Sunday, 19 December 2010


Entrevistadora: Erika.
Entrevistada: Mirella.
E: Good morning.
M: Good morning.
E: I´m Nerea and I´m in charge of doing the job interview in this clinic.
M: Ok.
E: Tell me, what is your name?
M: My name is Katherine.
E: Ok Katherine and what are your surnames?
M: García Pérez.
E: How old are you?
M: I´m 27 years old.
E: Where do you live?
M: I live in Alcorcón.
E: How many languages do you speak?
M: I speak 3 languages.
E: What languages?
M: English, Spanish and Italian.
E: Ok. Miss García, what job are you applying for?
M: I´m biochemist and I would want to work in the laboratory.
E: Ok. One moment please...Just in this moment we need 2 people in the laboratory. Miss García, what studies have you got?
M: I´ve studied biochemistry in the Complutense University in Madrid and after that I´ve done a master in Italy.
E: What attracts you to this job?
M: I´ve always had curiosity for this field and I like biochemisrty because I think this degree is very interesting.
E: What work experience have you got?
M: I´ve worked as substitute in a hospital for 10 months.
E: What is the hospital´s name?
M: It is Gregorio Marañón and it is in Madrid.
E: What post did you have in the hospital?
M: In the hospital I worked in the laboratory.
E: Well. Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
M: I think I´m the right person because I have a master in Biochemistry and I enjoy doing my work and I like it.
E: In this moment do you work?
M: Yes, I do.
E: What´s your job?
M: I work in a pharmacy.
E: Then what is your available time?
M: I work in the evening so if you contracct me I could work in the mornings but my contracct in the pharmacy ends next month so I´ll be available when you like.
E: Ok. miss García this is all. Could you give me your telephone number?
M: Yes, it is 618513472.
E: Well we will call you but after the interview ends, have you got any question?
M: Yes. I would like to know how many hours I would work?
E: You would only work for 8 hours a day, but could you work overtime?
M: Yes, I could. Miss Nerea, what is the salary?
E: The salary is $3000 per month besides 2 pay in July and December.
M: Ok and what is the salary for the overtime?
E: It is $90 per hour.
M: How many week´s holiday moved I get?
E: Holidays are only for 4 weeks. It is 2 weeks in a month and 2 weeks in other month. But you can choose the month.
M: Ok. In this clinic do you work on feast days?
E: Sometimes. But only for 4 hours.
M: But is it overtime?
E: No, it isn´t.
M: Do this clinic pay the sick pay?
E: Yes, we do because this clinic is private.
M: Ok. This is very good. Well miss Nerea this is all, thank you so much I haven´t got any more question.
E: Ok. Well I´ll call you in 1 week.
M: Ok, thank you.
E: Nice to meet you Katherine. Good bye.
M: Pleased to meet you too. Good bye.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Entrevistador: Setes
Entrevistada: Sheila

- Good morning
- Good morning
- Wht's your name?
- My name is Sheila
- Ok, and your surname?
- Lero
- Ok Miss Sheila Lero, how old are you?
- 23
- Are you here for the vacance place of chef?
- Yes, I am
- Ok, Could you give your curriculum, please?
- Oh yes, wait a moment... Ok, here it is
- Thank you, I see that you have got experience at chef, well... Tell me about them
- I studied in an academy for 4 years, more or less, then i worked in many restaurants, like Tempietto, Alfar, Woollies and in a restaurant in Paris close to the Tour Effiel. I won the awards of the best chef of 2007 and 2008, and finally I worked with Karlos Arguiñano in Telecinco.
- That sounds good, tell me a bit more about you
- Well... I'm very peaceful, proud and ambitious with my job
- Ok, and the most important question, why do you like this work?
- Emmm... When I was young I always helped to my mother doing the lunch or the dinner. So I decided that the best job for me it is Chef
- Would you like to work in my restaurant, you will trail a month
- Ok, it's perfect
- I will pay you 2000 a month
- Ok, and when do I start to work?
- Tomorrow, that's all right?
- And... How much holiday do I get?
- 45 days a year
- Ok, and the last question, what is my working time?
- Ammm... nine to five Ok?
- Yes Ok, so tomorrow i will be here at nine, thank you so much mister...
- Bond, James Jond
- Ok mister Bond, so see you tomorrow
- Bye


