Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Degree Business Administration and Management

Hi,my name is Natalia González.

I'm studying social sciences bachelor because it was preferred to the degree I want to study.
I will study a degree in Business Administration and Management.To access the first cycle I will have to pass high school and I will have to sit selectivity.

It is one of the races with more employment opportunities because of the versatility of this degree I plan organize,direct and control the activities of public os private enterprises in industry and services.
In private enterprise, the fuctions a degree in Business Administration and Management are as many as you can develop existing business areas: Production,Finance,Marketing,Sales,Audit,Human Resources...etc.

I would like study at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The court noted is 6.53
The degree is four years. During those four years I will study subjects such as:
Economic,Macroeconomic,Fisical system...
Every year study ten different subjects,five in each semester.
The final year is devoted largely to the work of degree.
In this university I offer four different routes I would choose the route of Marketing.The four electives that study would be Integrated Marketing Communication,Distribution sales,marketing plan and marketing international.
A part of those four would have to choose two electives from four thaat would be Govermment,Social responsibility and Sustainability of Business and Organizational Sociology
Y would have access to a virtual campus.
Come at 8.30 a.m and leave at 14.30 p.m

that's all

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