Saturday, 23 April 2011


My favourite boook is Crepúspulo.It´s a saga of Stephenie Meyer and they are 4 books:Crepusculo,Luna Nueva,Eclipse and Amanecer.

My favourite is Crepúsculo because is a romance novel and I love the romance films.The main characters are Edward Cullen,a vampire,and Isabella (Bella)and the second character are another vampires.

The story is about a girl,Bella,that she go to Forks for pass some time with her father.There she meet with Edward Cullen,a vampire,who she in love with him.Finally both families acepted her relation,but later appearing ather vampire,Jacob.Then Bella has to choose.

I recommend it for people like the romance novels because it´s a good saga with a lot of adventures and curiosities about love.

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