Friday, 29 October 2010

Information at Alcorcón University.

Secretary is Vanessa and Laura is thestudent.

Secretary: Hello, How can I help you?
Laura: Hello, I´d like to know the subjects in this course.
Secretary: Ok, What are you studying?
Laura: I´m doing a degree in Engineering
Secretary: It´s a very interesting and difficult course.
Laura: That´s right!
Secretary: This degree has Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and that´s all.
Laura: Ok!
Secretary: Which options would you like to do?
Laura: Mathematics and Chemistry.
Secretary: I suggest you to choose Physics too.
Laura: That´s right! I´d like to book a place on the optional course for this year.
Secretary: Ok! Can I do any think else for you?
Laura: No, That´s all, Goodbye!
Secretary: Goodbye!

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