Sunday, 28 November 2010

My future Studies: Industrial Design Engineering.

When i finish bachillerato i would like to study engineering in industrial design at Madrid's Politécnica University.
I need 9 / 14 to pass in this degree
Engineering in industrial design is about to make sketches of all kind of things.
The degree is 4 years. Some subjects are : lineal algebra, infinitesimal calculus, physics, chemistry, graphic expression and computer aided design, statics, computing and artistic drawing.
I'd like to do this degree because I love drawing.
In my degree and in most of them you can go to study abroad in an erasmus grant.
I would love to take part in an erasmus grant and study abroad because is a very good form to know new people and learn languages.
If i am given an erasmus grant I will love to go to Holland because I went last April and I loved it. If I couldn't go to Holland I would like to go to a country where speak English because I could understand pretty well and make my English better.
I hope to get that degree but if I won't I have another ideas.

Clara Fulgueiras.

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