Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My savior

I was in the beach, with my family and a friend of my brother, i hate this boy, because my mother is always speaking about him, about all he can do, and I cant stand it, so this day, when my mother was going to start to saying what perfect he was, I said that I  didn’t want to listen this things about the boy, that I hate him. In that moment I started to run and I entered in the water, I swam all quickly I could because I was very angry, when I wanted  to realise , i saw that i was very far from the shore.
I was very afraid, so I started to scream asking for help, but  nobody could hear me, I scream louder and the people of the shore saw me, but nobody wanted to come to rescue me, they call the police but I was tired and I couldn’t stay more time floating, then suddenly, my brother´s friend, who I have insulted, came swimming to rescue me, and he told me that he have done a first aid course, if this boy hadn’t done it, maybe now I would  be dead

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