Monday, 31 January 2011

Message to my mum

Hello mum! It's Erika speaking. I'm phoning to say to you that I'm in Miriam's house and as it's very late, her father has said to me that, if I want to stay to sleep, he would take me back home tomorrow morning. Do you allow me? Please mum, you know her and herr father and you know that I'm responsible and I will behave myself. I leave you this message because you have your mobile phone switched off. When you hear my message, call me on my mobile phone, please. Good bye, mum!! Kisses!!!

Message to my mum

Hello, my mummy! I call you because this weekend Sally, my best friend, is alone at her home, because her parents are going to their village, so she has invited me and other friends to stay in her house on Saturday. So, mummy, you know that I love you and you are the best in the world, so please, mummy, could I go with them? Call me back when you decide it.
Bye, bye. I love you so much !

Message For Mum

Hi, Mum. I phoned you and you didn't answer. I called to tell you that I will spend the night in Jessy's house because it is her sister's brithday and they invited me for dinner. I will go home tomorrow when I wake up.
Remember, you need to feed the mouse.
If you want anything, call me back to Jessy's, the number is 991258763.
Thank you very much, Mum, you are the best. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Message to my mum

Hello mum, it's Setes. I'm now in Freddy´s house. I'd like to spend this night in his house, can you let me? Perhaps you remember that I cleaned house last week, and I got a ten in the exam of Chemistry. You know that Freddy is responsible and, if you want, Freddy's parents could phone you. I know that you are the best, mommy, so I expect that you let me spend this night at Freddy's house. Call me back when you listen to this message. Kisses!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

A message for my mummy

Hello, mummy, as you know this week I've only been studying at home and today my exams have ended, so I would want you to allow me to go to Denís's house - it is her birthday! As his house is far, could I sleep in my friend's house? You've met Denís's family. They are nice people, so don´t worry, I´ll be fine. Please, reply me when you listen to this message. I love you, mummy. Kiss. Bye.

Message to my dad

Hi, Daddy! I'm calling you because I'm going to go to Pepita's house to sleep tonight, although before we'll go to a big wild party in the centre because today is one of our friend's birthday. I'll come back home tomorrow in the morning, or maybe in the afternoon. By the way, I'll take your car, because mine is in the mechanic... Yesterday I broke a light. Please call me back, I'll come home later because I need money. Before you kill me, I'll only say that I'm your only daugther. I love you... Bye!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Iván : George Green.
Vanessa: Natali Smith

V: Ritz Hotel Reception. Natali Smith speaking. How can I help you?
I: Hello. This is George Green calling. I call yesterday for reservation.
V: mmm... let me check it... Ouh yes, I remember it. You asked for a rooms with a double bed, don´t you?
I: Yes, that´s right but has been a change of plans, my wife and me have thought that our children should visit Madrid, so I need two rooms of two beds each one.
V: Ohhh, OK! Let me see what I can do... well, we have vacant rooms but they are indifferent flats. It´s ok?
I: Yes, it´s OK, but there is another drawback. We have a dog and we can´t let it with my parents because my father is sick, so must carry it with us. Can we?
V: Ok, Ok... well, that´s a big drawback, that will increase the price and you must carry your dog since 10:00 until 16:00 outside the bedroom, but the dog can stay in the bedroom the rest of the day.
I: Ok, so that´s all! Thank you so much.
V: Your welcome. Mr Green, bye.
I: Bye !

Reservation for a hotel.


Recepcionist:Good morning!!NH hotel.How can I help you?
Freddy:I want information of hotel
R:OK,so our hotel have got a free buffet,a jacuzzi,a swimming-pool and it´s near to the beach.If you want,I could send you and email with all information of our hotel
F:Yes,It´d be good
R:Is there anything else which could I help you?

F:Yes,I need to know now much does a hotel´s room cost?
R:It depends of number and of people.How much will person be?
F:Ohh,you wait me a second,my two childrens,my wife,my dog and me.So four people and my dog.
R:How many days?
F:I want 5 days.
R:Ok,In July,August or September?

