projects
Its main objective is to train professionals capable of analyzing large economic movements and deepening market theories and economic theories.
the two major problems facing this cualification are that is very crowded and it is too theoretical. In students' opinion, the best of the race is that you can train in the most varied fiels, from mathematics to history or law or sociology.
Social Sciences
University in which gives
Alfonso X el Sabio
Autonoma de Madrid
Carlos III de Madrid
Castilla-La Mancha
Complutense de Madrid
Europea de Madrid
National Distance Education
Rey Juan Carlos
San Pablo (CEU)
They work all sectors and in most companies of any country. The recruiter looking into it business knowledge. Therefore, in practice perfoms daily functions such as accounting or planning the work of the commercial departament, analysis and work consulting and marketing.
Most companies need their workers have a professional who controls interest rates, bills, loans, tax rates, investment or stock market fast.
Director or head of production at any type of business
Director and Chief Financial Officer
Director, Technical Marketing manager
Chief of Administration
Director of bank branch
Management Information Systems
Economics of Production sectors
Foreign Trade....
BA Economics
Economy's degree, including in the area of Social Sciences, is structured in two cycles and has a duration of five years.
Student Profile
Student in this race is preferable to have:
Interest in economics and business
Easy to mathematics and accounting
Ease of expression
Interest in social issues and policies
Broad view of the world
Capacity for analysis and synthesis
Ease of understanding and abstraction
Business Advisor
Professor at academies, secondary and university
Market research and research in universities
All sectors. Private companies, insurance, banks, mutual assistance and any department of accounting, management, finance or personnel of any company.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Hello!I am Jorge and i go speak about the degree that i want study.For study this degree i have pass mark the baccaleureate of sciences and have a 7in the P.A.U. I haven´t a 7 ican´t study the degree of "Phisical Theraphy" .I want study it because the father of a friend have a medical center and he can help my to found work .I can study this degree in 4 universitys in Madrid put there are more but aren´t private universitys.
Surely i study in the Complutense because is the best.
The degree lasts 3 years in them study:
*9 subjects in the first year.
*11 subjects in the secon year.
*8 subjects in the last year.
It´s a degree very requested by this reason the note of court is high .I want study this and specialize in sport massage because i love the world of sports

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My degree


I´m Lorena Gómez and I'm studying in the high school Parque de Lisboa.

I´m going to speak about what I want to study when I finish the high school, in my case, psychology.

Psichology isn´t an easy degree because it studies the behavior of the people and their mental processes, including therapy for them.
It learn from children´s behavior or how people feel, think or percive until the functions of the mind and how people learn to adapt circumstances and the way they solve problems.

As science, investigates three areas of the personality: cognitiva, afectiva and de comportamiento as well as moral and social.

There are several types of psychology: Básica, aplicada, aprendizaje and del arte.

The duration of this degree is 4 or 5 years. It depends of the new Bolonia´s plan.

It compulsory to have a bachelor´s either humanities, social sciences or sciences and have passed the examen of selectivity.
In the exam of selectivity in the Universidad Complutense is necessary get a mark of 5.

I want to study psichology because I want to be a police woman and I need a title to access a higher rank.

The competitive exam for nacional police is very difficult because you have to pass a series of test with results are very difficult. For example, you have to do a career than a kilometer in the shortest time possible or to do push-ups holding a bar with a one oportunity.
Too, you have to pass a exam about the laws, etc.

I´ll be nervous because I don´t know if I get it.... I hope so!