Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 15

I was talking to a student in bilingual secion 3D. Her name is Leyre. She told my that using the wiki since the begining of the course. She works on the wiki to find information about the nacional parks of Spain. This link is: http://madriddelosaustrias.wikispaces.com/ .Each student has a different section. Thanks to the wiki can study varias subjects: Language, technology, biology and history. What se likes most of the wiki is to learn different ways to study and prefers to work in the wiki because it is more comfortable, entretaining and is a new way of learning.

Vanessa Sánchez.

The day 29 of April we went to speak with the teacher Maria Jesus Campos. She was answering
to our questions on her wiki.
The wiki was initiated for pupils of third bilingual selection at the begining of this course. The wiki is written in English because the teacher wants students to practice English because they
are bilingual. The teacher wants to have fun learning, digital competence to develop and learn abour the history of Madrid, so she chosed the subject of the Habsburgs. Another reason why she chosed the Habsburgs is that the pupils study this subject in literature.
If you want to visit the wiki, click on this link: Madrid de los Austrias
(Natalia González)

Don Quijote:

I recommend Don Quixote as it is a book written by a well-known writer Miguel de Cervante Saavedra. Born in Madrid more specifically in Alcala de Henares.

The first part is fine and sometimes they send read in some schools. The work is fun after all the nonsense he says and does in some chapters already know to us after so many times as we have things in the book.

I recommend reading the first part because it is less boring than the second, but quein likes to read can read the two parties.

And the day of the book can be heard in all media since it is so famous.

Read it if you are bored at home or on holiday you a lot of fun, and if you like to put some commentary on the book ir you want, and for those who know much English can read it in English too.


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celia pastor said...

We also have been working on a wiki with María Jesús Campos and I really think it is a enjoyable way for learning history and English.
Thank you María Jesús for all the funny history classes.
Don Quixote is an adventure book and I like those ones but I don't think I would be able to read the original version so I think I'll have to look for an adaptation, but very good recomendation anyway.