F:I would like in August.
R:Ok listen me,It costs 50euros for person,but childrens until 8 years it´s free.It will be for the week of 20 to 25.
F:Oh it´s perfect!!In addition my childrens are 5 and 7 years.
R:But...But we have a problem.Our hotel have a rules,that we don´t left to bring animals,sorry.
F:Ohh noo!!Do you know any hotel where they left to bring animals?
R:No,It´s bans for law.

F:ok,thank you.
R:If you want,you can to leave your dog in a canine residence near the hotel.
F:Is a good idea!!Then do me the reservation for 20 of August.And could you give me the telephone number the canine residence.
R:Of course!It´s 965342873 And that name you want do the reservation?
F:Freddy,Freddy Conawa.Can you repeat the second number,please?
R:Yes clear!!It´s 6...In this moment I´m doing the reservation.
F:ok thanks!
R:Do you want the rooms with views to the sea?

F:Ohh yes perfect!!
R:Can you give a number phone?

R:OK,Can I help you in something more?
F:In this moment,I think that not thank you.
R:Ok,then if you want give me your email and I send him the information the hotel for if you have any question.
R:Can you spell your surname,please?
R:Good!This is all!!
F:Ok,thank you for your attention
R:For it I´m.
F:Good bye!!
R:Good bye!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Telephone conversation

Lidia: Hellow
Deborah: Hi
Lidia: Are you Deborah?
Deborah: Yes, I am
Lidia: You had a party in your home yesterday?
Deborah: Yes...Why?
Lidia: Because I couldn't sleep until 6:00 pm for the music and my dog was all the night barking for the noise.
Deborah Oh, I'm sorry, we didn't want to make as much noise
Lidia:Yes. is the tipical excuse
Deborah: No, is true
Lidia:I want to talk with your dad
Deborah: I'm afraid he is out of house at the moment
Lidia:And your mother?
Deborah: She too
Liidia:Can you ask to call me back
Deborah: Yes
Lidia:Ok, have you got my telephone number?
Deborah: I don't think so
Lidia:Writte it
Deborah :Ok tell me.
Deborah: Can you repeat the number?
Lidia: 4-5-6-8-9
Deborah: Ok
Lidia:I hope that you tell yo your dad that I called
Deborah: Yes, I tell him. Good bye.
Lidia: Good bye!


A: Hello it's your neighbour from 2nd floor. I call you because the party you had yesterday.
B: Oh OK ! What's the problem?
A: The problem is that you made a lot of noise and my children were crying because we couldn't sleep
B: Oh I'm sorry but it is not my problem, I haven't got children and I can do parties whenever I want. Is it clear?
A: No it isn't because next time you have a party in your house I will call the police.
B: I'm policewoman and all policemen are my friends.
A: Then I call the major.
B: He is my husband so it feels like I will do parties whenever I want OK?
A: We will see it dear.
B: No, we won't see it dear.


Monday, 24 January 2011

Telephone conversation

L: Good morning ! How can I help you?
S: Hello! I would like to arrange an appointment with the Doctor.
L: Tell me your name and your surname.
S: My name is Tenten Ghazzyn.
L: Would you mind spelling that for me?
S: G-h-a-z-z-y-n.
L: When would you want to have the appointment?
S: I would to have it next Monday.
L: Your adress is Rey Juan Carlos 23?
S: Yes, that's right.
L: Ok Tenten, the next Monday at 9:00 am With the Doctor Marchall.
S: Ok, but I would like also to arrange an appointment for my daughter Lorena Ghazzyn. It's possible?
L: Yes, When would you want to have the appointment?
S: Could it be on the same Monday?
L: One moment, I'm going to check.
S: Ok.
L: You can come at the same time.
S: Ok, thanks.
L: Bye.
S: Bye.

Luminita and Sofia.


