Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Chinese Horoscope: Dog

I think I am dog in Chinese zodiac.
Some people say that dogs are special people with a strange ideas and weird feelings. We are intelligents but not a lot. We use to be happy but when something goes wrong we could be very sad and irritable. We don't like changes, we are afraid of changes because we are not brave, but when a change happend we are strong people with clear ideas.
We don't trust easily but we use to be reliable.
We are not shy we talk a lot and we don't believe something we didn't see before.
I think I am all the things they say except one : I am not irritable. Ok maybe when i'm angry i could be a little bit irritable but i don't use to.
About my physical I guess I am tall, thin but not to much, with straight and black hair and brown eyes, and I don't like to judge myself in good or bad cases so I don't going to talk about me anymore.
Clara Fulgueiras :)

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