Thursday, 25 November 2010

Job Interview. Baby Sitter.

V: Hello, are you Laura?
L: Hello, yes, I am.
V: Right, Laura.You are applying for the job of baby-sitting, aren't you?
L: Yes, I need the job. I am a student and I need to pay my studies.
V: Have you ever worked as a baby-sitter before?
L: Yes, I've worked fot two years.
V: What are you studying?
L: Primary School Teacher.
V: Ok, fine.
L: I am not really sure but I could work from 3 o´clock to 8 o´clock.
V: Ok! Perfect!. When do you want to begin?
L: I could possibly begin tomorrow.
V: Ok! I guess that you want to know your salary.
L: Yes, please.
V: Your salary would be 7euros one hour.
L: That´s perfect!
V:Ok! You begin tomorrow.
L: Thank you! Goodbye!
V: Goodbye!

(Vanessa y Laura).

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