Sunday, 22 April 2012

Women in sport

Nowadays, a topic of debate is whether  woman can play in men’s teams or are trained for play sport.
Generally, men tend to have better physical condition than woman. They are also more aggressive and they have more strength, although a lot of women have a very good conditions and they could compare perfectly with men.  Then in almost all sports (like football, basketball and rugby) requires physical contact  which involves force where would do harm to the woman. I think that in these games women and men can’t play together. But in others like tennis or athletics, yes they could do it.
In short, I think that women can play as well as men and they must be accepted in sports in spite of their teams isn’t as popular. In addition, I think that, if they want, it should do teams mix in some sports and try not to discriminate in sport for women.

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