Friday, 30 April 2010

Homework: Mother's Day

Your Listen a Minute homework (well in fact it is from ESL Holidays Lessons, but let's call it that way) for next Wednesday: Mother's Day. Bring me your pendrives with three recordings at least. I'm afraid I won't accept you to submit it later than that, I'm sorry. If I do, it means going crazy. After having read and listened to it, perhaps you would like to comment on what it means for you, teenagers, to celebrate Mother's Day. Have you put a lot of effort into making a nice card for your Mum? Have you prepared breakfast for your Mum to have it in bed? Or, at least, have you taken her out for lunch?  Leave your comments, please, and explain. Greetings!

Thursday, 29 April 2010


(Vane is a travel agent and Natalia is her client).

Vane: Hello, good morning. Can I help you?
Natalia: Hello.... Yes, you can. I came from Paris last week and the hotel where you made my reservation was awful.
Vane: Mmm... Why?
Natalia: Because the sheets in the hotel were stained and I found cockroaches in my bathroom.
Vane: Ooohh!! It's horrible! I'm sorry, I think you should fill in a complaint form. What's your name?
Natalia: My name is Natalia.
Vane: And your surnames?
Natalia: Rodríguez Menéndez.
Vane: Ok! How many days did you stay in the hotel?
Natalia: I was for four days. I went there on Wednesday and I came back on Sunday.
Vane: Ok! I'm very sorry about this. I'll speak with the hotel and I will not recommend it to anyone.
Natalia: Thanks. But, apart from that, I will never come to this travel agency again.
Vane: I'm sorry!
Natalia: Goodbye.
Vane: Mmm... Goodbye!

Bad holidays

Montero Travel Agent: Good morning. Can I help you?
Rosa: Yes, you can actually. We came back from Barcelona last Sunday and this is the brochure of the holiday you sold us.
MTA: Did you have great holidays?
Muñoz: No, we didn't. Our holidays were awful.
MTA: Wow, what was the problem?
M: First of all, Rosa and I wanted a hotel on the first line of the beach but we were in a hotel in the middle of Barcelona called "Sabadell Resort". Secondly, the receptionist was very unkind and they didn't want to give us a room.
R: Besides that, when we finally entered the room, we noticed that there was much noise from outside and we hadn't got any sea view or any sight. 
MTA: Don't worry, I'll tell my boss. Anything else I can do?
M: Well, I expect you to return our money or give us a room in another hotel for the same time; if not, I will  fill in a complaint form.
MTA: Okay, give me a phone number and I'll call you to make a repayment if it's possible.
R: 183452376
MTA: Sorry, can you repeat that more slowly, please? 
R: 1-8-3-4-5-2-3-7-6. Ask for Rosa.
MTA: Okay, don't worry about anything and, as soon as we can, we will call you. Thank you for using our travel agency. Goodbye!
M: I'm sure you will do it. Bye
R: Bye.


Rubén - Good morning!
Álvaro - Good morning. Can I help you?
Rubén - Yes, I've come from Venice and my suitcase hasn't appeared on the conveyor belt.
Álvaro - Amm! Ok! Can you give me your flight number?
Rubén - Yes, I have it here, it is IB4753.
Álvaro - I...B...4...7...5...3... Ok! It seems that your suitcases have gone back from Venice. We are sorry but yours must be lost.
Rubén - And what can I do?
Álvaro - Well, actually you can't do anything, just wait.
Rubén - What? I can't wait for my suitcase, I need to be in London in an hour!
Álvaro - Sorry, but we can't do anything, when somebody finds your suitcase we will give it back to you.
Rubén - You are the worst flying company I have ever seen...
Álvaro - Sorry, but ...
Rubén - First of all, the plane arrived 4 hours late, on the plane there were no drinks and now my suitcase is lost!!
Álvaro - We are sorry, but, if you want, you can fill in a formal complaint.
Rubén - No, I'm late and nobody would read it. If you find my suitcase, call me, my number is 643515611
Álvaro - Ok, thanks for flying with us. Goodbye
Rubén - Goodbye.

