Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Typical History of Story

Once upon a time in a big castle there was a terrible storm. Suddenly a messenger on a carriage arrived to the castle very fast ,because it was raining and a wolf was running after him. The wood was drank and empty an the toads hid.
The messenger rang the bell and an old person opened. The messenger brought a crown for the queen. In the tower, there was a magic carpet and a treasure that the witch there wonted still.
The prince saw the witch and she to see it appearing transformed to his wolf in the dragon but the prince was faster, and he killed it with his sword.
Finally the princes marry and go away to live through a small house in the forest and .....



The bully dwarf.

Once upon a time in a castle lived a king. His name was Hornswoggle and he lived with his horse "The king Lawler". One day in the castle a dwarf appeared. He was looking for the queen who was his daughter. The name of the queen was Ashley. Ashley was locked in a tower by a the dragon. While in the castle, the dwarf transformed Hornswwoggle into a toad.
Then the queen sent a letter to the king and the eagle brought it to the castle. The dwarf received the letter and he gave it to the king. Suddenly from the letter a ring appeared and something went out- it was a flag that said:
"I am in the dragon's tower. Help me, please, quick!"
After that a witch with his woulf appeared from the storm and they gave a magic carpet that served to fly to the tower. Then a tree fell over the woulf and instantly it died. The king arrived to the tower, but the dragon was there. Suddenly the dwarf was transported to the tower and he nailed the sword into the dragon's face and it was dead.
Suddenly the dwarf killed the king and he take his crown for becoming king himself. Then the dwarf and his daughter were going to the house; the house was in an island where they would find a treasure on the wood that Ashley´s mother left there. And they lived happily ever after.
Omar Lorenzo 3º A
Victor Rodriguez 3º A
Adrián Lumbreras 3º B

The damned prince

Once upon a time...
...there was a castle in a very rich kingdom. There was a curse in the castle, all of the subjects were damned. There was also a prince, he wasn't damned at all, he was locked at the highest tower of the castle. His name was Edward, he was very handsome, his eyes were light blue and his hair was black. He had been locked by his father, the king. He was very wicked and he didn't love the prince.

In a wonderful island, where the animals could sing and the trees told fairytales,there lived a princess called Violet, she was blonde with blue eyes, and she had heard that the prince was damned and she decided to rescue him. She hadn't got anything to save him and her friends, the animals, gave her a magic carpet. She flew on the magic carpet for three days and three nights but suddenly she found a hut in the forest. There lived a wise dwarf who helped her to find Edward. He told her that she had to visit an old witch who lived in a dark forest far, far away.

One night after she went out to look for the witch there was a terrible storm and she fell down. When she woke up she saw a black wolf, she was scared but the wolf told her that he wanted to help her so she followed him through the forest to visit the witch.
When she arrived there, the witch gave her a magic sword to fight the dragon that guarded the prince. She also gave the princess a magic potion: «This potion is for taking away the curse. The prince will fall in love with the person who has given him the potion», said the witch.
Violet decided to travel alone, she crossed the leafy forest, the ardent desert, the chill glacier and the highest mountain up to arrive in the damned kingdom.

She went to Edward's castle and she looked for the tower, but she saw that it was protected by a huge dragon and, to save the prince, she had to kill the dragon helped by the magic sword.
After a hard fight, the princess was hurt seriously but suddenly a phoenix came to help her in the rescue of Edward. As the bird was fighting against the dragon, Violet went to look for the prince. When she had already found him, it was too late, the prince had been changed into a horrible green toad, the princess started to cry because she couldn't do anything to help Edward. The phoenix finally killed the dragon and it saw that the princess was crying. It went to help her and it gave her a magic crown which could turn the prince into human while he wore it. Then, the princess gave him the crown and the prince became human again. Violet gave the potion to heal the curse, and Edward was released from his curse, he fell in love with Violet and it was at that very moment that the phoenix became human again (he used to be a prince who had died of love),
«Thanks to you, now I can die with my beloved, you have broken my curse with your first kiss of love», he said.

Years later they get married, and visited their kingdom in a wonderful carriage, they had many children, heirs of the kingdom,and...
...they lived happily ever after.