A: Hello misses. I am your neighbourg.
L:Hello, How can I help you?
A: I am calling you, because you do a lot noise las night.
L:Oh, sorry, but it was my birthday ant I celebrate ir.
A:Yeah, it was what I think, but please, try to do less noise, the next time, I can sleep all night.
L: I am so sorry mister Salar, I promisse you, it never happends again.
A: I hope it, I wake up every day at four o´clock, please try to do less noise.
L: Yes, yes, of ciurse sorry again.
A: No problem , thank you for you attention, see yoy, bye.
L: thanks, for the call, bye

A: Amir Salar
L: Laura Pulido.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Telephone conversation between a client and a hotel receptionist

Sheyla is the client and Mirella is the receptionist
M: Good morning. You ere calling to the hotel Pepito. How can I help you?
S: Good morning. I want to know if you have a vacancies.
M: One moment please.
S: Ok.
M: We just have one bedroom for two people.
S: Oh there is a problem.
M: What´s happen?
S: we are three people, my husband, my dog and me.
M: Your dog?
S: Yes, Papadopaulos my dog.
M: I am sorry but in this hotel we don´t let dogs.
S: But my dog is like other person.
M: Yes, but it is a rule of the hotel.
S: Oh, that´s a pity.
M: Wait I can look for a place for dog.
S: That´s perfect.
M: One moment...I just have found one and it´s close here.
S: Oh! That´s perfect.
M: So do you want the bedroom?
S: Yes.
M: Could you give me your name and number, please?
S: My name is Cruela de Vil and my mobile number is 123456789.
M: Ok very good. How many days? And when will you come?
S: Could I come tonight?
M: Yes, why not?
S: Ok. So five days since today.
M: Ok. Your reservation is than.
S: That´s perfect so see you tonight.
N: Bye
S: Bye.

In search of Gea.

Once upon a time, in a stormy night in a dark and gloomy forest, where the wolves howled and the river ran fast, a prince crossed the forest with his sword looking for the wise man's tower. The prince asked him where his beloved was, the wise man answered that the wicked witch of the forest had her captive in a castle in the highest tower, his guardian was a huge dragon of green scales and yellow tail, he expelled fire from his mouth and flew around the castle.

The wise man told him that he had to give him the treasure that was on an island in the river if he wanted him to give him more advise. To find the island where the treasure was, the prince sent his eagle, called Fortuna, to overfly the region of the country called Portable. Once it was located, the prince arrived to the island, and with his magic carpet he crossed the river and discovered the treasure, with a bewitched toad's help.

He took the treasure to the wise man, who explained him that in order to be able to rescue his beloved, he had to kill the dragon with the help of the wolf Kun from the bewitched forest. The prince and the wolf went to the witch's castle. When they arrived the dragon tried to attack them, but the wolf, fast and strong, bit him in the neck.

Once the dragon was dead, the prince confronted the witch and stucked her with his sword in her heart. His beloved, the princess Gea was in the highest tower and the prince rescued her with the help of his eagle.The kingdom of Portable crowned the prince and the princess.The prince asked her for marriage and gave her a beautiful ring. They went with his carriage to live in their house in the forest with the wolf Kun and the eagle.

The end.

Written by Rebeca, Laura, Erika and Sofia.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

The secret of the princess

Realized by Amir, Lumita and Sheila

Once upon a time thre was a beautiful princess, she was seventeen years old, she had long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She was living in a big tower surrounded with a river. The river had a lot of frogs, but one of them was a king, because the wicked witch converted him in an ugly frog. The with was so bad so bad that she had as a pet a dangerous cocodrile. She was living in a horrible castle, protected by many big men with their bows. The castle was in a forest, that it was far far away of the village, the forest was so big and it had many animals and trees. And even there are more things, there was a dragon, it was very big and red. It name was Ivan and she can spit fire, yes it's curious but... It was a girl. In the forest lived an old wise man, his name was Erika, who was the father of the witch, but he didn't speak with his daughter, because he was a good wizard of the level 80. Erika could become into an eagle and he could shit over the head of other humans. But one day Erika had the runs and he converted into an eagle and shit over the head of a terrible wolf, who was waiting for the little red riding hood, the wolf get so ungry and killed the old wise man. But the old man had a ring, a magical ring, who converted him into an eagle. One man who was in a carriage saw the ring and he put it in his finger. He was the king of Parque De Lisboa Island, his name was Juan Ignacio. He was so handsome and strong. One day he received a medieval e-mail saying that if you save the princess you would marry with her. So the king thought:

One day that there was a thunderstorm decided to rescue the princess. It was a good oportunity. He caught his magical carpet to fly over the forest. When he was flyinghe saw an old wooden house. He landed over the roof and he get into the chimney. When he was in the house, he saw a happy family, so he decided to kill them and he kept their heads for his memories. When he got out the house he saw the witch on her dragon. Juan Ignacio threw his sword and they died. In the garden of the house there was a treasure with a crown. The king arrived to the tower to rescue the princess but... thre was a little strange thing, the princess had penis !