Holidays in Brazil

Alvaro: Hi, man!
Nico: Hi, Alvaro! How are you!
A: I'm OK, and you?
N: I'm fine. So, where are we going on holidays?
A: Alex told me that he wants to go to Germany.
N: No, I don't like Germany. I think, it's better going to USA.
A: Don't you prefer going to Brazil?
N: Yes, it's a great idea.
A: When are you available for going to Brazil?
N: I think the next week I won't be able to go.
A: So, when?
N: On Monday.
A: Which one?
N: June 26th.
A: Mmmmm... I'll try to get those days, but I don't know right now.
N: OK. Try it. How will we go?
A: I think we should go by plane...
N: ... yes, because a cruise would be very slow.

(Two weeks later...)

Travel agent: Can I help you?
A: Yes, you can
N: We come to complain about our trip.
A: They told us that in the hotel everything was included, but there we had to pay the meals and drinks.
N: I want my money back!
A: What will you do?
T: I'll try to return your money but it's quite difficult.
N: If you want to see us at court...
T: OK, OK, OK. Don't get angry.
A: As well, your private beach was packed.
T: I'll see what I can do but I don't promise anything. Give me your phone number. If I get something, I'll phone you.
N: 390895062. I'll be waiting for your phone call.
A: Thank you for your attention. Good bye!

The worst holidays

Travel Agent: Good morning, can I help you?
Mr Turner: Yes, you can. We have just arrived from Cuba and we are really upset.
Mrs Turner: You are a swindler!
Travel Agent: Excuse me, what's the problem?
Mrs Turner: The problem is that we have had the worst holidays in our lives!
Mr Turner: Darling, you should relax a little bit.
Mrs Turner: We have paid almost a thousand euros! I'm not going to relax!! I want my money back.
Travel Agent: I think that's impossible. But tell me, what happened?
Mr Turner: First of all, we waited three hours for the guide to arrive at the airport.
Mrs Turner: And we had to pay fifty euros for a taxi to take us to our hotel.
Travel Agent: Oh, I understand...
Mr Turner: Yes, and that's not the only thing, in the hotel we had to change our bedroom twice!
Mrs Turner: And the worst thing of all, in the return flight, we paid for a bussines classs and there was only a tourist class! We were really unconfortable.
Travel Agent: Ok, all I can do for you is help you to fill in this customer complaint form and I will send it to the Head Office. Do you agree?
Mr Tuner: If there is no other way...

Travel Agent: I will phone you as soon as I have news.
Mr & Mrs Turner: Ok, thank you.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The holidays

Lorena- Hi, Jorge! How are you?
Jorge - I´m fine! And you?
Lorena - Me too! Please, tell me about your holidays! What did you do?
Jorge - I have been in Huelva, I was there for five days. I went with my friends, and I was in the beach, and in the nights I went out to the disco! And you?
Lorena- My holidays were funny... I went to Alicante with my mother but there I was bored! Then, I came back to Madrid and I was with my friends a lot of time! For example, I went to the swimming pool or something like that. Did you visit any interesting places?
Jorge - No, I didn´t...
Lorena - Ok, me neither. I would like visiting a good place now but I haven't time...
Jorge - Why? I can´t believe that you haven´t time!
Lorena - Really, I haven´t... Would you like to visit an interesting place?
Jorge - Yes! I would like to visit New York! But I need too money...
Lorena - Yeah, it´s true! Don´t worry, I´m sure that you will be able to travel to New York in the future!
Jorge - YES, I hope so! Well, Lorena, I have to go... Bye!
Lorena - Bye, Jorge!

On his way to the supermarket...

Today I propose you a new online activity. We are going to tell a collaborative story. For that we are going to use Voxopop. There, I have opened a new talkgroup called Ampli09/10. Most probably, you will have received the invitation I have sent you to join this group. Go to Voxopop, sign up and accept my invitation. Then your task will be to follow the story I have begun there that opens with the sentence "When he was on his way to the supermarket..." You can follow it the way you prefer and your imagination allows you to, but what you DO have to do is speak clear good English and extend the story in a logical comprehensible way. I hope you enjoy it... and learn at the same time...

Monday, 26 April 2010

Today's assignment.

Your task for today is going to Sonia Turmo's Batxillerat Collaborative Class Blog and choosing any of the posts with the label Assignment 6, "What would you do if you won one million euros?" Leave your comment there, showing politeness, mentioning your own class blog and signing with your google account.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

17th May, World Internet Day

Next 17th May we celebrate World Internet Day and here you are the party that the Internet Users Asocciation celebrate in Chamberí Square in Madrid next Sunday 16th May. There will be music, contests, prizes and gifts for those who attend from 18:00 up to 20:00 hours. Here you have all the data. Perhaps you can win a notebook or a Wii console!!! Don't forget to have a look at this idea... How would the world be without the internet...?