This story is told in a book kept in a safe hidden like a treasure in a safe place of the kingdom, as a legend of the kingdom explains.

Blanca Gómez
Amanecer Sánchez
Carolina Jiménez 3.B

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Ninja Frog

Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince who lived deep in the forest in a convent. One day, IKEA called him because the magic carpet was ready for him. In spite of the storm, he decided to go and collect the carpet. On his way, he ran into a drunk driver who was driving a tunned horse carriage. They started to race very fast and the drunk driver fell. The prince won the race but he got lost. He apperared at a castle where a dragon and a wolf were living. Both of these creatures came from a dark island. An ugly witch with her dog lived on this island. An eagle possessed by budy's ring attacked the witch. A Ninja frog that was near defended the witch with a sword and cut the eagle's head. A princess who saw all the figth married the ninja frog. The frog gave the princess a crown bought in Lyidl. They concived a dwarf who was born 123 years old. They lived happily ever after with a treasure in a tower.

Sunday, 17 February 2008


Once upon a time.... a leafy and dark forest in the north of Africa, there was an ancient and high tower guarded by an extraordinary golden dragon. This mysterious tower had a magic carpet at its peak; if one prince sat on the carpet, he could save a pretty princess who had been taken prisioner of a very evil witch in a remote castle which was on a lonely island.

In a stormy day a brave and handsome prince arrived to the tower and killed the dragon with his legendary sword. He managed to go to the island on the carpet but he didn't find the castle.

Accidentally he found a small and cosy house. He went into the house where a bald dwarf lived. The dwarf explained to him that the only way to get to the castle was riding a giant eagle.
The prince managed to arrive at the castle and the eagle pecked the witch ... Suddenly a toad appeared and the princess was set free.

The princess, to thank him, gave him a treasure with a lot of jewellery and crowns.
They got married, he gave her a brilliant ring and they lived happily ever after wich a magic white wolf...

María Bonilla, Naiara Buil and Olga Sanchidrián


Once upon a time there was a very beautiful castle surrounded by white wolves and other more innocent animals. Inside the castle there was a treasure, a young handsome prince lived there. But one day there was a very strong storm and the tallest tower fell down. After the storm, an eagle arrived with a letter from an old man, whose name was Frederick: "There is a tower in a dark wood, there lives a very pretty princess, she was kidnapped by a very bad witch. Please go to find her".
He went quickly to the tower, and there was the princess. The witch wasn't there, the old man was there and he stayed with the pricess. The prince found out that it was a trick, the witch was in the prince's castle stealing the treasure. The prince killed the old man with his magic sword, but the whitch turned the prince into a toad, and then she turned into a dragon. The princess wasn't afraid, she ran very fast into the castle. When the witch saw her, she cast a spell, but it fell in the crown and the spellgot the witch, killing her. When the witch died, the prince became a man again, and then they went to take the treasure. They went to live in an island, in a small house.
The prince gave her a present, it was a ring and a magic carpet for travelling to other islands .
And they lived happily ever after.

Carolina León
Sandra Beamud
Diana Munteanu
Paola Peinado

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

The Chorus Rewiew.

My favourite actor in the film is Jean Bastiste Maunier ( he as Pierre Morhange ), I think that he act well and I love his voice, It is beautiful.
I like the movie because I think that is lovely the way that Mathieu try help the classmates by means of the music, without a use extreme of punishments, and this help is successful . Is interesting see during the movie, the improvement in classmates behaviour, and the good humour that have correctional school's inhabitants. And although they don’t know, the chorus will change their lifes forever. The sound track is beautiful.
The movie starts in the present time. Pierre Morhange , a world famous French conductor (he lives now in America) receives a call from France informing him of his mother's death. Morhange returns to France for the funeral. After that a middle-aged man appears at his french home. Morhange has no idea who is the man, but the stranger reveals that himself is Pépinot, one of Morhange's classmates at the correctional school Fond de L'Etang.
Pépinot shows Morhange the journal of Clément Mathieu, Morhange proceeds to read the journal, and the story begins.
In 1949, Clément Mathieu, a music theacher in unemployment, beginning to work like supervisor in Fond de L’etang, a correctional school. The head teacher Reachin’s education rules, specially repressive, can hardly authority about difficult classmates. Mathieu doesn’t like the Rachin’s rules and he feel sorry by them. When he try know they, he found out that the music attrac the classmates interest, he familiarize them with the singing, and he creat a choir and conduct it.

