Sunday, 19 December 2010


Entrevistadora: Erika.
Entrevistada: Mirella.
E: Good morning.
M: Good morning.
E: I´m Nerea and I´m in charge of doing the job interview in this clinic.
M: Ok.
E: Tell me, what is your name?
M: My name is Katherine.
E: Ok Katherine and what are your surnames?
M: García Pérez.
E: How old are you?
M: I´m 27 years old.
E: Where do you live?
M: I live in Alcorcón.
E: How many languages do you speak?
M: I speak 3 languages.
E: What languages?
M: English, Spanish and Italian.
E: Ok. Miss García, what job are you applying for?
M: I´m biochemist and I would want to work in the laboratory.
E: Ok. One moment please...Just in this moment we need 2 people in the laboratory. Miss García, what studies have you got?
M: I´ve studied biochemistry in the Complutense University in Madrid and after that I´ve done a master in Italy.
E: What attracts you to this job?
M: I´ve always had curiosity for this field and I like biochemisrty because I think this degree is very interesting.
E: What work experience have you got?
M: I´ve worked as substitute in a hospital for 10 months.
E: What is the hospital´s name?
M: It is Gregorio Marañón and it is in Madrid.
E: What post did you have in the hospital?
M: In the hospital I worked in the laboratory.
E: Well. Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
M: I think I´m the right person because I have a master in Biochemistry and I enjoy doing my work and I like it.
E: In this moment do you work?
M: Yes, I do.
E: What´s your job?
M: I work in a pharmacy.
E: Then what is your available time?
M: I work in the evening so if you contracct me I could work in the mornings but my contracct in the pharmacy ends next month so I´ll be available when you like.
E: Ok. miss García this is all. Could you give me your telephone number?
M: Yes, it is 618513472.
E: Well we will call you but after the interview ends, have you got any question?
M: Yes. I would like to know how many hours I would work?
E: You would only work for 8 hours a day, but could you work overtime?
M: Yes, I could. Miss Nerea, what is the salary?
E: The salary is $3000 per month besides 2 pay in July and December.
M: Ok and what is the salary for the overtime?
E: It is $90 per hour.
M: How many week´s holiday moved I get?
E: Holidays are only for 4 weeks. It is 2 weeks in a month and 2 weeks in other month. But you can choose the month.
M: Ok. In this clinic do you work on feast days?
E: Sometimes. But only for 4 hours.
M: But is it overtime?
E: No, it isn´t.
M: Do this clinic pay the sick pay?
E: Yes, we do because this clinic is private.
M: Ok. This is very good. Well miss Nerea this is all, thank you so much I haven´t got any more question.
E: Ok. Well I´ll call you in 1 week.
M: Ok, thank you.
E: Nice to meet you Katherine. Good bye.
M: Pleased to meet you too. Good bye.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Entrevistador: Setes
Entrevistada: Sheila

- Good morning
- Good morning
- Wht's your name?
- My name is Sheila
- Ok, and your surname?
- Lero
- Ok Miss Sheila Lero, how old are you?
- 23
- Are you here for the vacance place of chef?
- Yes, I am
- Ok, Could you give your curriculum, please?
- Oh yes, wait a moment... Ok, here it is
- Thank you, I see that you have got experience at chef, well... Tell me about them
- I studied in an academy for 4 years, more or less, then i worked in many restaurants, like Tempietto, Alfar, Woollies and in a restaurant in Paris close to the Tour Effiel. I won the awards of the best chef of 2007 and 2008, and finally I worked with Karlos Arguiñano in Telecinco.
- That sounds good, tell me a bit more about you
- Well... I'm very peaceful, proud and ambitious with my job
- Ok, and the most important question, why do you like this work?
- Emmm... When I was young I always helped to my mother doing the lunch or the dinner. So I decided that the best job for me it is Chef
- Would you like to work in my restaurant, you will trail a month
- Ok, it's perfect
- I will pay you 2000 a month
- Ok, and when do I start to work?
- Tomorrow, that's all right?
- And... How much holiday do I get?
- 45 days a year
- Ok, and the last question, what is my working time?
- Ammm... nine to five Ok?
- Yes Ok, so tomorrow i will be here at nine, thank you so much mister...
- Bond, James Jond
- Ok mister Bond, so see you tomorrow
- Bye


