Saturday, 10 April 2010


My holidays was to the new house that my friend bought in Ventas de Retamosa in Toledo. I was there at a weekend at home on Saturday we went to see a little town. But at it was so hot there, we went home and after it but we a swimming pool, which was too cold but the weather wasn't hot. After dinner we went up the floor upstairs that it was very hot indeed. We had a nap. Later we got up and went back to the pool and at night we went I the village on Saturday night. We had a shower, got dressed, ate dinner and went for a walk around the village where we bought botle of water. I drank the whole botle and we listened to music with phones and looked at people like to play dumb when we came back. After that, without us realizing a Muslim with the bike followed us home and went to bed after all. We left on Sunday before we went to her grandmother's house to say goodbye. It was without doubt a place of lodging in the 18th Century there were three counters. The 16th Century says that it is rather transient and is in the Camino Real from Madrid to Portugal. Founded the place Anton Perez and Francisco de Magadan Fernandez. Perhaps the place of Magan Toledo. In 1542 the counciltown was created. The place was part of the territory of Mount Casarrubios and relied on the important town, as hamlet. The year 1743 is declared a village by the grace of Felipe V, separating from the jurisdiction of Casarrubios. The conclusion is that maybe I'll go back or this year and I hope to enjoy with my friend.

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