My recommendation?? Watch it because is beautiful!! But with handkerchiefs because it’s very sentimental, and listen de sound track… you will love it!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


La busqueda is a beautiful film.It treats as a few boys that they find are looking el santo crial.
They look for it in Paris but they don't find it they find a treasuere and they become rich.
  • I like this film because is very entretaining
  • recoendation:THAT SEE THE WHOLE WORD!!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

the simpsons

The simpsons are a family formed by Homer,Marge,Bart,Lisa and Maggie.
one day watching the news the inform that the lake of village is very contaminated and that if they contaminate more the State can put some measure aganinst the village.
At the same time Homer buys a pork and strip all the dregs of the pork to the lake.
Later the State create a semisphere that Springfield covers totally and leaves the whale village without communication with the exterior.
One day the family Simpsons escapes fot a hole and the family goes to Alaska for they lived but they realize that the village was destroyed little by little as that the village didn't have contact whith the exterior and return in order that Homer together whith Bart in a motorcycle they are ascending for the semisphere and destroy the semisphere.
At the end they manage to destroy the semisphere and save the village of the destruction.

My favourite personage was Homer simpsons.

I recommend to see the movie whith friends.

And my favourite part is whe Homer ascends whith the motorcycle for the semisphere.

victor rodriguez fernandez 3ºa


My favourite film is ``Boys Choir´´because it tells a story about some kids, in a rebilitation center , and how a teacher of music prepare a choir with those kids for approaching them and bring them at en activity to change their lives, to forget the violence and the rebeldy.

It is a french, fantastic and very beatuful film that show the positiveness, the hope and the afection.

If you like dramatic and sentimental films wath it you liked

The director of the film is Christophe Barratier and the actors are not very well know, the main actors are: Gérard Jugnot(Clément Mathieu) and Jean Baptiste Maurie(Pierre)

Million Dollar Baby

My favourite film is Million Dollar Baby.

In the film, my favourite actor is Cleant Eastwood and my favourite actress, Hilary Swank. I like this film because it's sad, but it has a very beautiful love story.

Maggie (Hilary Swank) was a girl who who wanted be a boxer, but nobody trained her because she was a woman. But when she got be a professional boxer (thanks to her trainer, Frankie - Cleant Eastwood) and she was really ner to win the championship, one opponent made she paralytic. Because of this, Maggie asked to Frankie help to die. He didn't want do that because he was in love with her, but at the end, he did it and helped Maggie to stop to suffer...

This film was nominated to seven Oscars, and it won four of that. If you want see a very good film, take a box of tissues, and watch it!

To see the movie trailer, click at:

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world

One of my favourite movies is Pirates of the Caribbean: At the end of the world.
My favourites actors are Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, and my favourite actress are Keira Knightley. I think who this actors are really incredibles because they act and they get into their paper very well! I really like the story because it has adventure, a lot of emotionals sword combats, mistery, humour and incredible special effects. I also like the music, it's fabolous! The ending is sad, but not at all depressing.

It is a dark time as the Age of Piracy nears to a close. Lord Cutler Beckett (as TOM HOLLANDER) of the East India Company has gained control of the terrifying ghost ship, the Flying Dutchman, and its malevolent, vengeful captain, Davy Jones (as BILL NIGHY). The Dutchman now roams the seven seas, unstoppable, destroying pirate ships without mercy, under the command of Admiral Norrington (as JACK DAVENPORT).
Will Turner (as ORLANDO BLOOM), Elizabeth Swann (as KEIRA KNIGHTLEY) and Captain Barbossa (as GEOFFREY RUSH) embark on a desperate quest to gather the Nine Lords of the Brethren Court, their only hope to defeat Beckett, the Flying Dutchman, and his Armada.
But one of the Lords is missing—Captain Jack Sparrow (as JOHNNY DEPP), either the best or worst pirate ever, and now trapped in Davy Jones’ Locker, thanks to his encounter with the monstrous Kraken.
In an increasingly shaky alliance, our heroes, including Tia Dalma (as NAOMIE HARRIS), Pintel (as LEE ARENBERG) and Ragetti (as MACKENZIE CROOK), must first travel to dangerous, exotic Singapore and confront Chinese pirate Captain Sao Feng (as CHOW YUN-FAT) to gain charts, and a ship, that will take them off to world’s end, to rescue Jack.
But even if Captain Jack is successfully rescued, the gathering of the legendary Brethren Court may not be enough to hold back the fearsome tide of Beckett, Davy Jones and their powerful Armada…unless the capricious sea goddess Calypso, imprisoned in human form, can be freed and convinced to come to their aid. As betrayal piles upon betrayal, it becomes clear that Jack, Will, Elizabeth, Sao Feng, and Barbossa each have their own agenda, and no one can be trusted. Yet each must choose a side, and make their final alliances for one last battle, in a titanic showdown that could eliminate the freedom-loving pirates from the seven seas...forever.

