Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Telephone conversation

Lidia: Hellow
Deborah: Hi
Lidia: Are you Deborah?
Deborah: Yes, I am
Lidia: You had a party in your home yesterday?
Deborah: Yes...Why?
Lidia: Because I couldn't sleep until 6:00 pm for the music and my dog was all the night barking for the noise.
Deborah Oh, I'm sorry, we didn't want to make as much noise
Lidia:Yes. is the tipical excuse
Deborah: No, is true
Lidia:I want to talk with your dad
Deborah: I'm afraid he is out of house at the moment
Lidia:And your mother?
Deborah: She too
Liidia:Can you ask to call me back
Deborah: Yes
Lidia:Ok, have you got my telephone number?
Deborah: I don't think so
Lidia:Writte it
Deborah :Ok tell me.
Deborah: Can you repeat the number?
Lidia: 4-5-6-8-9
Deborah: Ok
Lidia:I hope that you tell yo your dad that I called
Deborah: Yes, I tell him. Good bye.
Lidia: Good bye!

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