Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Hello! My name is María. I'm going to write about Italy.
Is a country that belong to EU, your capital is Rome and the official language is Italian.
First of all is his history. Italy is a cradle of the Renaissance. And it is a holy city for the church, because Rome is in the microestate of the Vatican.
Italy wasn't a plotical unity as it was fragmented in multiple states, Rome was kept separate from Italy under the leadershipof the pope.
In 1857 he signed the Treaties of Rome on sizz european countries, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Belguim, Italy and Netherland.
Your political is bassed on a Replubican Parlament.

Secondly, I will write about the tourism in Italy. Is the third country recives more tourist per year. Rome's third mos visited city.

Your economy, Milan is considered the center of the finances and industry, is the capital of fashion.
The agricultural activities have experienced a setback.
Acording to the international system in 2008 was the seventh Italian economy in the world.
Its currency is the euro now but it used the italian lira.

Monuments and sites you can visited in Italy.
Vatican city, St Pter's Basilica, phanteon, Trevi fountain, Novoa square.

Some of the most important cities of Italy are; Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence...
In the fouth place y write about the food, italian cuisine is very varied. Is considered Mediterranean cuisine, it's very normal that italian cuisin is know for your food like, pizza, pasta and risotto.

After the gastronomic I write about your traditions.
The most famous is the carnival of Venice, and the Beffana, which is the typical figure of italian folclore. It's a Santa Claus, his figure is like a witch, but good, because her delivers gifts, the Beffana is mounted on broomstick.

Finally I give my opinion. In fact i never been to Italy, but i tecommend going if only to eat the best pizza in the world!

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