To see the trailer in spanish :
To see the trailer in english:

I hope that you like it! Enjoy!


My favourite film is ``The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen´´. The main actor is Sean Connery, Shane West, Naseeruddin Shah, Tony Curran, Jason Flemyng, Stuart Townsend and Richard Roxburgh and the main actress is Peta Wilson. The film is an adjustment for cinema based on the cómic of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neal. The film begins in 1889 with a series of thefts and dramatic affronts in Berlin and London. A tank of style Mark I irrumpe in the Bank of England to steal Leonardo's planes There gives Vinciof the foundation of Venice and a little time later, in Germany scientists kidnap and destroy a hangar of dirigibles. It is at the time when the governments of both countries accuse Mutually actually The Ghost, is demonstrated as the person in charge behind every crime.
After a visit of an English envoy Allan Quatermain (Sean Connery) he decides to enter action though initially doesn´t want to know nothing of the matter. He is taken to a place in which other persons were meeting a few special gifts. Between them: una woman vampire, the invisible man, Dr. Jekyll and his dangerous alter ego Mr. Hyde, the Captain Nemo and an immortal man. They all are joined to save to the world.
My recommendation is that if you like the films of action that the this see because is very good.

" Como agua para el chocolate"

My favourite film is " Como agua para el chocolate".

The main actor is Marco Leonardi as Pedro Muzquiz and the main actress is Lumi Cavazos as Tita de la Garza.

The Story took place at the end of the nineteenth century and at the begining of the twentyth century.

It's about a novel written by Laura Esquivel.

The film is about Tita and Pedro had fallen in love but the tradition in Tita's family is that the youngest girl in the family couldn't get married because she had to care her mum during her oldness.Tita is the third of three sisters: Rosaura and gertudis so she had to do that.

Pedro wanted to be near Tita so he got married with Rosaura , Tita's old sister.

Tita and Pedro were compelled to hide his true feelings until Rosaura's death.

It's the story if a woman who overcomed the defeat, the treachery an a familiar legacy,for found her destiny with the man that she loved actually.

I love this film because I love this kind of films, romances and drama.

The story is exciting and I love Tita's caracter , I think she is so sweet.

The end is very Sad but lovely too. I had cried a lot.

The costumes are really good, the music is OK! but I really enjoyed the dialogues.

The most Curious detail is that All the fil are realted to cook recipes.
This film is very unknow because It isn't a super North-American production , and the actors are not very famous.
My recomendation is that If you are a romatic and a sensible person you'll enjoy this film very much but you have to have a tissues box near you.


Saturday, 9 February 2008


One of my favorites films is "A Walk to Remember".
My favorite actor in the movie was "Shane West" as "London Carter" and my favorite actress was "Mandy Moore" as "Jamie Sullivan". They are the protagonist.
I liked the movie because it was a very sentimental love story in which I think we can learn and draw conclusions. It was a story between two teenegers who think that their world rounds around another. Also it was very realist because there were bad and painful feelings.
The story is about a very popular boy in the high school (London Carter), very handsome, who passes all, and the most important thing for him was his popularity; and a marginalez girl (Jaime Sullivan) who doesn´t mind that people thinks of her. She has a great faith in miracles. She was priest daughter and her clothes were stranges. They falled in love because he was grounded at the high school participating in a play and she helps with the role.
He departed from his popularity and his friends just to be with her (it´s really beautiful!!)...but she had a secret that changed everything (so if you want to know the secret wath it!).
This movie tried to teach that "love is a leap of faith" (do you think of?).
This film was directed by Adams Shankman. It was writed by Nikolas Sparks (novel) and Karen Janszen (screenplay). The date that it was released at Spain was 14 November 2003. It won three oscars and was nominated two.
My recomendation is that , if you like love and drams films, or stories about teenegers in a high school, or if you like crying with movies...WATH IT!!!
Here are some links, this is for see the trailer:

If you want, watch the spanish trailer...but this is an english i didn´t put the spanish link.

I´ve writen about this film because i liked very much and we have seen in one subjet so i remembered it. But i have a lot of favorites film. Maybe some people don´t like this film because it´s very sentimental...but...for tastes the colours!

...Love is like the cannot see it but you can always feel it.....
Posted By María Bonilla 3ºA

Resident Evil Extincion

Resident Evil Extinction.

Third movie of resident evil, the heroine, Milla Jovovich, together with the survivors of the catastrophe happened in Raccoon's city they must cross the desert of Nevada with the hope to come to Alaska, before the zombis of the Corporation Umbrella reach them.
If do not seize I dress the previous ones advise you to see them before seeing this one, you do not go away to taking a desilución when you see this one.
The effects are very well successful, the scenes of combat are amazing, Mile continues being handsome pretty like in other two previous ones, the music and the sound are excellent but always there is one but, the end.
The end finishes like to make other one new.
The movie lasts 90 minutes approximately.
My recommendation is if you don't see the others films I recommended you to see this, the best film!!

Adrian Landazuri.

La Brújula Dorada

My favourite film is la brújula dorada.
My favourite actress is Nicole Kidman
-Why the reviewe liked the film ?
because it looked like to him a nice history between the girl and animals.
-The history:
A girl lives in a castle and has no parents a girl comen and it takes her to him to another place where it has to spend adventures.Bears fight and later it gains the good bear and you gain all the battles.
My recommendation is good,I like and recommend to see her .It was many special effects they are surprising.


The Guardian

My favourite film is The Guardian.

The film
The beginning of the movie is presented by a mythical leyend: The people lost in the sea, say that when they wait for help, a presence takes them out of the danger and that it stay with them until they are rescued. They call this presence "The Guardian."
Initially of " The guardian ", the legendary swimmer of rescue Ben Randall (Kevin Costner) appears as the surviving only one of a mortal accident happened during a storm of enormous proportions. After the accident, and against his will, they send him to give lessons to the School A, the program of training a few aspirants in the best swimmers of rescue. Ben struggles to overcome the frustration and submits body and soul to the education as,like only he can do: revolutionizing the program with not conventional methods of training. But Ben is perfectly conscious of what exists in game: he knows that tomorrow his pupils will have to take very difficult decisions to choose between who of they dies and the one who survives.
When he knows the champion of swimming Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher), Ben understands that he is a man who can be the best. But he’ll have to teach him to combine his talent and the dedication that they are necessary in this profession and also not to realize the mistakes that Ben committed in his day. They’ll embark in his first and dangerous mission with the waters of terrifics of Bering Sea in Alaska, and Jake will have to put in the practice everything what he has learned.
There, they couldn’t save anypeople because they were dead, during the return the rope of rescue begin to break. Ben, understands that it can't support both, frees from the rope himself and take place the fall from a fatal height in the ocean.
After the funeral Ben Randall's service , Jake again is sent to rescue a man. When already he is rescued, the victim ask him where is the another man who helped him, until the help was coming. Jake attributes this to Ben's presence and considers Ben to be immortalized as " The Guardian ": an eternal help gives for those who are lost.

Other information
In this world there are many types of heroes. There are all these men who save life every day: firemen, policemen... But also there are others that work on the second plane, but that risk everything what they are and everything what they have for saving lives of strange persons in the most extreme and dangerous circumstances. And this category there enter the extraordinary one and little known body of the Swimmers of Rescue of the Coastal Guard. Brave men and women, form an elite that possesses the physical and mental sufficientitself force to throw in free fall from a helicopter to submerge in seas with the only purpose of rescue those who are nearly of die, being their lifes the price.