- Hello
- Hello
- What`s your name?
- My name is Rodolfa
- And your subnames?
- Díaz Menéndez
- How do you spell your second name?
- Yes, M-E-N-E-N-D-E-Z !
- How old are you?
- I´m 30 years old.
- What tipe of job are you looking for?
- The most attracts me this job is that the free time, the childerns and the money.
- Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
- I think I´m the right person for this job because I´m hard-working, I´m very kind with the childrens and with the parents. I like teaching children.
- Have you ever worked as teacher before?
- Yes, for four years.
- Tell me a bit more about yourself
- oK! I live in Alcorcón, I have a one soon and I´m married. I´ve been working for four years in others schools and I also worked as a baby-sitting for a year. I´m hard-working, nice,and patiently. I like the childrens and my objetives are to help and teach students about the world.
- For this work is obligatory to get the school graduate, bachillerato and degree, have you got it?
- Yes, of course!
- Ok, It´s enought. Tomorrow you might begin if you interested in bring as your curriculum, 3 photos and the photocopy of your DNI. You will hace 1000€ / month and you´ll work five days a week and weekends free. Are you interested in?
- Yes, of course!
- Thanksyou very much for your attention.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Entrevistadora: Erika
Entrevistada: Vanessa


-Hello!Good morning
-What`s your name?
-My name is Sara
-And your surnames?
-My name is Lorena I´m going to ask you some questions, because I want to have some information about your proffesional life. Fisrt of all I want to know why do apply for this job?
-Well, I have come here because I want this job, I have always want to work as an artchitect, it is my dream.
-Have your ever worked before coming this interview?
-Yes I have worked as a shop asdidtant and as baby-siter.
-But as an artchitect or simething related with that?
-No, I have never worked in something like that.
-OK. I have been looking your curriculum before you come here and I want to check somethings.
-That`s OK, tell me.
-Are you 23?
-Yes I was born the 20th of Junary of 1987.
-Did you study at the Politechnical University?
-Yes, of course, I abtained my degree at that University.
-Did you study artchitecture because it was your first option or because you hadn´t managed your first option?
-At first I thought that I wouldn´t obtain evough calification at the selectivity exam, but finally I protested and I could have my site at the University.
-You were a fortunate person...
-Yes, I cant believe it.
-Well, tel me about your personal life, are you married or something?
-No, I`m not married, and I don`t have any children.
-Ok, I have enough information, but only the last question.
-Do you think you are the best person for this job?
-I think so because I am the most interested person and I have made a los of effort in my life to have this opportunity, because I wouldn`t make a mistake, because it is my dream, because I believe I am the most qualificated person who has apply for this job and because I need ir for the reason of free myself I want to live alone, without parents and if I abtain this job, I would free myself.
-Ok! you hace convience me! you would earn 2800E
-Ok! that`s perfect.
-you will start at 8:00 and finish at 14:00
-Ok, but I have a question, about my holiday...
-Yes, you can chose for week when ever you want ....Ok?
-Ok, that is good.
-Ok! Give me your telephone number?
-My telephone number is 679388000.
-I will cal you tomorrow.
-Ok thank you very much, I wait to you call, you will see.
Iwon`t defrand you again, have a good day!
-See you!

