Saturday, 30 April 2011


Estefano and Ekatherina lived in Morocco. They were friends and fell in love but Ekatherina went to study to Canada. When she was twenty years her father wanted married her with a rich man then she scaped to Morocco and married with Estefano and They went to live other country.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The ring

I entered the shop. There was the ring. I tried it, but when I saw the price I knew that I couldn't buy it. Upon leaving the store the salesman asked me to teach the purse to her and inside was the ring. In this moment I woke up startled.

Strange earthquake

I arrived to home, when I went for the corridor I felt something like a earthquake. When I arrived to my bedroom I lie on my bed. In the morning I had a lot of headache, when I remembered the last night and I throught that I'll never drink more.

strange earthquake

I arrived to home, when I went fot the corridor I felt something like a earthquake. When I arrived to my bedroom I lie on m y bed. In the morning I had a lot of headache, When I remembered the last night and I throught that I'll never drink more.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Diary of a killer

i could feel his fright on his face...
i felt good knowing that i was the last person he woul see he was aksing to stay alive while he was deing bit by bit.
i´m feeling good today because i saw blood again
i love ¿... ?


I was working with my little brother on the farm of my grandsparents when... suddenly my brother was scared. He ran to me, to put behind me. And he said he had a very bad man. I inform my father and told him so. Finally, the man was the scarecrow.


A little bit sound inside him, perfect like a clock. Its owner waits impatiently his moment after long nine months. His sound wish to meet the world and hug his life's reason. Suddenly, a light flash in his eyes. It is the time. The life starts with the first cry.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The brave prince

Unce upon a time a prince that had a wish,it was a rescue to a princess.
She was closed in a castle tower by a witch.
For rescue her,he needed a dragon for pass the trench of lava around the castle.
He rescue the princess and they got married.

Girl in the Moon

It was raining. Suddenly a big ray of light fell on me. I got frightened, closed my eyes and wished I was at home. I opened my eyes and amazingly I appeared there!.
I closed my eyes again and imagined myself in the moon. I opened my eyes again and...

Saturday, 23 April 2011


My favourite boook is Crepúspulo.It´s a saga of Stephenie Meyer and they are 4 books:Crepusculo,Luna Nueva,Eclipse and Amanecer.

My favourite is Crepúsculo because is a romance novel and I love the romance films.The main characters are Edward Cullen,a vampire,and Isabella (Bella)and the second character are another vampires.

The story is about a girl,Bella,that she go to Forks for pass some time with her father.There she meet with Edward Cullen,a vampire,who she in love with him.Finally both families acepted her relation,but later appearing ather vampire,Jacob.Then Bella has to choose.

I recommend it for people like the romance novels because it´s a good saga with a lot of adventures and curiosities about love.

Monday, 11 April 2011


Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish musician born in Madrid on December 18, 1968. The sponsor is the composer Manuel Alejandro, so the musical passion comes from very small. When He was 7 years old, he started playing the guitar and when he was 10 years old, he composed his songs. Then Alejandro began studying for administration. At the same time, he taught with his uncle Miguel Ángel, that today, he is her producer. After the making a demo, Alejandro Sanz performed at the Hispavox, but was rejected. The Warner discography accepted his model. They chaged the subname of Alejandro. In 1991 published the first record "Viviendo deprisa" with he won seven record platinum in Spain. In 1993 Alejandro edited "Si tu me miras". Also, was published "Básico", one compilation with the best songs. In 2000, he published a new record "El alma al aire" and marked his greatest success in his musical career. In 2001, Alejandro is the first Spanish musician participating in the MTV. In 2003, he released a new album is called globally "No es lo mismo". It was recorded in Madrid and Miami. In 2006, Alejandro Sanz published a new studio work, called "El tren de los momentos". In the album colaborated singers like Shakira, Antonio Carmona, Juanes, and Calle 13. Finally, in 2009, Alejandro published a new record called "Paraiso Express" which includes a duet with Alicia Keys, called "Looking for Paradise" singing in English and Spanish. That´s all. =)

Sunday, 10 April 2011


The beginnings of her career. Katy Perry was born as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson in the city of Sta.Barbara,California.Her parents are evangelical ministers and shes has got an older brother and a younger sister. She grew to listen to evangelical music,because her mother didn´t let listen from the other music,she said that it was profane music. She started to sing in church from the age of 9 until she was 17 years old.She started singing christian music,she acted as Katy Hdson,but people always mixed up with the actress Kate Hudson.It´s the surname of her mother. Her albums. In 2006 she recorded "One of the boys".In 2007 "she launched "Ur so gay!and later she launched "I kissed a girl"with this album she reached the highest ranks in the top charts. In 2009 she launched "Hot N cold"and she went on her first tour"Hello Katy tour". Private life. Katy went out with Travis McCloy,later they separated and then they went bak but omly for some months. Crrencly,she´s going out with Rusell Brand. My favourite song. My favourite song is "I kissed a girl"because I think that it´s funny and I like its lirycs.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

my favorite singer

i decided that my talk is going to be about young killer8this is his artistic name). first of all i should say that he was born on 3rd of october,1994 so now he is 17. He is from latin america and grow and lives in santa cruz de tenerife.He use to call him self young killer but his real name is jorge gonzález(may be he calls him self with this name because he is too young and had lived a lot of bad things in tooo little time and he feels srong ansd killed the bad things which disturb him) he told that he started to sing and write music because when he was 15 he felt in love with a girl who made him suffer a lot then he made a diary talling how he felt and latter thougt that this will be a perfect words for doing good songs and he wasn`t wrong he sold a lot of dcs in his country and aroun of the world but he haven`t got yet any gold disks i think is because of the age. personally i love his songs he always tall the truth.. i love almost alll his songs but my favorite is "no llores mas" it`s the story of a boy whos mother has died i can`t resist to cry always when i listen to this thankyou for your attention bye!