Wednesday, 15 December 2010


-Hello!Good morning
-What`s your name?
-My name is Sara
-And your surnames?
-My name is Lorena I´m going to ask you some questions, because I want to have some information about your proffesional life. Fisrt of all I want to know why do apply for this job?
-Well, I have come here because I want this job, I have always want to work as an artchitect, it is my dream.
-Have your ever worked before coming this interview?
-Yes I have worked as a shop asdidtant and as baby-siter.
-But as an artchitect or simething related with that?
-No, I have never worked in something like that.
-OK. I have been looking your curriculum before you come here and I want to check somethings.
-That`s OK, tell me.
-Are you 23?
-Yes I was born the 20th of Junary of 1987.
-Did you study at the Politechnical University?
-Yes, of course, I abtained my degree at that University.
-Did you study artchitecture because it was your first option or because you hadn´t managed your first option?
-At first I thought that I wouldn´t obtain evough calification at the selectivity exam, but finally I protested and I could have my site at the University.
-You were a fortunate person...
-Yes, I cant believe it.
-Well, tel me about your personal life, are you married or something?
-No, I`m not married, and I don`t have any children.
-Ok, I have enough information, but only the last question.
-Do you think you are the best person for this job?
-I think so because I am the most interested person and I have made a los of effort in my life to have this opportunity, because I wouldn`t make a mistake, because it is my dream, because I believe I am the most qualificated person who has apply for this job and because I need ir for the reason of free myself I want to live alone, without parents and if I abtain this job, I would free myself.
-Ok! you hace convience me! you would earn 2800E
-Ok! that`s perfect.
-you will start at 8:00 and finish at 14:00
-Ok, but I have a question, about my holiday...
-Yes, you can chose for week when ever you want ....Ok?
-Ok, that is good.
-Ok! Give me your telephone number?
-My telephone number is 679388000.
-I will cal you tomorrow.
-Ok thank you very much, I wait to you call, you will see.
Iwon`t defrand you again, have a good day!
-See you!

Entrevistadora:Sofia Benito.
Entrevistada:Laura Pulido.

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