Friday, 26 November 2010

Job Interview. Dialogue.

Erika: Mirellaaa...!!!
Mirella: Oh! Hi Erika.
Erika: Hi! How was your job interview yesterday?
Mirella: It´s difficult to tell. I don´t know.
Erika: I´m sure you will get it.
Mirella: Thank you.
Erika: Have you got any experience?
Mirella: No, I´ve never worked before.
Erika: Perhaps, it isn´t necessary to have esperience I guess that you can get that work.
Mirella: I´m not really sure but I hope I´ll get it.
Erika:Good luck!
Mirella:Thank you and tell me how is everything in your job?
Erika: It´s well now, but last week we had a problem, there was a robbery in our office.
Mirella: How is everything? Is everything ok?
Erika: Oh! Yes. Now it is.
Mirella: Ok. Would you like a coffee?
Erika: Yes, I would.

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