- Hello
- Hello
- What`s your name?
- My name is Rodolfa
- And your subnames?
- Díaz Menéndez
- How do you spell your second name?
- Yes, M-E-N-E-N-D-E-Z !
- How old are you?
- I´m 30 years old.
- What tipe of job are you looking for?
- The most attracts me this job is that the free time, the childerns and the money.
- Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
- I think I´m the right person for this job because I´m hard-working, I´m very kind with the childrens and with the parents. I like teaching children.
- Have you ever worked as teacher before?
- Yes, for four years.
- Tell me a bit more about yourself
- oK! I live in Alcorcón, I have a one soon and I´m married. I´ve been working for four years in others schools and I also worked as a baby-sitting for a year. I´m hard-working, nice,and patiently. I like the childrens and my objetives are to help and teach students about the world.
- For this work is obligatory to get the school graduate, bachillerato and degree, have you got it?
- Yes, of course!
- Ok, It´s enought. Tomorrow you might begin if you interested in bring as your curriculum, 3 photos and the photocopy of your DNI. You will hace 1000€ / month and you´ll work five days a week and weekends free. Are you interested in?
- Yes, of course!
- Thanksyou very much for your attention.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Entrevistadora: Erika
Entrevistada: Vanessa


-Hello!Good morning
-What`s your name?
-My name is Sara
-And your surnames?
-My name is Lorena I´m going to ask you some questions, because I want to have some information about your proffesional life. Fisrt of all I want to know why do apply for this job?
-Well, I have come here because I want this job, I have always want to work as an artchitect, it is my dream.
-Have your ever worked before coming this interview?
-Yes I have worked as a shop asdidtant and as baby-siter.
-But as an artchitect or simething related with that?
-No, I have never worked in something like that.
-OK. I have been looking your curriculum before you come here and I want to check somethings.
-That`s OK, tell me.
-Are you 23?
-Yes I was born the 20th of Junary of 1987.
-Did you study at the Politechnical University?
-Yes, of course, I abtained my degree at that University.
-Did you study artchitecture because it was your first option or because you hadn´t managed your first option?
-At first I thought that I wouldn´t obtain evough calification at the selectivity exam, but finally I protested and I could have my site at the University.
-You were a fortunate person...
-Yes, I cant believe it.
-Well, tel me about your personal life, are you married or something?
-No, I`m not married, and I don`t have any children.
-Ok, I have enough information, but only the last question.
-Do you think you are the best person for this job?
-I think so because I am the most interested person and I have made a los of effort in my life to have this opportunity, because I wouldn`t make a mistake, because it is my dream, because I believe I am the most qualificated person who has apply for this job and because I need ir for the reason of free myself I want to live alone, without parents and if I abtain this job, I would free myself.
-Ok! you hace convience me! you would earn 2800E
-Ok! that`s perfect.
-you will start at 8:00 and finish at 14:00
-Ok, but I have a question, about my holiday...
-Yes, you can chose for week when ever you want ....Ok?
-Ok, that is good.
-Ok! Give me your telephone number?
-My telephone number is 679388000.
-I will cal you tomorrow.
-Ok thank you very much, I wait to you call, you will see.
Iwon`t defrand you again, have a good day!
-See you!

