Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Hi all,

Hello, I´m Alvaro, and I would like to study the degree of informatic engineering. I would like to study it at the university Alfonso X, but first I need to finish the high school.

People who has finished the degree, usually hasn´t got problems to find a job, because nowdays all the companys need an informatic engineer. If I finish to study it, I will be able to make robots with artificial inteligence, make computer and computer programs, probrame computers and make operating sistems.

The mark that i would need is just a 5 in most of the universities of madrid, but people says that the best university for study this degree is Alfonso X, because people who finish there this degree, hasn´t got any problem to find a job. The problem to study in this university is the mark, because you need a 6, but I think I will have it.

The most important subjects in the degree are phisics and maths, but I would need to learn eanglish and probably germanish to have a job in wherever in europe. I will need to study other scientist subjects like artificial inteligence, computer programing and all kind of subjects about computers and internet.

I think its a dificult degree, but I belibe I will be able to study it.

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