The Coastal Guard saves every year near 5.000 persons and 2.500 million dollars in properties. During the devastating season of hurricanes that lived Through The United States in 2005, 33.520 persons rescued or evacuated in the states of the Gulf devastated by the Hurricane Katrina.

Personal opinion
I like the film because it show you the danger that suffer the people that work at this job, that they risk their life, to save the other’s people. Also I like it because is very interesting even though the end is sad to me.
My favourites actors in this film are the main characters: Kevin Costner as Ben Randall, because he plays very well his role by a person that his job is his life, and Ashton Kutcher as Jake Fischer because he represent a role of a young man that fight by that he want, and that learn a lot of things that Ben show him.

My recommendation
My recommendation is simply take this movie and beside spending at home a good moment with your friends, you’ll learn a lot of things about the life.

Here you have a video with the sound track of the film Never let go by Bryan Adams


My favourite film is "CIUDAD SIN LEY".

It is an action film about policemans, girls ,drugs...

My favourite actor was Morgan Freeman (Ashford) and my favourite actress was Roselyn Sanchez (María) because she was very beautiful.

I liked this film because the story was interesting. The film is about the FRAT ( First Resolution Assault & Tactical, a type of police).

The police looked for drugs what it sold along the country. The police are very irregulars and he hit all the young persons.

The best scene inthe film was when Morgan Freeman killed a boy with his AK-47.

The film was very well and I watchedfive times.

Thursday, 7 February 2008


My favourite film last year was The Orphanage; the main character in the movie was Belén Rueda and I think that She´s a good actress.
My opinion about this film is that It´s a good horror film, and I like this kind of movies.
It was very entertaining and exciting, and It had a good plot. Belén Rueda acts as a girl who lived at the orphanage in the past with other children, who died for an unknown cause.
Actually She acts the new head in the Orphanage where there were the children ghosts who died there.
Suddenly, head´s son disappeared and She searched for him alone. At the end She and her son died because It was their fate.
The music was really scary and the atmosphere was shivery. I like very much the special effects too. The only thing that I didn´t like was the end...It was sad.
I recommend ir to all the people that they like to be frightened.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


In my view. I think this film is one of the best films apart from Resident Evil, Matrix, Rambo and so on. Al Pacino plays the role of Tony Montana perfectly.
The film fits its setting very well and the music is by Paul Engan, who was very famous in the 1980. Besides the film was directed by Briant de Palma , a great film director.
This film is very well-known because of the phrases that Montana uses and the climax in the last scene where Montana dies. The film is so good that two videogames have been created : Gta vice city and Scarface the world is yours. This film has become so fashionable that there is even foreing group called SCARFACE.

see that:

Monday, 4 February 2008

28 Weeks Later

My favorite movie is 28 Weeks After. My favorite actors and actresses of the film are: Imogen Poots (Tammy, Survivor), Rose Byrne (Scarlet, nurse Military) and Jeremy Renner (Doyle, Sniper Delta). I like that is a movie zombies and deadly viruses, but especially by zombies and scenes so well made, one example is the scene in the house with two elderly, marriage, Muslim and desperate by the blonde the groom has come "to seek help" but that like all the others to dead.
This is the continuation of Part 1, entitled 28 Days After and begins like this: A powerful virus is released in Britain after the raid on a laboratory research on primates of a group of activists for the rights of animals.
Fowared through the blood and devastating effects ca-if immediate, the virus leaves infected in a permanent state of murderous rage. In 28 days, the entire country is infected and a handful of survivors try to save his life, realizing that the deadly virus is not the only thing hanging-tion a threat on them. And continued like this: Six months after the virus hit Britain, the army of the United States declared that the war against the virus that has been won the reconstruction of the country can sar start. With the return of a first wave of refugees, there is the reunion of a family that had been separated by the terrible events that occurred, but one of its members carries without him being aware, a terrible secret ...
Another? That the shooting began on September 1 for a total of nine weeks, but previously had been shot four days in the month of July, filming scenes of Jim in the deserted streets of London. The shooting took place in the morning, no more dawn and before it started during rush hour, to make it easier to close the streets of London.
Link to see photos: