Tuesday, 29 March 2011


E: Good morning!! Palas Hotel, How can I help you? V: Good morning!! I want information about the hotel. E: What do you want to know? V: I want know to, Which are the facilities? E: The hotel has double rooms, single rooms and rooms for rich people V: What have these rooms got? Why are for rich people? E: They have jacuzzi in the bathroom, services rooms.. etc ! V: How much is one of these rooms? E: 250€ per day. V: Oh.. no no !! I think that I prefer the double room. How much is it? E: 90€ per day // for 2 adults. V: Ok! Then I prefer this room. E: Ok. How many days? V: I want it for 10 days. E: Ok! How many people? V: Mmm... Five ! Two children, two adults and one older person, but the children, Don´t they have discont? E: Yes, with two adults, children are free up to 10 years old. V: I have a children with 12 years. How much is it? E: He will be 30€ V: Ok, Also, I have a children with 6 years. E: ok. This is free. V: And haven´t the older person got any discont? E: Yes, He or She would pay as boy of 12. V: Ok, It´s perfect! Do you have rooms with balcony? E: Yes, you can choose. V: Could I choose a room with a view to the sea? E: Yes, of course! V: Oh.. I have a problem. E: Tell me V: I have a cat. E: Can you leave it with someone? V: Ouh.. no.. E: Ok. The hotel has a room for animals at the clients disponsal. Are you interested? V: Ouh! Yes =) How much is it? E: 20€ per day V: Ok. E: Do you want to do the reservation? V: Yes, one minut please. I want to know, If the hotel has a free bufet. E: It depends on the boarding you choose. V: Ok, What types of boarding are there? E: You can choose full board or half board. V: What is the difference? E: In half board you have breakfast and dinner with double room, 120€ everything. In full board you have everything with double room per 140€ V: I prefer the full board.. and.. I want more information about the hotel. What has it? E: The hotel has 3 swimming polls, it has 2 saunas, a gym, an indoor swimming-poll.. V: Does it has children activities? E: Oh! Yes. If you need know something else, you can check our website. V:What´s is the website? E: http://www.palashotel.com/ V: Ok, thanks! E: Do you want to do the reservation now? V: Yes E: What´s your name? V: Paula Rodríguez. E: Sorry, I don´t understand. Can you repeat that please? V: Yes, of course! Paula Rodríguez. E: Can you spell your subname? V: Yes, R-O-D-R-I-G-U-E-Z ! E: Ok, What´s your telephone number? V: 666555432 E: 666555482 V: Oh.. no no! 666555432 E: Ok, sorry. What´s your identity card? V: 87654321 B E: 87654321 B V: Yes, It´s correct! E: Ok, what´s your adress? V: Street Fuencarral, number 2 E: When do you want to do the reservation? V: In August. E: Ok, What day? V: I want from one to ten of August. E: Ok, perfect ! V: Er... Excuse me. E: Yes? V: How much is in total? E: It will be 3600€ with a discont of 20 per cent. It will be 2800€ more or less. V: Ok, Where will I have to send of money? E: You can pay a 30per cent in advance triugh the bank. V: and the rest? E: You can pay in the hotel. V: Ok, perfect. E: Do you need anything else? V: No thanks for your attention. E: Ok, If you need something, phone me! V: Ok, thanks you. E: Goodbye. V: Goodbye.

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