Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Madrid City Tours

Hello! Welcome to Madrid City Tours.
A great way to see one of the world's most wonderful cities.
Over forty stops all over the city Museum of Prado, Museum of Thyssen, Gran Via, Vicente Calderon, etc... and one stop every two hours.
The guide is a person who speak english and spanish.
Tours start every hours from Puerta de Sol.
The price for adult is 50€ and for children is 25€. Call now and we present book for you.
The ticket walid 24 hours.

Call toll free 91-619-58-60

Nicolas y Natalia Gonzalez

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rome Tours

Welcome to Rome.
Rome is a fantastic city with many amazing sceneries.
With our tour, you will visit the most important places here in Rome city: the Piazza della Sedia del Diavolo, the Coliseum, the Vatican City, the Pantheon... and other fantastic sightseeings
There are two guide boys, one who shows you the city in italian and the another who does in English.
The tour starts every 2 hours in the Trevi fountain. The adults have to pay €20 and children €5.
You don't have to book the seats, but if there are no seats, you'll have to wait for the next.
With the ticket we'll give you can use it for a period of 2 days
If you need more information or you want to talk to some of our operators, call to 9163044010203

Monday, 17 May 2010

Parque Lisboa News 17

San Isidro
Last saturday May 15th, was San Isidro in Madrud and it was celebrated this day because San Isidro is hte pattern of Madrid and there is a fair with attractions for the childs, candys, sweets...
The people dress of "chulapos" and is traditional dance "chotis".
The people spend all day there usually in the pairia that is in Carabanchel and they spend time with their friends and family.
The "rosquillas tontas" and the "rosquillas listas" are a own sweet and the "callos madrileños" are a own food.
In this event the people from Madrid enjoy dancing and eating.

Eva Dalía Gómez

Barça, a champion of record.

Guardiola team won 4-0 at Valladolid and archieve its 20th title, the tenth in the last 20 years.
Messi, scored two goals, reaches 34 and wins the Golden Boot.
On the other hand, Real Madrid draws 1-1 in Malaga.
Valladolid, Tenerife and Xerez will play the next season in the second division.

Rafa Nadal beated Roger Federer in the Final of the Mutua Madrileña Championshio. Nadal won the match 6-4, 7-5 and he only lost one set in all tournament.

Last sunday, Monaco Gran Prix was disputed. Alonso started the race in the last position (24th), and after a actenishing race he fineshed the 6th.
In the last lap Schumacher make an ilegal overtaking and Alonso recovered the 6th position.
Webber finally won the race.

Natalia García

EL juego del Angel
El juego del Angel is the title of the book by the spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a prelude to his blockbuster noverl, La sombra del viento. It was published in Spain on April 17, 2008.
El juego del Anfel is the second book of a series of four interconnecterd novels set in mysterious and gothic Barcelona ranging from the era of the Industrial Revolution to the years after the Spanish Civil War. The four stories, independent and self-sufficient in themselves, share some characters and scenarios, focus on El cementerio de los libros olvidados.
This book is really interesting because from the first page to the last, catchs you and you can´t stop reading it. Each character has their own personality and it´s shows in the different ways they speak, sharing the subtle irony so characteristin of Zafón. I recommend this book to any person which likes mystey novels with a verly elaborated argument.
Enjoy it!!

Anna López

Monday, 10 May 2010


Welcome to travel around Moscú.

In this agency, from 25th June to 8th July, you will be able to visit a lot of interesting places in Moscú like 'La plaza roja', 'La torre del Senado', 'La catedral de la Asunción', 'El gran palacio de Kremlin'... But if you want to visit other places there, we will take you them!

The place of departure will be in Barajas, Madrid. So we will arrive soon.
You won´t have any problems with the language because there will be guides that will speak Spanish, English, French and Chinese.

The price is different for the adults or the children.
If you are older than 15 years old, you will pay as adult and it´s could be around 2200 euros.
The price includes hotel acommodation, meals in the hotel, the travel to Moscú, tickets for underground, the price of entry for the museums...

If you are interested in that, you can call to this number 91685**** and we´ll answer all your questions!

Lorena Gómez Garcinuño 1ºB Bach

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Silver Spinning Top!!!

Congratulations Eva, Lucía, both Álvaros, Nico, both Lorenas, both Natalias, Rebeca, Jorge, Ana, Rubén, Rosa, Vanessa and David. YOU have reached the second place at the Espiral Edublogs Awards 2010, Silver Spinning Top. Thank you very much to you, to the jury and to all of our friends who have shown such a strong support for us and were so sure that we would win... Congratulations as well to the other winners, Els Treballs i Els Dies (Golden Spinning Top) and Acollida Institut Carles Vallbona (Bronze Spinning Top) and to all participants... We are very proud...!

Istambul city tours.

Welcome to '' travel around Istambul''
You will be able to see the best of Istambul sitting!!!
There are six stops during the trip.
You will see the two mosques more exciting of the world, the Grand Bazaar, we will pass bridge over the Bosphorus, Galata tower ad Bosphorus bay.
The trip start in the bus station of the square of the mosques.
As there are English, Spanish and Arab guides you won't have difficult for understand the explanation.
The price for the adults isten Turkish Lira and by the children up to twelve years is five Turkish Lira.
If you want more information you could visit
That's all and we hope you.
(Lucía Barbero y Eva Dalía).

