Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello! My name is Mirella and I am going to write about Romania.
I´ve chosen to write about Romania because I think that this country is very interesting but specially because it is a diferent culture to mine.

The capital of Romania is Bucarest.
Romania is in the southeast Europe. Romania is mountainous in the north and south is dominated by the large Danubian plain. Romania has a beautiful vegetation and wildlife.

The 90% of the population is Romanian ethnic, the 7 % is Hungarian ethnic and the other 3% is Germanian ethnic.

The oficial language of Romania is the Rumanian and the religion more important is the Orthodox religion.

For the general the romanians are polits and they apreciaty so much the old people.

Romania is part of the European Union since 2007.
The currency of Romania is the leu. Romania has considerable resources for example the oil and natural gas, that are exported.

The days important are the first of March because it is the begining of the spring and the 8th of March that it is the woman day.

I´m sure that if you go to Romania it will be a interesting and funny experience.
The best time for travel to Romania is the spring and you could go to the cities more important as Bucarest, Constancia and Timisoara.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello! My name is María. I'm going to write about Italy.
Is a country that belong to EU, your capital is Rome and the official language is Italian.
First of all is his history. Italy is a cradle of the Renaissance. And it is a holy city for the church, because Rome is in the microestate of the Vatican.
Italy wasn't a plotical unity as it was fragmented in multiple states, Rome was kept separate from Italy under the leadershipof the pope.
In 1857 he signed the Treaties of Rome on sizz european countries, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Belguim, Italy and Netherland.
Your political is bassed on a Replubican Parlament.

Secondly, I will write about the tourism in Italy. Is the third country recives more tourist per year. Rome's third mos visited city.

Your economy, Milan is considered the center of the finances and industry, is the capital of fashion.
The agricultural activities have experienced a setback.
Acording to the international system in 2008 was the seventh Italian economy in the world.
Its currency is the euro now but it used the italian lira.

Monuments and sites you can visited in Italy.
Vatican city, St Pter's Basilica, phanteon, Trevi fountain, Novoa square.

Some of the most important cities of Italy are; Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence...
In the fouth place y write about the food, italian cuisine is very varied. Is considered Mediterranean cuisine, it's very normal that italian cuisin is know for your food like, pizza, pasta and risotto.

After the gastronomic I write about your traditions.
The most famous is the carnival of Venice, and the Beffana, which is the typical figure of italian folclore. It's a Santa Claus, his figure is like a witch, but good, because her delivers gifts, the Beffana is mounted on broomstick.

Finally I give my opinion. In fact i never been to Italy, but i tecommend going if only to eat the best pizza in the world!


Hello! My name is Sofia and I’m going to write about Denmark.
First of all, I’m going to write about the geography. Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland and many islands, such as Zealand or Funen.
Denmark has been a member of the European Union since 1973, although it has not joined the Euro zone.
Copenhagen is the capital and the largest city of Denmark. The second largest city in Denmark is Aarush. Aarush is and old Viking Age city and one of the oldest cities in the country.
The national language in Denmark is Danish and the currency is Danish Krone.
Now I’m going to write about the economy of Denmark. Denmark has the highest minimum wage in the world, but Danish people have to pay the highest taxes in Europe.
One of the most important monuments in Denmark is the Little Mermaid, that is a character known all around the world.
Traditions: Fastelavn is the name for Carnival in Denmark which is on Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday. In Fastelavn “they took the cat in the barrel “, the game is banging with a stick to a barrel with surprises, like a piñata, until it breaks.
Finally, I’m going to write about my opinion. I would like to visit this country because it’s a country very beautiful and Danish people lives very well.
Thank you !
Bye !


Hi dadies! It's María your best daughter.
And today is Friday and I want goy to Lidia's home tonight, we will watch some film and we will more ice-cream.
Don't worry we won't go the party!
Give me a call on my mobile when you have hear this message!
I love youu so much much much!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

the country i chosed to talk about...