Entrevistadora:Sofia Benito.
Entrevistada:Laura Pulido.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Interviewer:Hello!!Good morning!!
Interviewed:Good morning!!
Are you a candidate for this job?
I´m Mr.Courtney the boss in this office and I will do your interview.
How are you?Are you nervous?
I´m fine thank you!I´m really a bit nervous.
Let´s start
What´s your name?
My name is Lili
How old are you?
I´m 28 years old
What job do you want?
I want to get a job as a teacher
Good Lili!What work experience have you got?
When I was 17,I workedas a baby-sitter in a village in Dublin,where I lived before.
When I was 19,I worked as a nursery-assistant,that same year I started to university,I started my degree as a teacher in a kindergarden.
Ever since and during the degree,I started taking care of children in a summer camp,because my uncle works hire people for summer camps.
When I finished my degree,I lived in Spain for three years,I worked as a teacher,taking care children with problems.
When I returned I come to live in London with my boyfriend,whom I met in Spain.
So,Were you born in Dublin?
Yes,I was
Don´t you go back over there?
Yes,I go in the summer and christmas to see my family
And to Spain?Do you come back?
Yes,my boyfriend´s family is from Segovia,so we also go in the summer and the christmas.
What languages can you speak Lili?
I can speak English,Spanish,a bit of French and a bit more of Italian
Have you studied these languages?
Yes,I speak Spanish because I studied a lot in academies before I went to Spain to practice it.
French I studied it,at school and Italian because I did an erasmus in Italy for my degree.
Oh!Good!Tell me about your personality!
I´m funny,generous,friendly and pacific...
but when I get angry.... (jejeje)
What attracts you do this job?
Really sinse I was very little,I´m liked the children.When I was little,I played with dolls,but when I grew I started to take care to my cousins,my little brother....
Why do you think you´re the right person for this job?
I don´t know,because I like a lot of the childrens or because I can have more experience than other person.
Very good Lili!!!You could be a candidate for this job!!
Oh fantastic!
We have a job at a school,It´s near the city of London.
Very good!!I feel like working!How much time will I have to work there?and where it´s?
It´s in Oxford,you will work for this course,from 9:00 to 14:00.
Have you any question?
No,I haven´t
Tell me your address ,please?
Street Maestro Victoria
And your telephone number?
Good!!This week we´ll phone you!!
Thank you so much Mr.Courtney
You´re welcome!You´re the chosen one!
Good bye,Mr Courtney.
Bye Lili,see you!!
See you!!

Job interviews

Entrevistador: Lidia
Entrevistado: María

Lidia: Hello.
María: Hello.
Lidia: Sit down please.
María: Ok.
Lidia: Well, Are you María?
María: Yes, I am.
Lidia: You called me about the job of war pilot? 
María: Yes.
Lidia:  How old are you=How old are you?
María:I am 27.
Lidia:Ok, tell me, What work experience have you got?
María:I worked in navy for tree years. I been in Afganistan for two years
Lidia: What we can contribute?
María: I am ecellent soldier, You'll see. I take my job seriously.
Lidia: Ok. I think you're the perfect person for the jon Maria. Can you give me your telephone number.
María:Of course, 510421
Lidia:  Ok. This week I will call you.
María: Ok. Goodbye thank you.
Lidia:  Bye!
María: Good bye! Thanks!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Entrevistador: Maria

Maria: Sit down please
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: Well, are you lidia?
Lidia: Yes, I am
Maria:You called me the last week fot the job of secret policewomen right?
Maria:OK. tell me what experience have you got?
Lidia:Ok, I studied the degree of criminology in the Complutense University, when i finished the started to work in a commissioner with my father, I working there for 2 years.More later i went to work to USA of secret policewomen
I was working there for 3 years. I get a lot of experience there.
Maria: Why do you think you are the good person fot this job?
Lidia: I because I am a very prfessional person, i always finish my job and I haven't got problems with anything
I'm sure you never will have problems with me.
Maria:I'm see you curriculum and is excelent!
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: i think that you are the perfect person for the job Lidia, your salary will be 2000 euros month
Lidia: It's perfect
Maria. Ok can you give me your telephone number?
Lidia: Yes of course, 668936210
Maria: OK i will call you the next.
Lidia:Ok thank you!
Maria: Your are welcome good bye!
Lidia Bye!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Job Interview

We are doing job interviews in class. I hope you never face one like this...

Here you can find advise for a job interview...