So the king get afraid about her and run away leaving the princess alone in the tower again.
PD: The name of the princess was Rebeca :)

Christmas Holiday

This year Christmas was so fun. I have been in my village with my grandparents, my parents and my brother. In Christmas Eve my mother and my grandmother were cooking the dinner and decorating the Christmas Tree, but unfortunately the Christmas tree fall and broke in many pieces. After that we had dinner, we sang Christmas carols and we danced. In New year's Eve we had dinner and then we ate the twelve grapes to have good luck. The 6th of January is the day of the three wise men, so we open the present and we went to my grandmother house to have lunch with the family, after that we give the presents to my little cousins and when we finished we came back home.

Once upon a time

Realized by: Vanessa, Setes y Mirella :)

Once upon a time there was a house in the wood. The house was big and white. Around there were a lor of trees. There lived evil witch with a wolf. She was ugly, unfriendly and unhappy.
She bought a magic carpet in Ikea for flew in the wood. The carpet was a brown with a lot of adorments. The wolf was scared to flew and for that the wolf didn´t fly with the witch in the carpet.

One day that the witch was flew and there was a thunderstorm during the night and the witch´s carpet was very old and dark. In the castlelived a prince. He was tall, blond with blue eyes and very strong. He found witch, in the yard. He was scared. The prince fought with the witch and she turned him in to old wise man.Them the old wise man spoke to witch about a treasure in the castle. When the witch found the treasure she saw that it guarded by a big dragon. The dragon had a special caracteristic, it split cookies out.

The witch had a magic ring which she killed dragon and thumped her and it kidnapped her to its nest. The nest was in a terrorific and dark forest. The nest was near a river there were a lot of frogs.Now, we go back to the castle. The witch´s curse broke and the prince caught his sword and he went to tower to saffect a princess.

Friday, 14 January 2011

My Christmas Holiday

I´ve been in Madrid during my Christmas Holiday. In those days I was very little time in my house except tree days that I was ill and I couldn´t go out into the street. The Christmas Eve and New Year´s Eve I was in my home with my family but in the New Year´s Eve after the dinner and after the midnight I went out a party with my friends. In my home I was in charge of cook, clean and do the shopping. I was in the Madrid´s cabalgata and the day of kings my mom my sister and me went to my uncle´s home, we were there for two days. In those days we went to cinema and the shopping center.
The last day of my holidays I was sking in Navacerrada.
My holidays was very funny, the only bad was that it was very little time.

My Christmas.

My Christmas has been fantastic, I could enjoy with my family and friends.
The Christmas Eve I had dinner with my parents and my sister in my house, a very fun and good dinner. Then I went wirj some friends and my boyfriend to dance and enjoy the night.
I had a lot of present to the next morning in our Christmas tree painted on a sheet of paper by my sister.
The Eve´s day, I went to dinner with my grandparents and my uncles, was the first year that my sister has had to be working and wasnt able to go with us, I have miss her a lot.
Held a few days before my aniversary in a nice restaurant.
The kings day I went to the local party and we danced until our feet ached.
Ihave spent a good Christmas, because I could also go to the movies to skate I have had time to read and study and also to be with my family, so have been a good Christmas. i also had to work every morning with young childen, I love children and really enjoy them.

