Sunday, 8 June 2008

The "penspinning" competiton.

I´ve decided to put this post in our blog because I think it´s an very interesting idea...and a lot of people can show his talent with "Bic" pens in the contest than following I´ll explain you. I hope you like this post and if you decide to compete in this contest...Good luck!

Are you of those who are bored in class?

Those that you do with the pen in class has become an "art-sport", which has until a name: pen spinning.

Bic has summoned in 16 countries a contest for the kings of acrobatics with pens. Who wants to take part in this contest only have to record a video of 1.30 minutes where show their talent with a pen.

If your talent doesn´t allow you to make pen spinning, you can also have a good time watching videos of the contestants among who will be the future king of the pen spinnning.

Carolina Jiménez Sánchez.