Sunday, 28 November 2010

Job Interview. House Cleaner.

A: Clara
B: Amir
A: Hello Amir. Are you appying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Sorry my name is Bryan. Please call me Bry.
A: Excuse me Bry. But answer my question.
B: Please can you tell me the question again?
A: Yes. Are you applying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Ofcourse!
A: Ok you have to come 5 days a week.
B: Perfect!
A: I will pay you 1000 $ a month and you have to clean 3 houses every hour.
B: Sorry can i ask you a question? Where is the zone I'll work?
A: It is in the west side of Chicago.
B: Oh perfect I live near there !
A: That's right.
A: You are going to start this morning.
B: Sorry I can't start this morning. Can I start tomorrow?
A: Sure!
B: Fantastic! thank you, bye!
A: See you !

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