Monday, 13 June 2011

A horrible trip

setes: S
Rebeca :R
R: good morning.
S: good morning, how can I help you?
R: I'm very afraid because...
S: excuse me , you booked a hotel in our agency?
R: yes of course.
S: ok, so you are afraid about this book?
R: yes I am, but I had other problem too.
S: what's the problem?
R: when I went to the airport, there was overbooking and I must waited for the next flight.
S: so ok, we are going to write a customer complaint form.
R: ok
S: give me your name please.
R: Miss Brown.
S: can you spell it?
R: B-R-O-W-N
S: OK, your flight destination?
R:the caribbean.
S: which were the dates?
R: one week 1-7 of july.
S: ok now say me the customer number.
R:6748654388 P
S: tell me the problem in the hotel.
R: first of all, there was something wrong whit the shower, secondly when I arrived to the hotel they gave a key of a double room but I booked a single room.
S: oh my god. It's terrible
R: Bu it is not all.
S: Really?
R:yes, the chambermaid didn't clean my room, and didn't make the bed in all the week!
S: that's all?
R: yes.
S: so what solution do you want?
R: I want come back my money, because I paid for a hote with 4 stars and that hotel was with only 2 stars.
S: ok, I see what can I do.
R: I hope that give me back my money.
S:dony't worry and give me your telephone number.
S: ok, when I know the answer I will call you.
R: thak you. Good Bye.
S: good bye

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Failed trip

Recepcionist(R) and Client Miss Lopez. (C)
R: Hello.Can I help you?
C: Oh yes! Are you the recepcionist?
R: Yes, of course! Can I help you?
C: I booked a room in advance with sea view and my room has a street view!
R: What´s your name?
C: Clutilda
R: And your surname?
C: Lopez
R: Can you spell that , please?
C: L-O-P-E-Z
R: Ok...I´m going to check your reservation
C: Ok
R: what´s your telephone number?
C: 666444222
R: 666444222 is it correct?
C: Yes!
R: What´s your identity card?
C: 5687-T
R: It´s here. Did you a reservation of a double room with a sea view! is it correct?
C: Yes!
R: I´m sorry. I confused the keys.
C: Ok! No problem. What´s my key?
R: This is your key. Bedroom number five.
C: Where the lift?
R: The lift where in front of the stairs.
C: Ok. Thanks you!
C: Recepcionist. My bedroom has cockroaches, in the bathroom the shower is´s terrible!
R: Oh....! I´m sorry. I´m going to tell my boss
C: No,no I want another bedroom.
R: Wait a minute please.C: No, my bedroom should have been one hour ago.
R: Wait a minute Miss Lopez, please. I´m going to tell my boss.
C: Ok
R:It´s fixed, we´ll give you other room, we´re so sorry Miss Lopez. Your bedroom is number ten.
C: Ok. Thanks. Could I have an early morning can to at 7:00 A.M. please?
R: Yes of course.
C: Could you give a brochure with the monuments of this city?
R: No. We haven´t got any in this moment. Sorry!
C: Could you give a map the city?
R: Yes, of course!
C: I have included in my reservation two sightseeing tours. What can I do?
R: You can also check the schedules over there.
C: I´ve got also one question about my cat, What can I do with him?
R: You can leave your cat in a room for animals in the hotel
C: Where is it?
R: This is near the lift.
C: And the living room?
R: It´s next to the canteen.
C: I have full board. When can I go to dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
R: You can have breakfast from 9:00 until 11:00
You can have lunch from 1:00 until 3:00 and finally, you can have dinner from 8:00 until 10:00
C: Ok is perfect!
R: Anything else I can help with?
C: No, not at the moment, thanks
R: Ok. If you need anything else, you can come here.
C: Ok. Thank you very much
R: You´re welcome!
C: See you...goodbye.
R: Goodbye. Have a good day
R: This girl is very stupid....