Entrevistadora:Sofia Benito.
Entrevistada:Laura Pulido.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Interviewer:Hello!!Good morning!!
Interviewed:Good morning!!
Are you a candidate for this job?
I´m Mr.Courtney the boss in this office and I will do your interview.
How are you?Are you nervous?
I´m fine thank you!I´m really a bit nervous.
Let´s start
What´s your name?
My name is Lili
How old are you?
I´m 28 years old
What job do you want?
I want to get a job as a teacher
Good Lili!What work experience have you got?
When I was 17,I workedas a baby-sitter in a village in Dublin,where I lived before.
When I was 19,I worked as a nursery-assistant,that same year I started to university,I started my degree as a teacher in a kindergarden.
Ever since and during the degree,I started taking care of children in a summer camp,because my uncle works hire people for summer camps.
When I finished my degree,I lived in Spain for three years,I worked as a teacher,taking care children with problems.
When I returned I come to live in London with my boyfriend,whom I met in Spain.
So,Were you born in Dublin?
Yes,I was
Don´t you go back over there?
Yes,I go in the summer and christmas to see my family
And to Spain?Do you come back?
Yes,my boyfriend´s family is from Segovia,so we also go in the summer and the christmas.
What languages can you speak Lili?
I can speak English,Spanish,a bit of French and a bit more of Italian
Have you studied these languages?
Yes,I speak Spanish because I studied a lot in academies before I went to Spain to practice it.
French I studied it,at school and Italian because I did an erasmus in Italy for my degree.
Oh!Good!Tell me about your personality!
I´m funny,generous,friendly and pacific...
but when I get angry.... (jejeje)
What attracts you do this job?
Really sinse I was very little,I´m liked the children.When I was little,I played with dolls,but when I grew I started to take care to my cousins,my little brother....
Why do you think you´re the right person for this job?
I don´t know,because I like a lot of the childrens or because I can have more experience than other person.
Very good Lili!!!You could be a candidate for this job!!
Oh fantastic!
We have a job at a school,It´s near the city of London.
Very good!!I feel like working!How much time will I have to work there?and where it´s?
It´s in Oxford,you will work for this course,from 9:00 to 14:00.
Have you any question?
No,I haven´t
Tell me your address ,please?
Street Maestro Victoria
And your telephone number?
Good!!This week we´ll phone you!!
Thank you so much Mr.Courtney
You´re welcome!You´re the chosen one!
Good bye,Mr Courtney.
Bye Lili,see you!!
See you!!

Job interviews

Entrevistador: Lidia
Entrevistado: María

Lidia: Hello.
María: Hello.
Lidia: Sit down please.
María: Ok.
Lidia: Well, Are you María?
María: Yes, I am.
Lidia: You called me about the job of war pilot? 
María: Yes.
Lidia:  How old are you=How old are you?
María:I am 27.
Lidia:Ok, tell me, What work experience have you got?
María:I worked in navy for tree years. I been in Afganistan for two years
Lidia: What we can contribute?
María: I am ecellent soldier, You'll see. I take my job seriously.
Lidia: Ok. I think you're the perfect person for the jon Maria. Can you give me your telephone number.
María:Of course, 510421
Lidia:  Ok. This week I will call you.
María: Ok. Goodbye thank you.
Lidia:  Bye!
María: Good bye! Thanks!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Entrevistador: Maria

Maria: Sit down please
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: Well, are you lidia?
Lidia: Yes, I am
Maria:You called me the last week fot the job of secret policewomen right?
Maria:OK. tell me what experience have you got?
Lidia:Ok, I studied the degree of criminology in the Complutense University, when i finished the started to work in a commissioner with my father, I working there for 2 years.More later i went to work to USA of secret policewomen
I was working there for 3 years. I get a lot of experience there.
Maria: Why do you think you are the good person fot this job?
Lidia: I because I am a very prfessional person, i always finish my job and I haven't got problems with anything
I'm sure you never will have problems with me.
Maria:I'm see you curriculum and is excelent!
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: i think that you are the perfect person for the job Lidia, your salary will be 2000 euros month
Lidia: It's perfect
Maria. Ok can you give me your telephone number?
Lidia: Yes of course, 668936210
Maria: OK i will call you the next.
Lidia:Ok thank you!
Maria: Your are welcome good bye!
Lidia Bye!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Job Interview

We are doing job interviews in class. I hope you never face one like this...

Here you can find advise for a job interview...