My talk was about Malta.
First of all i told that malta is an european island, it capital is Valletta with 414.971 habitants, the languages that maltese people speak are maltese and english,the currency was the euro (€), the gobern is a Republic and the president is Eddie Frenech Adami.
Secondly i told about Maltese economy: is favourablegeographic location and a productive labour force dep on.(foreign trade, manufacturing, tourism and financial services)
About the monuments they have only 3 kind of monuments they are: Hipogeo de Hal Saflien, Megalithic Themples of Malta and the city of valletta.
they haven`t got their own traditions because of united kingdom and italia which was the countries who made the traditions there because of the inmigrants also the cuisine is tipically mediterranean based on fresh produce and seafood with some influence from italian cuisine ,over all they are catholic.
Furthermore the maltese weather is Mediterranean, not dry summers and wet autumns and short cool winters with adequate rainfall ,winds are strong and frequent
about the history i told that malta was been inhabited since it was settled around 5200 b.C from the Italian island of sicily later came phoenitians and the greaks who named the island "sweet home"
and finally i chosed this country because i want to know more about this country, and it was a good oportunity to look for information to know for my self.
thank you for you atention. Goobye.

the country i chosed to talk about...

Monday, 21 February 2011


Hello!!I´m going to write about Germany.
First of all,Germany is in the center Europe,it´s between Poland,France....
The oficial language is Germany and a bit of English.
And in Germany has been diferent currency and the nowadays the currency is the euro.
In the Germany´s history,last years germany was very important,it participated in the 1World War and in the 2World War.
In Germany nowadays 82 million people live.And about the Germany´s economy;there are 300,000 people who are unemployed.
Then Germany´s capital is Berlin,it´s a beutiful and modern city with a lot of foreigners .
The most important monuments ones are:
-Alte nationalgalerie.
-Kolner Dom
-Berliner Olimpiastadion
-The island of the museums
And the most important traditions are:
-Oktoberfest:It´s a festivas
-Carnival for them is Kasnacht
-Winer´s parties:It´s in may,people taste wine and they choose the king wine.
-Kirchweih:It´s for us funfair.In this party people sow kirchweihbaum,It´s the tree of kirchweih.
Finally I´m going to say that people recomended go to Germany to visit these monument and you also can visit cities as:Berlin,Hamburg,Munich.....

The pages in which I´ve searched are:
and books

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hello my name is Svyatoslav and I write about Ucraine.
First of all I write about the official language, the gegraphy situation and capital of country. Ucraine is the country in the East of Europe, the official language is ucranian and the capital is Kiev.
Secondly I write about history of country. Ucraine's history began whit Kievan Rus founded by first hetman* called Igor. Recents events of Ucraine´s history are first and second World Wars when Ucraine participated In Soviet Union.
I write about Ucraine´s economy too. The economy in Soviet times was very good Ucraine were the second potencial in Soviet Union. Since 1991 Ucraine´s economy holds world records of inflation. Prices stabilized only afther the introduction of new currency, the hryvnya, in 1996.
Finally I write about the monuments, main cities and tradition of this country. In Ucraine the people celebrated Christmas, but it has got three parts. First is Christmas´ Eve in seventh of January, second is day of Saint Peter and later is day of Saint Nicolas.
The most importants cities are Lviv, Kiev and Ternopil where there are monuments like Catherdral of Siant Sophia in Kiev or the castle of Kamianetsk Podilsk in Ternopil.


Hello! my name is Déborah and my talk is going to be about Portugal.
First of all, Portugal is a country in European Union, and it's a republic country; there isn't a king.
It capital is Lisboa, it's the biggest and the richest city of Portugal, and the principal economic center.
Other important cities are Oporto, Aveiro (considered the Portuguese Venice), Braga, Chaves, Coimbra, Évora and Portimao.
The language of this country is the portuguese, and it's spoken also in Brasil, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Santo Tomé y Príncipe and Timor Oriental.

