Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lidia y Maria- Conversation 1

L: Hellow, are you Maria?
M:Hi, yes I'm
L:I'm calling you because I need to study and in your party there are a lot of noise.
M:I'm sorry but is my birthday and my friends are here.
L: Yes I know bit i need to study
M: Yes I know but is my birthday
L: Can you go to other palce?
M: No can you go to a library?
L: If I could i will go bit it's at 10 o'clock and the library's are closeed
M: I'm sorry bur it`s my birthday.
L. And I'm sorry buut i have an impportant exam the next week and i need to study and with the noise is imposible
M: It's a party what do you expect ?
L: I don't min that is a party ...shup up!
M. pi pi pi pi pi
L: Maria? Oh my gog he hand down me Ö
L: ring ring ring
M: Hi is Marai here
L: 'im Lidia again
M:mmm ok
L: I shit on your mother, turn down the music!!
M: you also had a parties and i never said you that turn down the musiiic!
L. I dont mine turn down the musiic
M: You are so tired of study if you want you can come on to my party
Lidia: are you crazy? No no no y have a lot of woork!
M: Don't be bored, Carloos is here...
L: Carloos? mmm...ok buut only one hoouur, I see you right noow! Byeee
M: Byeeee


E: Good morning!! Palas Hotel, How can I help you? V: Good morning!! I want information about the hotel. E: What do you want to know? V: I want know to, Which are the facilities? E: The hotel has double rooms, single rooms and rooms for rich people V: What have these rooms got? Why are for rich people? E: They have jacuzzi in the bathroom, services rooms.. etc ! V: How much is one of these rooms? E: 250€ per day. V: Oh.. no no !! I think that I prefer the double room. How much is it? E: 90€ per day // for 2 adults. V: Ok! Then I prefer this room. E: Ok. How many days? V: I want it for 10 days. E: Ok! How many people? V: Mmm... Five ! Two children, two adults and one older person, but the children, Don´t they have discont? E: Yes, with two adults, children are free up to 10 years old. V: I have a children with 12 years. How much is it? E: He will be 30€ V: Ok, Also, I have a children with 6 years. E: ok. This is free. V: And haven´t the older person got any discont? E: Yes, He or She would pay as boy of 12. V: Ok, It´s perfect! Do you have rooms with balcony? E: Yes, you can choose. V: Could I choose a room with a view to the sea? E: Yes, of course! V: Oh.. I have a problem. E: Tell me V: I have a cat. E: Can you leave it with someone? V: Ouh.. no.. E: Ok. The hotel has a room for animals at the clients disponsal. Are you interested? V: Ouh! Yes =) How much is it? E: 20€ per day V: Ok. E: Do you want to do the reservation? V: Yes, one minut please. I want to know, If the hotel has a free bufet. E: It depends on the boarding you choose. V: Ok, What types of boarding are there? E: You can choose full board or half board. V: What is the difference? E: In half board you have breakfast and dinner with double room, 120€ everything. In full board you have everything with double room per 140€ V: I prefer the full board.. and.. I want more information about the hotel. What has it? E: The hotel has 3 swimming polls, it has 2 saunas, a gym, an indoor swimming-poll.. V: Does it has children activities? E: Oh! Yes. If you need know something else, you can check our website. V:What´s is the website? E: http://www.palashotel.com/ V: Ok, thanks! E: Do you want to do the reservation now? V: Yes E: What´s your name? V: Paula Rodríguez. E: Sorry, I don´t understand. Can you repeat that please? V: Yes, of course! Paula Rodríguez. E: Can you spell your subname? V: Yes, R-O-D-R-I-G-U-E-Z ! E: Ok, What´s your telephone number? V: 666555432 E: 666555482 V: Oh.. no no! 666555432 E: Ok, sorry. What´s your identity card? V: 87654321 B E: 87654321 B V: Yes, It´s correct! E: Ok, what´s your adress? V: Street Fuencarral, number 2 E: When do you want to do the reservation? V: In August. E: Ok, What day? V: I want from one to ten of August. E: Ok, perfect ! V: Er... Excuse me. E: Yes? V: How much is in total? E: It will be 3600€ with a discont of 20 per cent. It will be 2800€ more or less. V: Ok, Where will I have to send of money? E: You can pay a 30per cent in advance triugh the bank. V: and the rest? E: You can pay in the hotel. V: Ok, perfect. E: Do you need anything else? V: No thanks for your attention. E: Ok, If you need something, phone me! V: Ok, thanks you. E: Goodbye. V: Goodbye.