Laura Pulido Jiménez.

christmas holiday

This christmas has been fantastic!!I went to mother´s village in Christmas Day,I passed there some days with my family and with my friends.
We did a lot of family lunches and dinners in wine cellars that my family have in the village,because they´re very commons there.
Later I went to father´s village for New Year´s Eve,I was there until Day Three Wise Men.I entertain a lot of there,because I have my friends of always.We do funny things as:play bowling,play tennis,go to the cinema,go shopping...
In New Year´s Eve,I had dinner with my family,and then I went of party with my friends all night.
The Day Three Wise Men,I and my friends disguise oneselfus of pages for the parade,after I and my cousins went to grandfather´s house to eat chocolate with ring shaped cake at Epiphany.
At the night I and my friends did a dinner in where get together us a lot of people.
To the next morning we opened the presents of Three Wise Men.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Before Christmas Eve my parents and I decorated the house, we put the Christmas tree and nativity scene. On the morning of Christmas Eve, my mother spent all morning cooking a hake for the dinner. In the afternoon came my grandmother, my uncles and cousins. After dinner, Santa Claus came and left us many gifts.
In New Year's Eve we all bought elegant red clothes because it gives good luck. My aunt and my mother are very good cooks and they made special meal for us like lamb, prawns... and my father bought the grapes. At night all my family met in my grandmother's house. After we finished having dinner we distribuited the grapes, twelve for each one of the family and we ate simultaneously at that ringing of the twelve bells. Then we go out to see the fireworks displays in the street. After the grapes I went away to the village of my cousin and I was there with her and with other friends in the bars. I had a great time.


I spent my holiday in Madrid whit my family, my girlfriend and my friends. When I finished school I didn´t obtain good marks, but I didn´t have an argument whit my parents ,so I could use the computer, the games console and the telephone.
At Christmas Eve I had dinner whit my parents and later I went to a my friends local. There I stayed until half past six in the morning. In the local me played a "sing star" and we promised weself that we´ll study more and we´ll give up smoke.
Also I stayed whit my girlfriend. We went to Madrid capital and we went to cinema called "Opera".
There we watched a film called "Los Viajes De Güliver", it is a comedy and I recommend you this film it is too funy.
I hadn´t any presents, but my parents gave me money, I think that it is better than a material present.
When the schoool started I was sad and depressed because the holiday was too short!!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


In my holiday Christmas I went with my family for Madrid. I went out with my boyfriend and my friends. I´ve bought Christmas presents. I´ve seen my family. I´ve done my homework. I´ve played with the computer game. I´ve read books. In fact, I´ve barely left the house because I had to stay with my brother because my parents had to work. On Christmas Eve I saw all my family together after much time separate, was a special day especially for my grandmother.
In New Year´s Eve I went with some friends and my boyfriend to Rivas ( a zone of Madrid ), and it was fantastic that night.
January 6th day ( day of kings ) I got a lot of stuff.. for example.. pajamas, two shirts, a colony, a pendant.. many beautiful things all.
Altough I haven´t gone as I had expected, In general the holiday haven´t been a bad and have been good to rest.

Monday, 10 January 2011


I finished the school with a horrible mats, I thought my father not wanted that we go to the village or I have to come back to Alcorcon after to the christmas eve but was not so.
The day of Christmas eve I went to my mother's village for dinner with my grandparents, guys and cousins. The day of christmas y went to my father's village for all the holidays.
I like a lot this village (Losar de la Vera, Caceres) because I have a lot of friends and i better step there.
Came new year's eve, i think that this year has been one of the few times I ate grapes and time.
After have a dinner I run to dress me for go out, the night was increible I go to home at 8 o'clok.
The new year's day also go out but I go to home more early.
The rest of the holidays was normal, nothing especial. The kings day i receive a colony as present.
After to this day come the day of dismissed, i think is the worst day of the holidays because all the people of the other city go back to their citys. I come back to Alcorcon the last sunday of the holidays.


I finished school with not very good marks so I was dissapointed but at the same time I was Ok because I knew that I worked to get good marks but I had bad luck so I promised myself that I will get better marks in the next term.
I like holidays, it is like a very long week-end.
I stayed here in Madrid at Christmas eve with my family and then I went to my village at New Year eve.
In New Year's party I had a lot of fun because my village is fantastic and I have some friends there.
Then I came back around the 3rd of January and I went shopping to buy some presents to my family.
Then in ''Reyes'' I recibed some presents: Money, some CDs, a walkman, and clothes.
The days after ''Reyes I was going out with my friends, sleeping and enjoying the last days of holidays.
My holidays was fine but also too shorts.