Mental problem (:

L: Lidia

M: Good morning, how can I help you?
L:Maybe for you
m: What happen?
L: I found a cockroach in my shower
M: I'm sorry at once I call to the cleaning service
L: No no no I want an toher room
M:That not posible because now they are completed and we haven't got any room like yours
L:I don't mine if is not possible to change me to an toher room, change me to an other hotel
M: Ok, I will try to change you Its done
M: Yes but I onlu need some details
L: Ok
M:Firts of all I need know if you want a single room a double roomor twin room
L: Waht the difereents?
M: Mmm ok the double room is a room with a double bed, the single room is a room with onlu a beed and the twin room is a room with tow single room
L:I want a single room becasuse I have a mental problem and when I alonne I see to my exhusband with him mistress en the bed to play the parchis
M:Okk (crazy) ok ok now you tell me that if you want full borad, half board or b&b
L:Whatt's the differents?
M:The full board include breakfast, lunch and dinner, the half board include breakfast, lunch and dinner and in B&B just the room and breakfast
L: Ohhh I had breakfast, llunch and dinner with my exhusband before he went with him mistres
M:Ohh is a pity but I need that you to tell me what do you want!
L: All in this life remembered to my husband, until the cocroack, when we went to Benidorm for holidays we found a cocroack and he kill it.It was nice.
M:Okk If all the things you tell are good but I need that you answer my question.
L: Ok ok i'm sorry i want a full board
M:Okk now we have an option of hikings that is really good, making of a liflet
L: Ahhh Thank you Ohh I like this '' Live your life in Barcelona''
M: Good option in this hiking you ccan visiting museums, palaces, fountains, cathedrals and castles
L: I like it I like it
M: Ok sirve me your details, your name?
L: I'm Pancracia Jimenez
M:Ok and your customer number?
L: AB- 12345- C
M:Can you repeit please?
L: AB-12345-C
M:Your telephone number?
L: 111222444
M: Ok have you got any alegies?
L: Yes
M: Which?
L: The worse of all the alergies
M: Which?
L:To my exhusband
M: hahahahahaha ok I hope you got fantastic Mrs Jimenez
L: Thank you pretty
M: Good bye
L: Bye bye

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Iberojet travel agency

S: Shop assitant
C: Customer

S: Good morning can I help you?
C: Maybe for you.
S:...How can I help you?
C: I want a complaint form.
S: Why? Aren't you glad with our company?
C: Well, how can I start... First of all, the flight was cancelled and agency made me pay the flight.
S: Oh, that's terrible ! But in our data base says that you travelled to your destination.
C: Yes. After two nights in the terminal building, the company didn't give me a solution so I had to buy the cheapest journey.
S: And the travel was comfortable?
C: If the meaning of a comfortable travel for you is that the seat was dirty and a little bit broken, the seat belt couldn't be hooked, the cabin crew were rude and they didn't pay attention to the paseengers, and the whole travel we had turbulences, yes it was a wonderful travel.
S: Ok, wait a moment, I'm going to talk with the manager.
-Mr Graham, I have a problem.
-Another stupid has come here to complain and to tell me his digusting experience.
-I've tried to get rid of him.
-Ok, I'm going to take another complaint form and stand him a little bit more.
-Good bye Mr Graham.
Well, the manager was reported about you case and he's very sorry.
C: I'm very sorry too because I'm going to dennounce you.
S: No, no, no. I'm going to fill the complaint form and the company will give you a compensation. Well, tell me your name.
C: Alex Smith.
S: Customer number.
C: Customer number? Nobody gave me a customer number.
S: Oh yes, we don't give a customer number. Your holiday destination?
C: Well, in theory New York, but really Barajas terminal building, London, Moscu, Osaka and eventually New York.
S: well, at least you have travelled around the world
C: Are you kidding me?
S: Oh no, no, it was only a joke for relax the situation. How many days have you been in New York?
C: I could say that it could be an eternity
S: But in New York, how many days?
C: The longest two weeks of my life, from 22th March to 4th April.
S: So, have you come back today? and why don't you rest in your home and tomorrow you come back here to complain?
C: Because I prefer complaining after an awful holiday. Call me strange if you want.
S: Yes, a little bit.
C: What???
S: And your nature of complaint?
C: All that I've said.
S: Only that?
C: Is it a little cause for you?
S: Well, at least you haven't lost you luggage.
C: My luggage is in Montenegro according to the airport.
S: Oh, mmm.. Ok, this is finishes.
C: Can you give me a contact telephone?
S:Why? Don't you trust in us?
C: I'm sorry if I don't trust but I usually dennounce the dork companies.
S: The telephone contact is Jessica-12345
C: Can you repeat it?
S: Jessica-12346
C: Wasn't it 12345?
S: Oh, yes, yes, that number.
C: Ok. I hope you solve the problem.
S: Yes, don't worry. Good bye.
C: Go to hell.
S: Well, this is the best part of my job, practised basketball.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bostan Travel Agency

