Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Women at sports

This has been a topic very discussed, because there are many different opinions. On the one hand it is true that men have more strength that women, and are faster than them. So if the women play in a men´s team probably they will be hurt and it will be disadvantages for the team.

On the other hand, we know that there are exceptions, there are woman that can be faster and stronger than men but it’s a minority. I think that maybe in some sports we can include women and men, and they can help in the team, the men can bring the strength and the women the intelligence to make better strategies or something like that.

But in real life there aren’t too many sports in where women cannot be hurt by men, so in conclusion I think that women have to be separate with the men in the teams. 

Monday, 23 April 2012

An important question for us

There is a big controversy with the problem related about to allow or not mixed contests between men and women.

On the one hand, it's obvious that men are physically stronger than women. Their physical characteristics are more prepared to do extreme activities, such as competition sports. In these situations women are in disadvantage because they are "worst" to bear that point of effort.

On the other hand, it's very enriching mixing sexes on sports, because like that, there is not any barrier between us. It is an advance for all the people. It does the difference between women and men littler, so the sexism could go down.

In my opinion, for contests it is better to separate women's sports teams and men's sports teams. It is juster, because men are physically "superior" than women.
But for recreational sports it's better to mix sexes in these sports.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Women in sport

Nowadays, a topic of debate is whether  woman can play in men’s teams or are trained for play sport.
Generally, men tend to have better physical condition than woman. They are also more aggressive and they have more strength, although a lot of women have a very good conditions and they could compare perfectly with men.  Then in almost all sports (like football, basketball and rugby) requires physical contact  which involves force where would do harm to the woman. I think that in these games women and men can’t play together. But in others like tennis or athletics, yes they could do it.
In short, I think that women can play as well as men and they must be accepted in sports in spite of their teams isn’t as popular. In addition, I think that, if they want, it should do teams mix in some sports and try not to discriminate in sport for women.

Women in male sports.

At present many sports exclude the women. Some sports only belong to men, others are mixed, and i think that any sport didn't excludes the men's.

On one hand I think it's good to differentiate in some sports because women don't have the same force that can have a man or men don't have the flexibility to a woman. Furthermore, the men's are more gross, and if we play for example a football game with them the women  could do much damage.

On the other hand, I think some women are strong enough to win the men in some sports, despite not being normal.  If there were no distinctions, many men would cease to be macho...

In conclusion, it is normal that there are differences in some sports, but if a woman is able to play with men, I think they should let her play with them.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Women In Sport

Women in men teams - Yes or Not?

A lot of people think that women can’t play in men competitions in any way, and many women want to play in men’s team versus other men, but most of sports organizations prohibit the mixing of genres.

On one hand, the world is finding the gender equality and we could try to eliminate the differences allowing women and men play together. Furthermore, women even can play better than men.

On the other hand, men have better physical that women by nature, and it would be an inequality if women competes with they. Moreover it can be dangerous for them because men play hard and a woman might be injured.
In conclusion, although I defend the women’s sport, I believe that men should play without women as well as women play without men in their leagues.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Women at men's sport

The participation of the woman with the man in the same team at sport is a theme with many opinions in favor and against. Recently, this topic is being discussed a lot.

On the one hand, man's physical strength is greater than that of women. Furthermore, in some sports, women are at risk, as happens in rugby and football. For this reason, women would be at a disadvantage to men and couldn't play together.

On the other hand, women can play as well as men because, if they prepared to win, they can play better than men. In addition women are able to remain calm in difficult times, moreover they could help men to control their aggressiveness and remain calm.

In my opinion, I think women and men can play together in certain sports but not all, because women may be disadvantaged by playing with men who have long played together.

The part of the women at the sports

Many people think that women are too qualified to compete in the same competitions than men, but isn’t it as easy as it seems.

On the one hand, we have got all females that are playing in authentic competitions, where they fight like true men and they play in tournaments as the Women’s Champions League. Females think that moving them away them from the men’s competitions in the FIFA is unfair.

On the other hand, men are very animal, and for security and health rainsons, I believe that is better that women play sports in other level. Furthermore, if women could play in the masculine leagues, why could be on the contrary?

After all, I think that the women’s competitions should be better valued to compensate that media difference that divides many sports by genre… Over all, I would never let a woman play with players like Pepe.

Sports for women

In recent years, women are allowed to play sports that only men could play. However, women and men do not play together on the same team.

On the one hand, some people disagree. They think that women are not as strong or as fast as men, and it is true. Furthermore, women may have an accident with men or could get hurt, because they have more physical strength, so women should not play men´s sports. That could be a big disadvantage for the team.

On the other hand, some women have shown they can be just as good as men in sports, and even better. A female athlete can have the same records that men and overcome them without problem.

In my opinion, women and men can play together on the same team. Men are stronger than women, but women are more skilled than men, so players help each other.

The woman in sports

The woman in the sports is a difficult theme today because many people thinks that the woman not have the same boy than mens.

However many woman have best physical conditions than many mens although we can’t refuse that the men have the body generally more stronger than the women. The woman can play all sports because they are socially aware of they can have a accident. Because the mans are more gross. However there are many sport in rubby for example, that the player must have a big and strong body or in the boxing the player have a very strong body.

In my opinion, the woman can play all sport same the men can play all sports although there are many sports (rubby, boxing,...) where the requirements are very high (high size, high weight, many hours in a gym, have a hard mentality).

Women at team sports?

The participation of women at team sports is a topic and controversial discussion and I’ m going to analyse it.

On the one hand women are weaker than men and it would be a disadvantage to the team, but if all teams would incorporate women in them, none of them would be affected. However some people say that women would be hurt accidentally by men in a match, although I think that it is their problem and they must be psyched for any problem. Moreover, there are women stronger than men despite the topic.

In short, I think that women must be accepted in team sports because they are the same as men and his strength is not an excuse. Also I think that it must be three kinds of teams, men teams, women teams and mixed teams, because in this way more people could get satisfied.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Women and Sports

Some years ago, one question appeared: The women can play sports as well as men? Some men are against and some are for.

On the one hand, genetically women are powerless than men, and they can run as fast as men.
The men are more agressive and can hurt very much the women.Because very people think that women are worst than men in sport and don't let them play with men at many games.

On the other hand, a decided woman can win a match versus a men, like the event "The Battle of the Sexes" where Bobby Riggs play versus Billie Jean King (Billie beat Bobby 6-4,6-3 and 6-3). So the women can play as well as men if they think that is possible and try it.

In short, the women can play with men in sports. A great female player can win a great male player.So the sports organitations (like FIFA) should let the women play with men, if the women want to it.