Ddi2010 Cartel Fiesta Chamberi

Friday, 23 April 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 14

An Iceland Volcano

The huge cloud of ash caused by the eruption of an Iceland volcano that has spread throughout Europe yesterday largely paralyzed air traffic and caused disruption to millions of passengers around the world.

The European agency Eurocontrol estimated at more than 50% of flights canceled in the continet during the day.
The agency responsible for aviation security expected to e carried out some 12,000 flights against some 28,000 expected in a normal day, according to an upward revision of it's initial forecasts.

Transatlantic traffic of the 300 flights scheduled for America to Europe yesterday, only garanteed between 100 and 120.

In Mexico, three flights to Amsterdan, Paris and London were canceled between Wednesday and Thursday.

The cloud of ashes continues to move toward the east and southeast and it's impact will continue for at least 24 hours, he warned in statement Eurocontrol in Brussles.

The paralysis in air traffic costs more than $ 200 million a day to the sector, according to a first estimate conservative of the International Air Transport Associaton(IATA).

Ireland reopened nearly all of it's airspace on Friday morning, Norway and Sweden also began to do so timid progressively.

The airspace of Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Holland, Hungary and Poland also remain closed until least Saturday.

The cloud is now directed towards the north of Italy, but Spain and the rest of southerm Europe ahould be free, at least for now.

''If forecast hold, the could will affect Seitzerland and northem Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia in a line directly east'', said one experct in Brussles, Eurocontrol, Kenneth Thomas.

By Rebeca

The president of Poland is dies

The Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, died Saturday when a plane crash in which he travelled, together with other 96 people during a missed approach maneuver Smolensk Airport (West of Russia).

The Russian authorities have claimed that the air disaster, in which this Saturday is dead Polish President Lech Kaczynski, is due to the attitude of the plane's pilot for disobeying the orders of flight operators.
Flight Operators Séverni Smolensk military airport the pilots suggested that the ship diverted to neighbouring Belarus, but ''the crew decided to continue the flight'', Putin told the Kremlin envoy in the area, Guennadi Poltavchenko.
In the plane was also carrying Kaczynski's wife, Maria, the Polish central bank governor Slawomir Skrzypek, the chief of the Polish Army, Franciszek Gagor, and Deputy Foreing Minister Andrzej Kremer. In addition, the device would some relatives of victims of the slaungther of Katyn. The incident is a blow for Poland to have lost him the ladership of his Government.
When the president's plane, a Tupolev Tu 154 began it's approach to the military airport Smlensk, decided lo abort the maneuver by the thick for which prevented the visibility of the track. Having back up crashed into a tree and crashed. The images offered on Polish television throuhout the day are presidential wreckage spread over a radius of 500 metres.
The Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that 96 people are finally travelling on the Polish president's plane, not 132 as earlier thought. (By Lorena B.)

Resident Evil

Hi, I'm going to talk about Resident Evil books. This book is very interesting if you like mistery books. This is very good for read.

The author of this book is S.D. Perry and she like the books of mistery. Until now there are seven books and she's writing others two.

She was born in 1870. She publiced her first book, Labirynth in 1996.

For this book it made movies about them.

by Nico

El valle de las Gigantas.

The book that I want to recommend is El Valle de las gigantas of Gustavo Martín Garzo.
I have wanted to recommend it because I read it last year and it seemed to me that it was very entertaining and curious.
The book is about a child, Lázaro, that spends the summer with his grandfather.This summer he will discover amazing things about his deceased grandmother.
Sincerely it is not a book to describe, is a book that you must read
It is a most representative Gustavo's book.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is among the 15 best-selling books of all time. Those who read this book will have the opportunity to reflect and learn to fight for their desires and goals in life.

The book not only has a high philosophical content, as is combined with the adventures that has to live Santiago (a young andalusian shepherd), when a mysterious Taifa king encourages him, to get to realize a dream that reveals the location of a hidden treasure buried in the pyramids of Egypt. Then, his simple life changes.

Alejandro Muñoz Crespo 1ºA BTO

Algún día, cuando pueda llevarte a Varsovia.

I recommed the book of "Algún día, cuando pueda llevarte a Varsovia" because this book shows the acceptance of the neighbors of a portal with a foreigner´s new family. This book people can read it so much young as adult. It is an interesting, entertaining book and I like me very much, especially Laura´s paper, which is the protagonist together with the Polish family that comes to live to his portal.
The autor of the book is Lorenzo Silva.
Thank you for your attention.

