Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Reservation for a hotel.


Recepcionist:Good morning!!NH hotel.How can I help you?
Freddy:I want information of hotel
R:OK,so our hotel have got a free buffet,a jacuzzi,a swimming-pool and it´s near to the beach.If you want,I could send you and email with all information of our hotel
F:Yes,It´d be good
R:Is there anything else which could I help you?

F:Yes,I need to know now much does a hotel´s room cost?
R:It depends of number and of people.How much will person be?
F:Ohh,you wait me a second,my two childrens,my wife,my dog and me.So four people and my dog.
R:How many days?
F:I want 5 days.
R:Ok,In July,August or September?

F:I would like in August.
R:Ok listen me,It costs 50euros for person,but childrens until 8 years it´s free.It will be for the week of 20 to 25.
F:Oh it´s perfect!!In addition my childrens are 5 and 7 years.
R:But...But we have a problem.Our hotel have a rules,that we don´t left to bring animals,sorry.
F:Ohh noo!!Do you know any hotel where they left to bring animals?
R:No,It´s bans for law.

F:ok,thank you.
R:If you want,you can to leave your dog in a canine residence near the hotel.
F:Is a good idea!!Then do me the reservation for 20 of August.And could you give me the telephone number the canine residence.
R:Of course!It´s 965342873 And that name you want do the reservation?
F:Freddy,Freddy Conawa.Can you repeat the second number,please?
R:Yes clear!!It´s 6...In this moment I´m doing the reservation.
F:ok thanks!
R:Do you want the rooms with views to the sea?

F:Ohh yes perfect!!
R:Can you give a number phone?

R:OK,Can I help you in something more?
F:In this moment,I think that not thank you.
R:Ok,then if you want give me your email and I send him the information the hotel for if you have any question.
R:Can you spell your surname,please?
R:Good!This is all!!
F:Ok,thank you for your attention
R:For it I´m.
F:Good bye!!
R:Good bye!!

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