Sunday, 12 June 2011

Failed trip

Recepcionist(R) and Client Miss Lopez. (C)
R: Hello.Can I help you?
C: Oh yes! Are you the recepcionist?
R: Yes, of course! Can I help you?
C: I booked a room in advance with sea view and my room has a street view!
R: What´s your name?
C: Clutilda
R: And your surname?
C: Lopez
R: Can you spell that , please?
C: L-O-P-E-Z
R: Ok...I´m going to check your reservation
C: Ok
R: what´s your telephone number?
C: 666444222
R: 666444222 is it correct?
C: Yes!
R: What´s your identity card?
C: 5687-T
R: It´s here. Did you a reservation of a double room with a sea view! is it correct?
C: Yes!
R: I´m sorry. I confused the keys.
C: Ok! No problem. What´s my key?
R: This is your key. Bedroom number five.
C: Where the lift?
R: The lift where in front of the stairs.
C: Ok. Thanks you!
C: Recepcionist. My bedroom has cockroaches, in the bathroom the shower is´s terrible!
R: Oh....! I´m sorry. I´m going to tell my boss
C: No,no I want another bedroom.
R: Wait a minute please.C: No, my bedroom should have been one hour ago.
R: Wait a minute Miss Lopez, please. I´m going to tell my boss.
C: Ok
R:It´s fixed, we´ll give you other room, we´re so sorry Miss Lopez. Your bedroom is number ten.
C: Ok. Thanks. Could I have an early morning can to at 7:00 A.M. please?
R: Yes of course.
C: Could you give a brochure with the monuments of this city?
R: No. We haven´t got any in this moment. Sorry!
C: Could you give a map the city?
R: Yes, of course!
C: I have included in my reservation two sightseeing tours. What can I do?
R: You can also check the schedules over there.
C: I´ve got also one question about my cat, What can I do with him?
R: You can leave your cat in a room for animals in the hotel
C: Where is it?
R: This is near the lift.
C: And the living room?
R: It´s next to the canteen.
C: I have full board. When can I go to dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
R: You can have breakfast from 9:00 until 11:00
You can have lunch from 1:00 until 3:00 and finally, you can have dinner from 8:00 until 10:00
C: Ok is perfect!
R: Anything else I can help with?
C: No, not at the moment, thanks
R: Ok. If you need anything else, you can come here.
C: Ok. Thank you very much
R: You´re welcome!
C: See you...goodbye.
R: Goodbye. Have a good day
R: This girl is very stupid....

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