The War of Witches.

I recommend a trilogy of ''The War Of Witches'', Maite Carranza.
Because it is a book in which they are fighting among various groups and has something romantic. But it seems very real while at times has some intrigue and many adventures. For all that he likes to stay with this book ''amazed'' at how well done. the book structured is very well and also it explains well. You should I believe that read.

Trece rosas rojas.


In four days will be The Book Day and for this reason, I´m going to do a book recommendation...

I think that an interesting book to read could be ''Trece Rosas Rojas''.
This book is about the Spanish Civil War and it tells the sad story about thirteen young girls that lived this hard war...
Seven of them were minors and all the girls were killed on 5th August, 1939. Their crime: Believe in The Republic.
The story of the girls was recovered by Carlos Fonseca, who wrote this book grounds in the letters that the girls wrote...
You can feel how the girls felt their real problems like the abuse, the violations, the aggressions and how felt their family when they saw how the militaries or similar people took their daugthers.

I think that all the people must read books about these topics and know more things about these things...

I hope that you read this book and you like it!

Lorena Gómez Garcinuño 1º B Bach

My recommendation

There is a book I will never forget: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. It was the first book I read completely unabridged in English and I was just 17!. I felt very proud of myself. It teaches you a lesson of how to struggle in life when you come across any difficulties.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

The sicilian, by Mario Puzo

The sicilian is a quite good book, it was written by Mario Puzo, a writter who also writed The Godfather, The last Don, Fools Die or Omertà, among others.
The main characters are Salvatore "Turi" Giulano and his cousin and second in command Gaspare "Aspanu" Pisciotta both from Montelepre, in Sicily.
At that time, 1940, there was much poverty, so that the black market was very important. Giuliano brought food for the wedding of her sister when they were caught by the carabinieri and decided to fight back. Turi was shot, but he also got to shoot the Sergeant through the eye.
Thereafter, he lived as a bandit in the mountains of the region of Montelepre.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Finalist for Espiral 2010.

Learning English in Brunete has been chosen finalist for the Espiral Edublogs Awards!!! Thank you to the jury...! We are very proud!!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 13

 Welcome to our news program. Today we are going to tell you about a volcano in Iceland, the Spring Fair and Vector, our literary recommendation for this week. Finally, the answer to our weekly question, but first,

Last week a volcano in Iceland began to erupt, and it started to cause damage to the atmosphere. For this reason, planes can't fly because the particles in the air are very dangerous for the engine of aeroplanes. Scientists don't know how to stop this accident but they hope it finishes soon. (By: Nico)


The Spring Fair, La Feria de Abril, is one of the most typical festivals in Spain. The Spring Fair starts every year on Tuesday's midnight and it finishes the following Sunday. It lasts for six days.
The most famous one is that of Seville, in the district of Los Remedios. On the fairground, the casetas (booths) and attractions are opened. La portada, the main entrance, is a very elaborated entry which is chosen from among many candidates. The Feria starts with el lunes del alumbrao: at midnight, the lights of la portada are turned on. The best known of the Spring Fair are the rebujitos (a drink with Manzanilla wine and Sprite or Seven Up), las sevillanas (an andalusian dance) ant the parades of riders and carriages. La Feria is also celebrated in other places:, such as Cataluña, Madrid, Extremadura or even Alcorcón. (By Álvaro Bravo)


Yuri Davidov is a Russian inmigrant and he d0oes a lot of efforts because he wants to live in USA. Now he is a taxi driver but now he knows the American dream is false and his life isn’t good so he decides to take revenge on USA and go back to his place of birth in Russia. He is a biotechnology engineer and he makes massive destruction weapons and he allies himself with a nazi terrorist. Now the forensic police Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomeri investigate the death of some people and they follow clues risking their lifes and a lot of people lives. (By: Alejandro Montero)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Choose the best mini-saga!!!

Here is our great mini-saga contest! Vote for the mini-saga you consider the best among the ones written by E3C, E2D and you yourselves. The only thing you need to take into account is that you can't vote for your own one. And obviously you can only vote once... You have up to the 22nd of April to vote. The winner will have a prize...