Secondly, I'm going to speak about the economy. The economy of Portugal has turned into a diversified economy, wich is based on services.
The principal indrustries of this country are the industry of the car, the production of cement and the paper and textil industry.
The currency of Portugal is the Euro, since January 2002.

Finally, I'm goint to talk about it history. It's own one of the European nation wich origins go back to the Low Middle Ages.
The most visited monuments are the Convent of Crucifix, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and the National Pantheon.
Overall, the weather is mediterranean, with rain in the north and hot in the south.
The coffe and the beer are very important of Portugal and the cod is the tradicional food there.
I chose this country because I've visited it five or six times in my life and I like it so much.
In my opinion, I think Portugal is a very nice and cheerful country.

Thank you , bye!


Hi! My name is Lidia and mi talk in going to be about Belgium.
Now im going to talk about the economy, languages, monuments, food and tradictions.
First of all the capital of Belgium is Bruselas but the official name of the city is city of bruselas. it is to avoid the confusion between the region and the munipality.
Belgium is a federal constitucional monarqui and after world war II envolved a unitary state of union.
The duch or fleming and french are the official language in this country and also teh german is spoken in the regions of the border with germany.
Monuments: if you want visit Belgium you can visit for example:
The attomium and the grabd place of bruselas
Belgium is international know fot the beer, chocolate and comics
They have hundres types of beer.
Also the belgium cheese is a typical food this cheese is more delicius that que cheese of holland
They have a tradiction, it consist in go for the city with a young tre and plant it.
This is all
thank you!

Friday, 18 February 2011


Hello! My name is Vanessa and my talk is going to be about of Poland. I´m going to be about geography, capital, currency, language, cityes, weather, economic, history, tradictions and my opinion of this country.
Poland is east to European. Poland is surrounded for Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.
The capital of Poland is Warsaw. The flag is two colors: white top and red below.
The oficial language is Polish.
Secontly, the currency of Poland is zloty, its acronym is PLN. A zloty is 26 cents.
The most important cities are Warsaw (capital of Poland), Krakow (second largest city) has 800 habitants, and three cities more.
The weather of Poland is mixed. In summer you can make up to 40 degrees and in winter can reach minus 40 degrees below zero.
Poland´s economy centers on agriculture and industry. In the agriculture works 14% of the habitants and industry highlights the crisis of Second War World and the reform in 1990.
Poland currently hasn´t president, because he died last year in a plane crash.
Polandis part the European Union since 2004.
Futhermore, In Poland it is tradition to celebrate the day of Christmas Easter, Corpus Christi and the day of all saints.
I have chosen this country because the country I wanted it took another person and because in my opinion, it is an interesting country.
Goodbye =)


