Tuesday, 4 May 2010


(Natalia and Eva travelled to London last week, and today they have come back to Madrid and they are having some problems in the airport).
Natalia: Puff! This travel has been awful!
Eva: Oh, yes! We've been here for two hours waiting for our luggage.
N: Let's go to the check in desk to ask what's happening!
(They are angry and go to the check in desk).
Airport Agent: Good evening! Can I help you?
E: Yes, you can actually. We came back from London two hours ago and we still haven't got our luggage.
AA: Ok. Your baggage is in other plane which can't take off from London because the weather is bad. It's rainning a lot and the air traffic is cut off.
N: Oh, dear! I think we should fill in a complaint form.
AA: Ok. What are your names? Can you show me yours passports?
E: We are Eva Rupérez and Natalia López. Natalia, give him your passport and... take my passport too.
AA: And the holiday was in London?
N: Yes, for a week, from the fifteenth to the twenty-second of July.
AA: And... you travelled to London with this company too?
E: Yes.
AA: Have you had any other problem with the planes or at the airport?
E: Oh! Yes, when we took the plane to travel to London the plane arrived late, and we lost the hotel's room... We want our ticket's money back.
AA: Oh...I'm very sorry about that. I'll see what I can do, wait a minute please..

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