23rd of April, Book Day
To mark the 23rd of April, International Book Day, we are going to publish our favourite book's recommendations. Think for a while about all the books you have read and decide on which one is your favourite. Is it El Quijote? Is it A tres metros sobre el cielo? Or perhaps Twilight? The book can be written originally in any language, but your recommendation must be written in English. You need to mention the book's title, its author's name and add a picture if possible. Your recommendation must be one hundred words long (title and author not included) and as captivating as possible for everybody to read that book... Include the label "Book Day" on your post and remember to leave it as a draft. All of our recommendations will be published the very 23rd. Enjoy your reading...!


Her family's very interested.
We're called the Cubanito's in our village and we're a long family. Her great grandfather was a rich man who come from North Spain. He was a business man and he opened a Bakery shop in a few years. Today we are rich thanks to then.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 12

Have a very warm welcome to our news program. We mostly greet our friends in Badalona from the Secondary School La Pineda, authors of the blog Batxillerat Collaborative Class Blog. Today we will tell you about the death of a great journalist, Juan Manuel Gozalo; about an earthquake in China and our literary recommendation. Our book today is located in a  mental hospital, but first,

Juan Manuel Gozalo dies.
Last weekend  Juan Manuel Gozalo, one of the greatest sports journalists in Spanish radio, died in Madrid. He has left us at the age of 65 years because of cancer. Gozalo was one of the main references of the radio in our country and covered up to eleven Olympics since Mexico '68. Journalist  for Radio Nacional de España since 1970, where he presented and directed the Gaceta de los Deportes Radio for years, Juan Manuel Gozalo had on his resumé a number of proffesional awards, among which is an Ondas Award, achieved in1992. On September 17, 2007 he arrived to Radio Marca and his last program was last Wednesday, setting an example of perseverance and love for his profession. May he rest in peace. (By Alejandro Muñoz Crespo).

Chinese earthquake.
April 14th 2010 there has been an earthquake in China of 6.9 degrees on the Ritcher scale. They speak about a death toll of 600 and 10000 people injured but the figures continue to rise as there are people buried under the rubble. China is getting international aid to prevent further catastrophes. (By Jorge González).

Los renglones torcidos de Dios.
I´m going to do a recommendation of a book that I read... Its name is Los renglones torcidos de Dios. This book tells us a story about how a girl detective tries to find out a case of murder. She wanted to enter the hospital voluntarily for finding out the culprit of a patient's death but in the end, things turn against her... The nurses start to think wether she is mentally ill herself and not a detective as she says ... She has to do a lot of things for the nurses to believe her. But finally ... Is she a detective or a mentally ill person?? I encourage you to read this book! It´s very entertaining. (By: Lorena Gomez Garcinuño).

To end our program we must say that Fernando Alonso is the best Spanish Formula 1 pilot ever, and this is the answer to our previous weekly question. For next week we would like you to tell us: who wrote the play Romeo and Juliet? Thank you for your attention, we'll meet again next week...! Goodbye!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mini saga - The Lord of the Rings

This saga is more dwarf creating more rings but only one is created. This ring gives the evil powers and have many wars.
Earn the evil and one day kill the dwarf and the ring is lost, until he is discovered and get it again.
When you have found it in the neck position because when worn the evil finds them but also become invisible because the evil of looking to kill them and keep the ring.
To the discovery of the ring had to be destroyed.
Finally have the ring to a volcano to be destroyed.
For these events there are more wars and change places.

Saga Saw

Saw is an American saga of seven movies. The movies are of terror and treat on an assassin,his name is Puzzle,he chooses your victimices according to her bad acts. The assassin kidnaps them and he gives them lessons of life doing dangerous tests to them. The victimices to be saved from these tests always they damage, in the majority of the occasions they die.The victims who are saved are liberated by his. The tests are so hard that the sixth movie was censured by the Spanish government.
The first movie opened had its premiere in 2004.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