Sunday, 13 February 2011


My talk is going to be about Holland.
Holland or Netherlands is a country located in north-west Europe and with parts in the Caribbean. It’s between Belgium and Germany. The capital is Amsterdam. The country is a member of the European Union. The language they speak in Holland is Dutch, a language which sounds similar to German.
Well, first of all I’m going to talk about the geography of the country. In Dutch Neder means low, so Nederland means lowland because most of the country is located under the sea level. It means that Holland has been built with a system of dikes. That’s the reason why Netherlands has a lot of rivers and canals inside of the cities and villages. We can see easily with maps and photographs of the country that Holland is all the time changing its structure as a result of the human intervention and natural disasters. The country has big problems with the floods, in the past storms even caused dead of many people. The tallest place in the country is a region call Limburg with only 321 meters above the sea level.
The weather in Netherlands is call maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. A thing I hated when I went to Holland was the winter, because when you are by bike you have the winter against to you.
In the XX century began the First World War in this one Holland stay neutral. In the Second World War they declared themselves neutral but Germans attacked them.
Currently the Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. This country is very famous because of the drugs and prostitution.
Ok now I’m going to talk about Holland’s typical things
Amsterdam is considered the capital of the marihuana or weed because it is allowed to smoke joints in coffee shops. When you go to a tourist shop you can find all kind of gadgets for smoke and all kind of things with weed. I didn’t know that there were so many things to smoke.
Amsterdam has a district call Red Lights district where the prostitutes are in windows. Tulips are a very typical thing too. You can see a kind of street markets where sells a lot of tulips and bulbs. Another interesting place to go in Amsterdam is Anne Frank’s house.
But I think the most typical thing in whole Holland is bikes. You can see bikes everywhere, everybody go by bike wherever they go. There are a lot of bikes parking, in the stations, in the airport, in the school, in the supermarkets… It is very funny to see a woman going to her job with skirt and heels but riding a bike. But in my opinion it is a very good habit because they don’t produce pollution.
I don’t know very well the really typical Dutch food so I’m going to tell you my experience. When I went there we had breakfast at 9 more or less, it depended of the day, and the things I ate were bread with butter and Hagelslag and vlokken which were my favorite breakfast! Hagelslag and vlokken are two kinds of chocolate chip that you put in your bread. I drank milk and tea. The milk is very strange, has a strange flavor, it is good but different than our milk. The problem is that they had lunch at 12 and not to much food maybe a sandwich at school. And then at tea time we had a banana and my favorite sweet in the world STROOPWAFELS. Stroopwafel is a kind of big biscuit. Inside it is cream and caramel, it is really nice. And finally at dinner time at 6 in the afternoon they had a normal food like sausages, soup, salad, fish or steak.
They also have fast foods like burger kings or McDonalds, but maybe the typical fast food I saw in Amsterdam was a kind of refrigerators with crockets or chips inside and if you put money you can take the crocket.
And finally I’m going to tell you a bit about the city where I stayed. I went to a place near of Amsterdam call Almere. Almere is the best place you can imagine. I think is the best place to live. It is very beautiful and big with canals, river, grass, beach, commercial center and nice houses, and schools,it seems like you are in a film.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Happy 199 birthday, Charles Dickens!!!

We mark today the 199 anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. In our class we have read (the whole group) the beginning of his novel A Christmas Carol.
Happy birthday! And happy reading to everybody!

A Christmas Carol, Chapter 1.
Stave 1: Marley's ghost.
Marley was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it. And Scrooge's name was good upon 'Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to.
Old Marley was as dead as a door-nail.
Mind! I don't mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a door-nail. I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin-nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade. But the wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile; and my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it, or the Country's done for. You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Marley was as dead as a door-nail.
Scrooge knew he was dead? Of course he did. How could it be otherwise? Scrooge and he were partners for I don't know how many years.

In case you want to go on reading A Christmas Carol, you can find the whole text of it here.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Message for my dad

Good morning, my favourite daddy, we know you are so perfect and so handsome, so I want to ask you to let me sleep at Benjamin Buffor Blue's house, you know, Bubba. Please! I would only mention that Bubba is very responsible and, well, her parents are so, so nice and so warm. Well, that's all. Call me back when you make a decision, ok? Your favourite daughter loves you so much. Bye bye!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Message for my mum.

Hi mum! I need to speak to you urgently. It´s about lunch and the high school. I 'm not going to go home for lunch after high school because I'm going to go to the Burger King with my friends and after that we're going to the cinema. Sorry, but on Saturday I will go to the shopping center with you and we'll eat together also. Ok...? Perfect! Please give me a call as soon as you hear this message. Goodbye. Love!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Quiz about Dickens.

What do you know about the famous writer Charles Dickens? Do you know where he was born? Who did he marry? Add comments with your questions and answers about Dickens, let's share our knowledge, any contribution is welcome!
You can find lots of questions and answers about Charles Dickens and his life here:

Message for my parents

Mum, this is Luminita, listen, my friend Ana (do you remember her?) has invited me to eat at her home because her parents are travelling this week because of their jobs and she feels alone.
So, may you pick me up one hour later that usual from school today? Please, my friend will be very grateful and me too, and if you let me I promise that this weekend I will help you with all the housework you ask me, ok? Please, call me back, I need to know your answer.