Dialogue 1

L: Hello Who is? R:Hi I am Agapita can I speak to Hortensia? L:Yes I am Horte R:Oh Hi Hotre how are you? L:fine thank you. And you? R:Fine too. L: Ok Why are you calling me? R:Oh yes I am calling about a party yesterday night and.... L: What is the problem? R:you made a lot of noise and my child couldn´t sleep...and you didn´t invited me. I thought you are my friend.... L:Oh sorry...but it was a work party. Were speakin about our job all the night, I rhought it was to be boring for you.... R:well...Don´t worry my friend, but you could sayd to me. L:yes, sorry I didn´t think it an sorry for the noise R:Don´t worry L:sorry again can you repeat please? I don´t hear you. I have a bad signal. R:yes of course, don´t worry. L:Oh ok R:well, how was your party? LVerygood. All my friend in the job came and Tom, the guy that has a maittres too, but he came with his wife R: Really? Oh my god? I can´t believed it. Do you think his wife know he has a maittres? L:I don´t know but I think that she has a maittres too. R: oh my god! she too? Really? I want tell you one thing... I have a maittres... L:sorry my friend , Could you sepeak more loudly? I can´t her you. R:yes...I said that I have a maittres since 6 months..... L:Really?I can´t believe it. Why? Where? when? who is he? OH MY GOD..... R:He is a firefighter. I knew he when had a fire in my house. I saw he and I knew I lover him. L:but....and your hasband? and your children? R: the love is stonger than that. The next week I will go with he far away... L:You can´t give up your family! you are crazy... R:yes I know but I am not happy anf I want to be happy...do you understand me? L: no sorry my friend...I think you should divorced before. R: no sorry but no, I don´t have time. Bye bye! L:no..... Laura Pulido Rebeca Carnero 1ªA

Monday, 28 March 2011


C: Hello?

M: Hello. Are you Clara?

C: Yes, It's me who are you?

M: I don´t know if you remenber me. I´m Mirella.

C: Sorry?

M: Mirella.

C: Hello? I can't hear you.

M: Yes, I can hear you

C:Sorry I have bad signal please call me back in 5 minutes.

M: No problem. I call in five minutes.

(ring ring ring)

M: I´m Mirella. I´ve called you five minutes ago.

C: Oh It's was you! I had a bad signal
M: Yes. Don´t worry. Do you remenber me?

C: Yes of course you are mirella from the exchange we did at high shcool!

M: Yes, I´m. We didn´t talk since 2006 or 2007.

C: Yes it's been so much time and how are you?
M: I´m fine and you?

C: I'm fine too.
M: Are you studying at the moment?

C:Yes I'm doing an informatic course and you?
M: I´m studying medicine at the university.

C: Oh that's fantastic !

M: Yes and tell me, do you still living in Madrid?

C: Yes I live in Madrid and you still living in Rome right?
M: Yes and How are your family?

C: My family is OK but I don't live with them now. I live with 2 friends.
M: That´s cool. I live with my boyfriend.

C:Oh! you have a boyfriend! what's his name?
M: His name is Constantino.

M: No, Constantino!

C: Can you spell it?
M: Yes. It is C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O

C: Oh ! constantinooo Is it an Italian name?
M: Yes, it is and he is italian.

C: How old is he?
M: He is like me. He is 25 years old.

C: Mirella?

(pi pi pi)

(ring ring ring)

C: Yes?

M: I´m sorry. My mobile battery was running out.

C: Oh don't worry mirella
M: Are you at home?

C: Yes I am
M: Ok great. Have you got a telephone in your home?

C: Yes I have
M: Can you give me it?

C: Yes My telephone is 916111111
M: One moment that I haven´t got a pen...Ok, tell me.

C: 916111111
M: Your telephone number is 916611111?

C: Yes it is
M: Ok in one moment I call you.

C: Ok

(rang rang rang)

M: Hello Clara I´m Mirella again.

M: Clara?


M: I´m Mirella.

C: Mirella? I don't know any mirellas... MUMMMMM !

C: Sorry I think you have the wrong number.
M: Yes. Sorry, good bye.

(ring ring ring)

C: Mirella? You didn't call me to my house!

M: Yes but I have a wrong number. Can you repeat it please?

C: Yes it is 916111111
M: Now I know my mistake. Ok, I tell you in the mobile phone because I have to go to university but I save your number.

C:Ok tell me

M: I was calling you because I am going to go to Madrid in the holiday.

C:OH really? That's great Cuntantsino and you are invited to my house!
M: No, it is Constantino.

C: Yes constantino

M: No, I go alone because Constantino have to work in the holiday.

C: Oh no problem so you are invited!

M: My plain arrive the 16 th of July at 3 o´clock.

C: Ok I will go to the airport to wait for you I will plan some funny things
M: Thank you so much, Clara. You are invited to come to Rome.

C: You are welcome!
M: Kisses.

(ring ring ring)

M: Yes?

C: Hello Mirella!
M: Ah. Hi Clara. How are you?

C: I'm fine and you?
M: me too.

C: I have a little problem
M: What happen?

C: I have to work the day you arrive!
M: Oh! mmm what can we do?

C: if you wait for me in the airport I can arrive 1 hour later
M: Ok it doesnt matter. I will wait for you.

C: Ok cool!
M: Do you work?

C: Yes Im working
M: And what´s your job?

C: I'm working as a cooker in a restaurant
M: Oh that´s nice.

C: SOrry mirella I have to work see you there
M: No problem. Good bye!