Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello! My name is Mirella and I am going to write about Romania.
I´ve chosen to write about Romania because I think that this country is very interesting but specially because it is a diferent culture to mine.

The capital of Romania is Bucarest.
Romania is in the southeast Europe. Romania is mountainous in the north and south is dominated by the large Danubian plain. Romania has a beautiful vegetation and wildlife.

The 90% of the population is Romanian ethnic, the 7 % is Hungarian ethnic and the other 3% is Germanian ethnic.

The oficial language of Romania is the Rumanian and the religion more important is the Orthodox religion.

For the general the romanians are polits and they apreciaty so much the old people.

Romania is part of the European Union since 2007.
The currency of Romania is the leu. Romania has considerable resources for example the oil and natural gas, that are exported.

The days important are the first of March because it is the begining of the spring and the 8th of March that it is the woman day.

I´m sure that if you go to Romania it will be a interesting and funny experience.
The best time for travel to Romania is the spring and you could go to the cities more important as Bucarest, Constancia and Timisoara.

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