Saturday, 27 November 2010

Job Interview. Waitress

INTERVIEWER: Are you applying for the job of waitress?
LUMINITA: That's correct.
INTERVIEWER: Have you worked as a waitress before?
LUMINITA: No,I haven't
INTERVIEWER: Mmmm,..Have you got any other work experience?
LUMINITA: Yes,I worked baby-sitting last summer.
INTERVIEWER: Ok,and have you got any studies?
LUMINITA: Yes,I have the secondary school graduate.
INTERVIEWER: Ok! I explain to you; this is a part-time job. You have to work four hours a day, and weekends free.
LUMINITA: That's perfect.Then,when do I begin?
INTERVIEWER: Today, at six o'clock here!
LUMINITA: Ok,thank you very much.Goodbye!
INTERVIEWER: See you soon!

Déborah and Luminita

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