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi! I'm María I 16 years old. In the future I want study psychology.
I study this degree in Alcorcón, Madrid, because there is a science health University. But if you want study in abroud you can study in Arizona University for example.
I want study psychology because I find it interesting and because
 I like listening to people.
Psycology is a degree in wich you can study the behaviour human.
In this degree there are many subjects:
  - History of psychology.
  - Introduction to psychology.
  - Anthropological bases to psychology.
  - Psyconanalitic theory.
  - Biological foundations of personality.

In third year you can choose the branch you want,there are four branch:
Educatinal psychology, clinical psychology, social psycology and 
industrial psychology.

I'll choose clinical psuchology, in this branch you can study 
mental illnesess, when you finish this degree you can work in a 
hospital, social asistent at a mental and physical rehabilitation.
I would love study in abroud I'd prefer USA.
But my English is not so good, but if I get a good English. 
I'm sure ,I'll be gone to USA!

Monday, 29 November 2010

My future studies.TOURISM

Hello,my name is Déborah,I'm 16 years old and I'm going to talk about my future studies.
I want to study Tourism because I would like to travel to a lot of countries and to learn things of them;their cultures,their customs...
I would like to study abroad, in England or Ireland,and then to have a better work, as sterwardess or tourist guide.

The subjects more important in this career are:
-Statistics Applied to Tourism.
-History of Travel and Tourism.
-First Foreign Language (English).
-Social Psychology of Tourism.
-World Territorial Tourist Resources.

I think ot study abroad in this career is a good idea,because I could to have the possibility of obtein a better job with a good salary.

Parque de Lisboa News



Each year in Spain ,it takes place one of the most important sports event in the world, Barcelona-Real Madrid, this football match between ,probably , the best teams of the planet, is watched by millions people of various countries. If each year “el Clasico ” promise to be better than the last year, this year looks that it will be the best “Clasico ” of the history, the reasons are that both team has never had so much good players, moreover, their style to play is one of the best way to treat the ball that has never seen.
Barcelona comes to this match with confidence after a good result in its last match and with its best play´s version.
Real Madrid gets to Camp Nou, with new project created by Jose Mourinho ,that is giving good results and a play so good that the “the madridistas” don´t remember.
Tu sum up, it seems that this year will be the century´s match.


Three teenagers survive 50 days adrift in Pacific
The teenagers survived mainly on coconuts and rainwater Three teenage boys have been found alive after being lost in their boat in the Pacific Ocean for 50 days.

The boys, from the Tokelau Islands, a New Zealand-administered territory in the South Pacific, had been given up for dead after an unsuccessful search.

A tuna fishing boat picked them up near Fiji and is taking them to hospital for treatment for severe sunburn.

The boys survived on coconuts, water they trapped on a tarpaulin and a seabird they managed to catch.

'Strong mental spirit'

The boys - Samu Perez and Filo Filo, both 15, and Edward Nasau, 14 - had gone missing from Atafu atoll in a small aluminium boat after an annual sporting event on 5 October.

They were presumed to have died after unsuccessful searches by the New Zealand air force.

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The boys were then spotted north-east of Fiji on Wednesday afternoon by a member of the tuna boat's crew.

"We drew up next to them, and we asked if they needed any help and their reply was a very ecstatic 'yes'," the tuna vessel's first mate, Tai Fredricsen, told the BBC.

"We immediately deployed our rescue craft and got them straight on board and administered basic first aid."

Continue reading the main story
Sea survival stories
2005-6: Three Mexican fishermen drift across the Pacific Ocean for nine months

1992: Two fishermen from Kiribati come ashore in Samoa after 177 days adrift

1942-3: Chinese sailor survives aboard a life-raft for 133 days after his ship is torpedoed in WWII

2001: Two fishermen from Samoa are rescued after four months adrift in an aluminium dinghy

1982: American sailor survives 76 days on a life-raft off the Canary Islands

2009: Two Burmese men survive 26 days floating in an ice box after their ship breaks up off Australia
Mr Fredricsen said the boys had a small supply of coconuts on their boat, but that it had run out after two days.

"They had a period when they were only drinking fresh water, which they were capturing during the night in a tarpaulin," he said.

"They also told me that two weeks prior to us rescuing them, they were able to catch a sea bird which was very lucky for them."

