Sunday, 29 November 2009

Presentación of Alejandro Muñoz

Well, in the future I want to be a surgeron and study medicine, because I feel very well helping at the people. For study medicine I make a Baccalaureate of sciencies in the hight school.
Next, I make the PAU to enter university that is a big test where the students choose something of subjects depending of they want studying.
In my case I must choose biology, chemistry and history, more maths , language and english that are compulsory subjects.
For enter university and study medicine I need get 8'7, but If I want go to Complutense I will have more mark.
When I am in college I will try make a degree of medicine. First I have that study four years general medicine for can obtain the MIR.
The MIR is a scholarship that let at students have a grant. Next I must study others four years surgery, and finally others two years studying the specially of surgery that I want.
As you can see is a very long degree, but I dream about job in the future as surgeron in a hospital.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Technical Engineering of Management

I want study that degree because it has a lot of job oportunities and the cut mark is a 5.

It takes 3 years to study it plus a Final Degree Project.
It has subjects as: Logic, Operating Systems, Internet Languages, Software Application Architecture, Introduction to Programming, Linear Algebra...

When you finish that degree, you'll can work as:
-Systems Programmer;
-Hardware and software specialist;
-Database manager;
-Technical Software Development and Applications

The only problem is that you have to do masters to improve your qualification.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Parque de Lisboa News 4

Welcome to our fourth program. Today we will speak about a man having to pay a lot of money  for his electricity bill, a trip to the National Museum of Science and the real meaning of Christmas. But first,

A man in Asturias received last week an electricity bill for three months worth 26 million euros. The man, who runs a workshop, thinks that the biggest companies have done this to eliminate him as competitor. He said: "I used to pay aproximately 250 euros every month for the electricity bill, but one day I recieved a bill worth 400 euros; next month, 1400 euros and from this up to 26 millions... I think it's exccesive". The electricity company says that it is a mistake, but up to now they have not done anything to solve the problem. (By Álvaro Muñoz).

On day 18 or 20, November, the IES Parque de Lisboa will make a trip to the Natural Science Museum to visit an exhibition about Darwin, wich began on July 10th 2009 and will end on January 11th, 2010. The exhibiton gives an updated form about the bases and principles that underpin the theory of evolution. It illustrates samples of the circumstances that preceded Darwin's scientific, social and religious context, his journey on the Beagle and the development of the theory of evolution by natural scientists in eighteenth century Spain. (By Rubén Panes).


I'm going to tell you about something that worries me and, I suppose, a lot of people. Today, 5th of November, I'm writing this piece of news but I began to become sad two weeks ago, when I saw a poster saying: "Se vende lotería de Navidad". It made me think... What's Chrismas? Or more importantly, what's the meaning of Chrismas for us? Since that moment I started to be interested on TV ads. Now, we only can watch toys for children, it's a continuous bombardment of commercial products. The worst thing is that we are the ones to be blamed, we've turned Christmas into something material and ephemeral... We've forgotten the Spirit of Christmas!! I'm so sad with this fact, wether you're a believer or not! We must think that, at least, Christmas is a time for staying with the family and that society shouldn't steal our illusion with consumerism. (By David Cirbián).

Monday, 2 November 2009

Parque de Lisboa News 3

The Taekoon do Exhibition:

The Taekoon do Exhibition that took place in our high school was fantastic. It was in the gym at ten past eleven. There were five students and the teacher.
At the begining they showed us defence techniques. Our mate Lorena and another boy of our school, Sergio, collaborated with them.
Later they fought one against other, they had different kinds of protections  on their heads, on their bodies and on their feets. Lorena was the youngest one and she did it great! We didn't have enough time to see the end of the exhibition, because the break was too short. It was very interesting, I liked it!

Football match Real Madrid - Alcorcón:

The day 27th October 2009 was played the match between Alcorcón-Real Madrid.
Stadium: Santo Domingo of Alcorcón with an expectation of 2.000 people
Hours: 22.00 p.m
Early in the game the players of Real Madrid played confident but they never imagined that in the end lost 4-0 against a team second B.
Borja Perez scored twice,the first in the 16 minutes and the second on 52 minutes.
Arbeloa scored in the 22 minutes(own goal).
Ernesto Gomez scored in the 40 minutes.
The next match will play at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu the day 10th November 2009.
Who win?

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Vanessa's Profile

Hello! My name is Vanessa Sánchez.
I live in Alcorcón in Madrid.
I'm sixteen years old.
I have one brother.
I have long, black and wavy hair.
My eyes are brown.
I am medium height and slim.
I study in the high school PARQUE DE LISBOA. I study bachiller of social
I like swimming.
I love go to the street with my friends.
I consider hard-working, generous, ambitius, very puntual, friendly.
That´s all. Thank's. Kisses!