Sunday, 31 October 2010

Information at Oxford University

Secretary is Luminita and the student is Déborah.

SECRETARY: Hello,how can I help you?
ALUMN: I'm interested in 1960s Pop Music, and Music and Theatre.
SECRETARY: Well,let me see.I'm afraid there are no places left on the course.
Alumn: Which options are still available?
SECRETARY: I suggest Music in Advertising.
ALUMN: Can you tell me the content of the course?
SECRETARY: Yes,the course is about learning to find the perfect songs for advertisments.
It's a new course on computer-based Music; you could learn to do different programs for doing
the all things you want with the songs.
ALUMN: That sounds interesting.I'll do Music in Advertiding then.
SECRETARY: Ok! Thank you very much. Goodbye!
ALUMN: Goodbye!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!

If you want to see my halloween card for you click HERE. Enjoy!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Information at Alcorcón University.

Secretary is Vanessa and Laura is thestudent.

Secretary: Hello, How can I help you?
Laura: Hello, I´d like to know the subjects in this course.
Secretary: Ok, What are you studying?
Laura: I´m doing a degree in Engineering
Secretary: It´s a very interesting and difficult course.
Laura: That´s right!
Secretary: This degree has Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and that´s all.
Laura: Ok!
Secretary: Which options would you like to do?
Laura: Mathematics and Chemistry.
Secretary: I suggest you to choose Physics too.
Laura: That´s right! I´d like to book a place on the optional course for this year.
Secretary: Ok! Can I do any think else for you?
Laura: No, That´s all, Goodbye!
Secretary: Goodbye!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chinese Horoscope: Dog

I think I am dog in Chinese zodiac.
Some people say that dogs are special people with a strange ideas and weird feelings. We are intelligents but not a lot. We use to be happy but when something goes wrong we could be very sad and irritable. We don't like changes, we are afraid of changes because we are not brave, but when a change happend we are strong people with clear ideas.
We don't trust easily but we use to be reliable.
We are not shy we talk a lot and we don't believe something we didn't see before.
I think I am all the things they say except one : I am not irritable. Ok maybe when i'm angry i could be a little bit irritable but i don't use to.
About my physical I guess I am tall, thin but not to much, with straight and black hair and brown eyes, and I don't like to judge myself in good or bad cases so I don't going to talk about me anymore.
Clara Fulgueiras :)

Zodiac sign

Hello!I´m Erika.
Last week I looked up my zodiac sign,I´m Taurus represented with the bull.Zodiac sign says:
"you´re perfectionis.intelligent and funny.This week won´t have changes in your life,but would you like doing new something,you must change your form of dress up,in your rutiness...
You don´t stressed with your family!!
In your studies you´re good,you´re tidy with your things and studious,you follow so!!
If you want link,you must do it days 3,17 or 25 this month"
¡¡¡You will have luck in your life!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Chinese Horoscope

Hello ! I'm Sheila :)
I'm going to talk about the chinese horoscope, well I'm Tauro so I'm the Dog. The horoscope says that I'm faithful, solidary and I never give the back to my friends when these have problems and the most interesting thing it's that I have a special intuition to catch the dangers and I'm very patient with children. But I have bad characters too, it says that I'm very pessimist and with a tragic sense of the life.
I hope you liked it and see you soon :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Chinese Horoscope: Rooster.

Hello! I´m Vanessa.
In the Chinese Horoscope my sign is Leo, represented with the rooster. Horoscope says that the people of this sign know to live with imagination, It says that people are simple and shows its personality so what. Among others things, mention intelligence and the perfectionist that can get to be the people of this sign. Also, there are negative aspects like being people big heads.
Later it depends on the date of your birth, removes to you but typical from each person.
In my date it says thah I am flexible, practical and with good intellectual qualities.