Thursday, 21 February 2008


The bully dwarf.

Once upon a time in a castle lived a king. His name was Hornswoggle and he lived with his horse "The king Lawler". One day in the castle a dwarf appeared. He was looking for the queen who was his daughter. The name of the queen was Ashley. Ashley was locked in a tower by a the dragon. While in the castle, the dwarf transformed Hornswwoggle into a toad.
Then the queen sent a letter to the king and the eagle brought it to the castle. The dwarf received the letter and he gave it to the king. Suddenly from the letter a ring appeared and something went out- it was a flag that said:
"I am in the dragon's tower. Help me, please, quick!"
After that a witch with his woulf appeared from the storm and they gave a magic carpet that served to fly to the tower. Then a tree fell over the woulf and instantly it died. The king arrived to the tower, but the dragon was there. Suddenly the dwarf was transported to the tower and he nailed the sword into the dragon's face and it was dead.
Suddenly the dwarf killed the king and he take his crown for becoming king himself. Then the dwarf and his daughter were going to the house; the house was in an island where they would find a treasure on the wood that Ashley´s mother left there. And they lived happily ever after.
Omar Lorenzo 3º A
Victor Rodriguez 3º A
Adrián Lumbreras 3º B

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