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


(Natalia and Eva travelled to London last week, and today they have come back to Madrid and they are having some problems in the airport).
Natalia: Puff! This travel has been awful!
Eva: Oh, yes! We've been here for two hours waiting for our luggage.
N: Let's go to the check in desk to ask what's happening!
(They are angry and go to the check in desk).
Airport Agent: Good evening! Can I help you?
E: Yes, you can actually. We came back from London two hours ago and we still haven't got our luggage.
AA: Ok. Your baggage is in other plane which can't take off from London because the weather is bad. It's rainning a lot and the air traffic is cut off.
N: Oh, dear! I think we should fill in a complaint form.
AA: Ok. What are your names? Can you show me yours passports?
E: We are Eva Rupérez and Natalia López. Natalia, give him your passport and... take my passport too.
AA: And the holiday was in London?
N: Yes, for a week, from the fifteenth to the twenty-second of July.
AA: And... you travelled to London with this company too?
E: Yes.
AA: Have you had any other problem with the planes or at the airport?
E: Oh! Yes, when we took the plane to travel to London the plane arrived late, and we lost the hotel's room... We want our ticket's money back.
AA: Oh...I'm very sorry about that. I'll see what I can do, wait a minute please..

Parque de Lisboa News 15

I was talking to a student in bilingual secion 3D. Her name is Leyre. She told my that using the wiki since the begining of the course. She works on the wiki to find information about the nacional parks of Spain. This link is: .Each student has a different section. Thanks to the wiki can study varias subjects: Language, technology, biology and history. What se likes most of the wiki is to learn different ways to study and prefers to work in the wiki because it is more comfortable, entretaining and is a new way of learning.

Vanessa Sánchez.

The day 29 of April we went to speak with the teacher Maria Jesus Campos. She was answering
to our questions on her wiki.
The wiki was initiated for pupils of third bilingual selection at the begining of this course. The wiki is written in English because the teacher wants students to practice English because they
are bilingual. The teacher wants to have fun learning, digital competence to develop and learn abour the history of Madrid, so she chosed the subject of the Habsburgs. Another reason why she chosed the Habsburgs is that the pupils study this subject in literature.
If you want to visit the wiki, click on this link: Madrid de los Austrias
(Natalia González)

Don Quijote:

I recommend Don Quixote as it is a book written by a well-known writer Miguel de Cervante Saavedra. Born in Madrid more specifically in Alcala de Henares.

The first part is fine and sometimes they send read in some schools. The work is fun after all the nonsense he says and does in some chapters already know to us after so many times as we have things in the book.

I recommend reading the first part because it is less boring than the second, but quein likes to read can read the two parties.

And the day of the book can be heard in all media since it is so famous.

Read it if you are bored at home or on holiday you a lot of fun, and if you like to put some commentary on the book ir you want, and for those who know much English can read it in English too.


Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's worth keeping an eye on that blog

We have received from Ana Concejero, author of several great blogs, this meme, Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog ("It's worth keeping an eye on that blog"). It's a great honour to receive precisely from her this award that means that, from her point of view, our blog deserves a visit and we are very grateful.
According to the rules of the game, now I must choose ten blogs that I consider worth visiting and that I would like to promote, so to speak. First I must mention those blogs written by my teachers, the people who introduced me in this amazing world of blogging, podcasting and enjoying the web. Even though they don't need any promotion, their blogs are worth not a visit but a lot of them. So please visit José Luis Cabello's English Teaching Lab, (though José Luis is currently more active on twitter and posterous); Alejandro Valero's Apuntes sobre blogs; Lourdes Barroso's website and José María Campo's Roa Multimedia. Of course I don't expect them to reply, but I must recognise where I come from.  I must also publicize the great job my good friend Paqui Torralbo is doing with her Dolores Ibárruri-English Blog. She is responsible for me entering this world as well and I learn from her all the time.Of course other blog from where to learn lots of things, among them generosity, is Ángel Puente's El Balcón abierto. I also recently met Ángel González and his inspiring Colonial Nuggets. The amazing Langwitches Blog is full of ideas and creativity.. The same happens with Burcu Akyol's blog, whom I follow on twitter. Of course I must encourage you to visit one of the runners for Espiral Edublogs Awards 2010, Enredando en el instituto. Cómo fue el siglo XVIII by Ana Concejero, José Luis Gamboa, Celia Urbano, Rosa Lara and a few more. I wish them good luck!! And  of course many, many more blogs and bloggers who daily make an effort to offer the best from themselves...
Update: We have been mentioned as well by Ampliación de inglés, y Es todo el mundo un prodigio

Terrible holidays

Travel agent: Hi! Can I help you?
Lorena: Of course... I came back from Rome last day and there I had a lot of problems.
T.A: Really? What type of problems did you have?
L: When I arrived to the hotel with my friend, we haven´t booked and had to pay to reserved twice.
T.A: Have you got the invoice?
L: Yes, here you are.
T.A: Ok, I can put your money in your bild now.
L: Ok, I hope so.
T.A: Had do you have other problems ?
L: Yes,when I checked in at reception and arrived the bedrom It wasn´t cleaned and there are a lot of ants
T.A: But I can´t do anything
L: Yes I know it but you recomend me this hotel!
T.A: Sorry...
L: Ah! And the food was cold,very cold!And you say me that the hotel had a swimming pool and it hadn´t swimming pool!
T.A: Ufff....Ok I understand you...
L: What are you going to do?
T.A: Please give me your telephone number and I´ll call you when I finish to speak with my boss,ok?
L: OK...My telephone number is 418957742 .I hope that you call me as soon as possible!And that you give me all lost money.
T.A: Yes I´m sure that I´ll solve this problems fot that this a gency give you a free travel where you want.Do you agree?
L: Ok! Ok! I hope that everyting goes right. Bye!
T.A: Bye.