"They did mention that during the last two days they had started drinking salt water, which could have been disastrous for them," he added.

Mr Fredricsen said the boys were in surprisingly good shape considering their ordeal under the blazing tropical sun.

"They've got a lot of gusto, a lot of strong mental spirit," he said, adding that though they were physically in a bad way, they were "mentally [...] very strong".

An aunt of Samu Perez told the BBC that the family had already held a memorial service for him and that everyone had been devastated.

"My mum, she cried every day and every night," Fekei said. "We believed he was still alive anyway, we thought that God was still with them."

She said she thought the boys might have been trying to sail to Australia or the US.

After speaking to Sam on the telephone, she said: "He was asking for forgiveness. I think they did learn a big lesson"


I recommend to you Laura's Gallego book, " Two candles for the devil " because it is the third book that it's the well-read one of this authoress and it's very entertaining.It gives a vision interesting and different from the origin of the human beings and the battle between the angels and the demons.

There has an agile and simple writing what facilitates his reading. The history attracts from the beginning: the fight of angels (that live strictly between ourselves and that in addition, some of them are very good) and the demons (that also live between the human beings and that not they all are so bad). Though it is directed for a juvenile public, I recommend it for not so young. In occasions it is entertained and always it is absorbent. Very advisable.



Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Futre Studies: Criminology

Hello I'm Sheila, I'm 16 years old and my talk is going to be about the degree of Criminology:
I want to do this degree because I like Science and Detective Series. To do Criminology you have to study bachillerato of Biology Sciences and you have to obtain 12.5 in your selectivity exams. After that you have to study Medicine during 7 or 8 years more or less.
Some subjects of this degree are:
- Introduction to Psicology I
- Law theory
- Introduction to Criminology I
- Sociality Research
There are some University in Spain that you can study this degree, they are: University Camilo José Cela (Madrid), European University of Madrid (Madrid), ..etc
And the last part of my talk it's about the jobs that you can work when you finish this degree. You can be a detective, periodist (Only for write a page in a newspaper about a murder) or you can work with the Police.
This is all and thank you :)

My future studies: Architecture

Hello! I'm Sofia and I'm 16 years old. My talk is going to be about my future studies. I want to study architecture because I like so much tecnical drawing. An architect desings and plans the construction of buildings of urban zones and of parks.
For this degree, first of all I have to study the bachillerato of science and it is what I'm studying now.
I'd rather go to the Politecnica university because it is the one that is closer to my house. In this university the average mark is 10,78 so I think that it is very difficult to have a place in this university. Some of the subjects of this degree are: Geometry and drawing architecture 1, introduction to the architecture, calculation, initiation to projects and history of the art and the architecture.
During the degree I would have a Erasmus grant to study abroad, for example in Politecnica di Milano Technical university in Italy.
When I finish the degree, I can do a competitive exam and if I approve it, work in the ministry of publics works, or I can also work in a private company and here work in projects of building.
Before starting to work I would like to do a Master in Urban and Territorial planning. The Master I would do it in the Technical university of Madrid and it would cost 2ooo€.
Thanks you for you attention !
Bye !

Job Interview. Private teacher.

INTERVIEWER: Hi! Can I help you?
LIDIA: I want a part time job.
INTERVIEWER: What type of job do you want?
LIDIA: I study social science and I want a job of private teacher of child of 5 to 10 years.
INTERVIEWER: Ok, have you got any work experience?
LIDIA: Yes, I worked in a academy school the last year.
INTERVIEWER: Ok. Linda is a girl and she needs help with language, can you help her?
LIDIA: Yes. For how much time would it be?
INTERVIEWER: I guess that until she finish the course.
LIDIA: Oh! That sound interesting ! And how much salary I will get?
INTERVIEWER: You will get 300€ every month.
LIDIA: It's perfect !
INTERVIEWER: You will start the next monday.
LIDIA: Ok, good bye!

Lidia and Sofia

Job Interview. House Cleaner.