My holidays was to the new house that my friend bought in Ventas de Retamosa in Toledo. I was there at a weekend at home on Saturday we went to see a little town. But at it was so hot there, we went home and after it but we a swimming pool, which was too cold but the weather wasn't hot. After dinner we went up the floor upstairs that it was very hot indeed. We had a nap. Later we got up and went back to the pool and at night we went I the village on Saturday night. We had a shower, got dressed, ate dinner and went for a walk around the village where we bought botle of water. I drank the whole botle and we listened to music with phones and looked at people like to play dumb when we came back. After that, without us realizing a Muslim with the bike followed us home and went to bed after all. We left on Sunday before we went to her grandmother's house to say goodbye. It was without doubt a place of lodging in the 18th Century there were three counters. The 16th Century says that it is rather transient and is in the Camino Real from Madrid to Portugal. Founded the place Anton Perez and Francisco de Magadan Fernandez. Perhaps the place of Magan Toledo. In 1542 the counciltown was created. The place was part of the territory of Mount Casarrubios and relied on the important town, as hamlet. The year 1743 is declared a village by the grace of Felipe V, separating from the jurisdiction of Casarrubios. The conclusion is that maybe I'll go back or this year and I hope to enjoy with my friend.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Mike Tyson and the Bull

I'm going to tell about how Mike Tyson kill a bull with only one punched.One day the TV show challenge a Mike Tyson.If he kill a bull with only one punched they will give him a reward.He acepted and when the TV come he killa bull with only one punched

Homework: Music.

Your Listen a Minute homework for next Monday: Music. Bring me your pendrives with three recordings at least. I think this activity is being useful for you, and that you are improving your oral skills in English. What do you think? And, as promised, here you can check the glogster tutorial I've shown you during our lesson. Greetings!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My holidays: Tenerife!!!

Hello! I'm Eva Dalía, and my talk is about my trip to Tenerife when I was eight years. I went with my parents for a week in the ''Catalonia Punta del Rey'' hotel.
First of all, we arrived to Tenerife at three o'clock p.m and we stayed in the comfortable and big hotel, and I was very excited because I never had been in a hotel.
In the afternoon we went to visit the place and in the night we walked to the maritim walk.
The next days we visited all the island on the car that we lated.
In these walk we went to se the ''Drago Milenario'', a tree that he is older than one thousand years, also we visited the beaches with black sand where it was the Atlantic sea that it is very cold, beside my father tired bathe in the sea but it was impssible, although the weather is very hot. After we went to the ''Acantilado de los Gigantes'' where the rocks were a break-water.
Next day after to have breakfast we went to Teide, where we visited it and we raised very hight, and I lost the know-ledge, then my parents toke me to the doctor and I recover the know-ledge.That day we also saw the ''Dedo de Dios'' situated in the natural park of Teide where I fell rolling and nexts days I was sick because I breathed very dust...that day wasn't very nice.
Next day I met a english girl but I couldn't speak with her because I don't know a lot of english, but I could play with her. Overall, that day we visited the capital os Tenerife ''Santa Cruz de Tenerife'' where I bought keeper os the keys where the Teide was drawed.
The next day we were in th ''Playa de los cristianos'', where also we were the second day.
Eventually, the last day we visited the '' Loro parque'' that it is a zoo longer than Madrid zoo and it has got lost of variety os birds. In a exhibition the caretaker of parronts asked if somebody wanted to went out fot played with the parronts, and I wen out very quickly and the caretakers gave me a chickpea and the parrot caught me of my mounth...It was very funy!!
That day we caught the plane at eleven o'clock p.m for returned at home.
This is my trip...thanks for your attention...!


Everything tell about a war between the Republic of the Jedi that tries to bring peace to the galaxy, or the Opressive Empire of the Sith that tries to dominate it. Finally the Sith manipulate to a Jedi apprentice to become in Darth Vader and he just controling the galaxy.


The plot resolves around Bella, the protagonist of the history, and her complicated relationship with Edward, the other protagonist, a vampire looking teenager who she knows after her arrival at the Institute of Forks, the village which she goes to live with his father after her mother's second marriage.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The desire of the trees

The books began to grow from the branches of trees. Everyone was amazed at what was happening. Suddenly, one of the trees spoke and said: We want create wisdom and don´t create leaves, so it can be possessed by all and we can be sages for care together the earth.

By Alejandro Muñoz Crespo

Sunday, 4 April 2010

A peculiar way of suicide

An elderly Chinese attempted to take his own life the ancient way: inserting a zucchini into his anus. When his daughter returned, shocked to see her father moaning in pain and lying in a pool of blood, she rushed him to the hospital. Doctors removed the zucchini of his rectum.

Friday, 2 April 2010

The most commonly used words in English.

Can you name the most commonly used words in the English language? You only have fifteen minutes to do it!! Click here and try. The first time I have tried, I could only find forty of them...! Perhaps you could tell us how many you get...? (Thanks to Ampliación).

(Picture by Horia Varlan, flickr commons)