Sunday, 11 November 2012

History Activity

Last night I heard a strange noise
I heard a very strange noise coming out of her sleep ,  downward sounded like whispering my name .
Igot out of bed and get down no one and my parents were a sleep , there was a noise in my room and i ran , had fallen a book .The doors closed all of a sudden , the light in the room quenched, and again that strange voice calling me .He turned on the computer and wrote name next day i asked if he knew who they all were suprised . It was the name of my aunt Mery , died several years ago in a traffic accident, when you tell me that more scared . The next night i could not sleep and went to see the name of my aunt Mery on the computer but this time put more, put running .I ran without telling any family , within five minutes the house went up in flames, by an electrical problem .My family died charred never fungive myself .

                                                                                                                ( By Lorena and Maria )

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The terror hospital

In a one abandonated hospital one light shine for a one window. Two mans was see it and they go to see what happening.One of them open the door and a crazy  scream sould for old the hospital, blood for the walls and clothes brokens for the floor. They was very scary and try to scape but one person was in front of the principal door with a smile on the mouth and blood in the hands. The two mans was running for the hospital trying scape but host posible. The crazy man was captured him and kill him. And the light of the window turn off.

Adrián García & Antonio Fernandez.