Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hans and the moose

This is the story of Hans Jorgen Olsen, a Norwegianboy of 12 years who saved his sister from a moose with the knowledge he learned playing the gameWord Of Wordcraft.
He was walking around the woods with her sister when they attacked a wild moose. He faced whit the moose to take notice of him and leave her sister. He says that this is used in the game for the monsters away. But the moose was gonna by Hans now.
The he used another technique he learned in the game,he played dead and he get the moose go away.Then took his sister and returned home.
Apparently, after this experience, his parents don´t punish him again without games

My savior

I was in the beach, with my family and a friend of my brother, i hate this boy, because my mother is always speaking about him, about all he can do, and I cant stand it, so this day, when my mother was going to start to saying what perfect he was, I said that I  didn’t want to listen this things about the boy, that I hate him. In that moment I started to run and I entered in the water, I swam all quickly I could because I was very angry, when I wanted  to realise , i saw that i was very far from the shore.
I was very afraid, so I started to scream asking for help, but  nobody could hear me, I scream louder and the people of the shore saw me, but nobody wanted to come to rescue me, they call the police but I was tired and I couldn’t stay more time floating, then suddenly, my brother´s friend, who I have insulted, came swimming to rescue me, and he told me that he have done a first aid course, if this boy hadn’t done it, maybe now I would  be dead

In trouble.

When I was very young, I lived a little unpleasant experience yet funny.

My parents, my brother and I were on vacation in Santander. A day in the afternoon, my mother, my brother and I decided to go for a walk. We saw a herd of cows and we decided to approach him. Suddenly, a cow escaped and ran towards us. We were very scared and ran away. The cow ran behind us and the pastor ran behind the cow. My mother told me that it ran more to tell my father but I said no because I did not want to leave her alone. Finally, after running a while, the pastor got to catch the cow and we could go home alone.

Now many years have passed since that experience, but never forget.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Alive by his friend.

It all began when Danny and Gerald went to the cinema last week. They were watching a new horror film when, all of a sudden, everyone in the cinema cuold hear a voice that said: the cinema is burning, please left it quickly!

First, nobody took it seriously because they thougth it was a joke of the film. But, shortly after, a lot of red flames enter in the screen. In few seconds, the fire filled the room with dense black smoke. All the people began to run away through the emergency exit, but Danny was pushed and trampled by a group of frightened people.

When Gerald reached the street, he realised that Danny had not left the building. He entered again into the burning structure and he rescued his friend, who was unconscious. Fortunately, both friends are now safe and sound. Danny will never forget his friend's courage.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The holidays of Mike and John

Miked and John travelled to Brazil in holidays. When they were in the river Amazon they lost the tour guide in the jungle.They only had food and water for two days.

First they were afraid, but they were calm after. Mike to decide to make a refuge for the night. It would be night in few hours. They may stay high for be safe of the carnivourus animals of the jungle. The next day, they continued walking near the river for arrive at the sea, they tought it would be near.

In the way to the sea, they saw many animals, like snakes and tarantules but it didn't attack them. They finished their water, and when they went to the river for drunk, they discovered that in the river were cocodriles! So they decided to took water so carefully where there wasn't a cocodrile, and they could drunk.

Finally they discovered a village an they were sane and sound.

Lost in the lake

It was a sunny August day. Sergio and Adrian were in the Talagante Lake. They were playing with an inflatable beach ball next to some rocks when, suddenly, a strong wind blew it and carried the ball so far. Immediately, Sergio took a big float, got into and rowed after the ball, but the wind was stronger and moved it to the other edge lake.

Without warning their fathers, they pursued the ball, but an hour later, when they arrived to the edge, the ball had disappeared. They were too far to come back swimming again, and they tried to walk around the lake, but it was impossible. Without the ball, they took again their float and try to come back, but they gave up soon.

Shortly after, they were crying when a blonde mermaid appeared, and finally, she took them and brought them with their fathers. They had never been so lost and they learned the lesson.

"A wet summer"

It was summer, I was in a campsite, with my friends, in a village of Toledo. We campt next to a river. The second night we were in the campsite, we were very tired, so we went to bed earlier than other times and we slept deeply, until a masive current of water woke up us. Immediatly we were in the middle of the furious river.

First, we started shouting help, but it didn't help us, it only did that we were more exhausted. Then we tried to go to the riverside, but we couldn't, the current of the river was too much strong. I thought we hadn't got an opportunity to survive...

Until suddenly, in front of us, we saw a group of trees' branches as low as we could climb on them. Thanks to the branches we are alive.

Already dawned, Amanda looked in the mirror, her clothes and her face were bloodied, had
been a long night.

Happy days with Ana and Lucy were behind, they were the best friends and never thought that it exchange until they met Robert. He had white skin, he was dark and his eyes were black and deep.
When they came out of high school, Robert invited them to his home that was outside of the city. They got into his car and began the worst trip of their lives.
That afternoon was cold and rainy, and when they arrived it was dark.The home was in a forest full of trees that the wind and rain moving strongly.
They went into the home and when they wanted to look back Robert had disappeared. All the doors were closed, they were scared and began to look for an exit for escape.
Suddenly, Robert appeared with a knife in his hand and ran quickly to the girls, Amanda was able to escape until she stumbled into the forest.

When Amanda opened her eyes, she was lying on the floor. She stood up and went to her home. She looked in the mirror: the nightmare had finished or just begun?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Fox

Three friends went camping in the mountains of a small village. They walked untin to find a good place for put the camping tent and sleep.

They found a plain site, surrounded by trees, and they prepared all the things to pass the night. They have dinner and go to sleeping bag very late, because they were telling ghost stories. Later, when they slept, one of the friends listened a strange noise in the countryside. He switched on the lantern and woke up his friends. Inmediately, they left the camping tent, and walked around it. They saw a dark shadow moving and they discovered that was a fox. They were afraid and ran into the camping tent.

Later the morning arrived, they slept very little. Then, they go to his village and told to their families what happened, everyone laughed a lot because foxes didn´t attack people.

Mountain adventure.

One day, five friends decided to go to the mountain to spend the afternoon. It was a summer day with good weather. One of them began to guide but he had a absent-mindedness and they were lost.

Soon the night arrived and began a big storm. They were very wet and they didn't know where to go because all was dark. They couldn't to call anybody because in this moment they didn't have a mobile phone. In the meantime, a boy, whose name was Peter, had lost the group and he was scared and inmediately the other four began to call him. When they found him, he was under a tree and he had very cold. A few hours late, they saw a village and they ran to this place.

They waited to the train for back home. When they arrived they were very happy and save and sound. It was a experience that they will never forget.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mary in Libya

Mary went to Libya last year to film some images for her work as a reporter. She was so exited about it because her boss had promised her that if she made a good job she will be promoted.

When she arrived, she went to a house of revolutionaries in where she would stay two weeks. Unexpectedly, the third day, the army began to attack the town where Mary was, and she was determined to take a photo of the fight, so she decided to stay out. Half hour later she has already taken ten photographies, but suddenly a tank appears at the corner of the street. Luckily a five years old child takes her from a trap door and they managed hide themselves until the time the army was in the town.

At the end of this two weeks Mary come back to her country, and she will never forget the five old child who safe her life.