-Hello, how can I help you?
-yes.. my nam eis mrs. jessica lopez and my husband´s name is mr. alvaro lopez and 2 days ago we had hayered this travel agency for pass the weekend.
- yes.. i understand ...but i ned to know what was your problem with our agency if you are here for reclaim we only want to help you.
-oh.. yes.. this is the brochure you have sold us and the hotel that we have booked supostly had to give us a showew in good conditions, i mean which work do you understand aren´t you? apart from the breakfast and dinner, in the brochure it was included in the price in this hotel non technology is good they had everything without working so we spent more money but we thought.
so because of your bad planning travel the weekend that we thought it could be unforgetble was the worst so we reclaim our money
it is all your problem ?
- no o course! when we arrived at the airport we had an other problem ... OVERBOOKING so we had to choose between stay here or fly in different planes
- oh.. i´m so sorry mrs. lopez, the last weekend was working here a girl for first time in her life and may be she had comit this big mistake without paying more attention. i think everyone deserve a second opportunity for doing good the things didn´t you thing the same?
-let us try to compense you please..
-ok. but how will you do this?
-first of all we will begin with giving you another travel this time actually with all you need and we will pay you everything if you didn´t want you haven´t got to bring any money
-it´s a great idea.
-first of all we need your home adressfor sending to you our oferts because you should choose where would you want to go.
oh yeah... my home adress is
street princesa,89
3rd D
but it would be better if you send it on my e-mail:
-oh.. ok. it actually will be better
next please give us your telephone number
-ok 6-6-3-7-5-6-8-4-5
-tjanyou very much for accept giving as a second opportunity to do good the things. you will not regret.
and we are sorry for the mistake
if you need more information write us on our e-mail
bye, see you soon!

Monday, 6 June 2011


One child liked so much the magic, he tought that it was real, he even believed in Santa Clouse, so on the Christmas Day he wished for a magician´s equipment. He was very dissapointed when he didn´t got the magician´s equipment and he started to cray. When his parents found out they said that Santa Clouse might have forgotten and he will bring it the next day.
When he woke up the next morning he went to the christmas tree and found the magician´s kit there.
At first he was very happy but soon he found out that they were all tricks also he heard his parents that they had given him the gift and Santa Clouse doesn´t exist, he became very sad and he didn´t want to play with them so his parents planned to sell them: "Never been used. As new $45. Magician´s Equipment, assorted. Over 400 tricks. Free to serious enthusiast. Clown´s costume, complete with extra large shoes. Bargain at $350(only worn once)."

Amaia Montero

I am going to talk about my favorite singer who is Amaia Montero.
She was born on 26 of August in 1976 in the city of Irún in Guipúscua, Spain. She grew up with her parents and her older sister. When she was a child she dreamed to be a singer.
When she was 12 years old she said to her mother that she wanted to go to Madrid because she wanted to become a famous pop singer.
She studied Chemistry but after wards she studied Psichology.
In 1996 when Amaia was 20 years old she began to sing in the La Oreja de Van Goh group that in this time was a friends group that enjoyed singing.
La Oreja de Van Goh released the first album aclled Dile al Sol in 19998. This group became in a famouse group.
They released the second album colled El Viaje de Copeertol in 2000.
In 2007 Amaia left La Oreja de Van Goh and begam to sing as a singer and she has only released one album called Quiero Ser.
I like Amaia because her voice is so nice and my favorite song is 407 a song that she dedicate her father when he died.