A: Clara
B: Amir
A: Hello Amir. Are you appying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Sorry my name is Bryan. Please call me Bry.
A: Excuse me Bry. But answer my question.
B: Please can you tell me the question again?
A: Yes. Are you applying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Ofcourse!
A: Ok you have to come 5 days a week.
B: Perfect!
A: I will pay you 1000 $ a month and you have to clean 3 houses every hour.
B: Sorry can i ask you a question? Where is the zone I'll work?
A: It is in the west side of Chicago.
B: Oh perfect I live near there !
A: That's right.
A: You are going to start this morning.
B: Sorry I can't start this morning. Can I start tomorrow?
A: Sure!
B: Fantastic! thank you, bye!
A: See you !

My future Studies: Industrial Design Engineering.

When i finish bachillerato i would like to study engineering in industrial design at Madrid's Politécnica University.
I need 9 / 14 to pass in this degree
Engineering in industrial design is about to make sketches of all kind of things.
The degree is 4 years. Some subjects are : lineal algebra, infinitesimal calculus, physics, chemistry, graphic expression and computer aided design, statics, computing and artistic drawing.
I'd like to do this degree because I love drawing.
In my degree and in most of them you can go to study abroad in an erasmus grant.
I would love to take part in an erasmus grant and study abroad because is a very good form to know new people and learn languages.
If i am given an erasmus grant I will love to go to Holland because I went last April and I loved it. If I couldn't go to Holland I would like to go to a country where speak English because I could understand pretty well and make my English better.
I hope to get that degree but if I won't I have another ideas.

Clara Fulgueiras.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Job Interview. Waitress

INTERVIEWER: Are you applying for the job of waitress?
LUMINITA: That's correct.
INTERVIEWER: Have you worked as a waitress before?
LUMINITA: No,I haven't
INTERVIEWER: Mmmm,..Have you got any other work experience?
LUMINITA: Yes,I worked baby-sitting last summer.
INTERVIEWER: Ok,and have you got any studies?
LUMINITA: Yes,I have the secondary school graduate.
INTERVIEWER: Ok! I explain to you; this is a part-time job. You have to work four hours a day, and weekends free.
LUMINITA: That's perfect.Then,when do I begin?
INTERVIEWER: Today, at six o'clock here!
LUMINITA: Ok,thank you very much.Goodbye!
INTERVIEWER: See you soon!

Déborah and Luminita

Friday, 26 November 2010

Job Interview. Dialogue.

Erika: Mirellaaa...!!!
Mirella: Oh! Hi Erika.
Erika: Hi! How was your job interview yesterday?
Mirella: It´s difficult to tell. I don´t know.
Erika: I´m sure you will get it.
Mirella: Thank you.
Erika: Have you got any experience?
Mirella: No, I´ve never worked before.
Erika: Perhaps, it isn´t necessary to have esperience I guess that you can get that work.
Mirella: I´m not really sure but I hope I´ll get it.
Erika:Good luck!
Mirella:Thank you and tell me how is everything in your job?
Erika: It´s well now, but last week we had a problem, there was a robbery in our office.
Mirella: How is everything? Is everything ok?
Erika: Oh! Yes. Now it is.
Mirella: Ok. Would you like a coffee?
Erika: Yes, I would.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Job Interview. Baby Sitter.

V: Hello, are you Laura?
L: Hello, yes, I am.
V: Right, Laura.You are applying for the job of baby-sitting, aren't you?
L: Yes, I need the job. I am a student and I need to pay my studies.
V: Have you ever worked as a baby-sitter before?
L: Yes, I've worked fot two years.
V: What are you studying?
L: Primary School Teacher.
V: Ok, fine.
L: I am not really sure but I could work from 3 o´clock to 8 o´clock.
V: Ok! Perfect!. When do you want to begin?
L: I could possibly begin tomorrow.
V: Ok! I guess that you want to know your salary.
L: Yes, please.
V: Your salary would be 7euros one hour.
L: That´s perfect!
V:Ok! You begin tomorrow.
L: Thank you! Goodbye!
V: Goodbye!

(Vanessa y Laura).