Thursday, 14 June 2012


I am going to talk about Spirited Away, a cartoon anime film directed by Hayao Hiyazaki.This film is graet beacause its pictures are drawed in a amazing and sophisticated way .
It is about a family that is moving to another city to live and during the travel they have to stop in a strange place because they are lost.Then the parents start to eat at a restaurant, it is empty but they are so hungry to wait for the waiter. Chihiro, the daughter of the family and the main character, had went to see this place, and when see come back, her parents have been transformed in pigs by a spell of Yubaba, the boss of this place that results to be a bathhouse where Gods go to relax; the food that the parents of Chihiro ate was for these Gods. Chihiro have to work for the bathhouse and she is put to the test to save her parents along the entire plot and the end have some unpredictable and interesting events so I would recommend it to see it with all the family beacuase it is very original and if you see it you will get a funny time.

The Godfather

I'am going to talk about "The Godfather".
I think that you should watch this movie if you like the films where the gangsters appear. The plot of the movie is interesting and the soundtrack is very good. This film is about  the sicilian gangsters who they live in New York and they have many fights with other gangster families.
The main character is Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando and his son Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, is other of the most important characters in this film.
My favourite part of the film is when Tom Hagen, the "consigliere" of the familie cut the head of a horse and put them into the beb of a enemy while he was sleeping. When he get up, he shout a lot.

The Godfather

In my opinion the best fim that I've ever seen is ''The Godfather''. I like this film because it is interesting and it is an action film. The saga is composed for 3 films but in my opinion the best film is the first.

The film tells the history of gangsters in United States during the 70's. Is one of the bests films in the history.

The main characters are Vito Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, and Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino. The film is directed by Francis Ford Copolla and is based in a book by Mario Puzo.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I'm talking about the film ''Battleship. I think that this film is very interesting and it is full of action. The film dealls with an invasion of an alien's fleet. The humans have to fith against the aliens. The history tell us an adventure in the sea, in the sky and in the Earth.

The film are starring for  Taylor Kitsch, who plays lieutenant Hopper, Brooklyn Decker is Sam Shane and Rihanna is Raikes.

In my opinion, the history is not very original because in other films appear aliens too, but the special effects and de acting os actors are very impressive. lieutenant

Oral exam: The vow.

In my opinion, the best film is The vow, I think that the plot is original. The film treats on a pair of newlyweds who have a car accident. Since the accident, she's in coma and he takes care of her every day but she wakes up and the doctors see that she has lost the memory, then he try conquer his love again.
The soundtrack is the music of Taylor Swift and the principal characters are Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Women in sport.

The topic of women to make sports has been always a very controversial issue. A lot of men think that they are more stronge than women because their bodies have been prepared in the past to cath animal and fighting. 
On the one hand, it's true that women are less than men as to muscular mass and for that, has been created the womens sports. But it isn't bad, the opposite, this has been created to balance her strength and play only to each other. Although, womens are better than men in some sports, for example: ice skating and in some cases in swimming. On the other hand, women are best than men as well in intellectual themes, for example, some studies show that the women when she have seven years old, have an Intellectually coeficient from 101 and the men only 99. 
In conclusion, women are better than men in some things and in reverse.

The terrible day of Jack and Jhon

John is an agent of FBI and Jack is a police officer in Los Angeles. One day, the brothers  were taking together a coffee and a donut in the cafe of century street when they were called to go Mayor office.

The Mayor told them that in the city has been developing a criminal organization and they were brothers, they were assigned as mates to investigated this criminal organization and stop when they give a false move. 

After leaving the mayor's office, they went together to investigate a direction that gave the mayor himself and appeared to be its center of operations. When leaving there, and while John was off the track they caught Jack and took him hostage. After a long search that night, John was able to identify those who had taken his brother and after a hard pursuit he managed to stop them and he recover his brother safe.

To be continued.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Mishuwitos were little creatures that measured one meter high. Were completely identical and worked as a team. One day, they were in their works when one of them crying out and alarm the small town, they had founded for them, saying that a new kind of enemy has appeared, to shelter and not to leave. All whole city was paralyzed when he heard these words. The president called this and asked him why he lied. He answered and told him that was no lie that he had seen the news and it was kind of animal with feathers, wings and beak, a little bigger than them, and I was able to eat one. As described by reports by the name of poultry. The president put his army to protect the city. After one week gave news to the people that this was true were protected and not to leave so as not to risk their lives. The city really scared obeyed orders. But as time wore on their food ran out and the city was destroyed, the President met in his concern to his counselors and told them they had to be united. When ready to begin the fight against the enemy realized that they also had an army. They started the battle, recalled that the good always wins and forces retook beginning to end with the enemy. At the end of the battle's won Mishuwitos to the birds and continued their normal lives.

Womens in sport

Is a topic very discussed because there are many opinions. In the first place, the women’s have got less strength and in many possible cases less resistance, but here are some exceptions. It is true that women tend to have more intelligence than men’s and something it is more important in sport.

 In the second place for sports more aggressive the men’s can be better when going to practice because are sports that need more strength and men’s are stronger than women. For sports in which the intelligence needs more than the strength the women’s in general have got more advantage.

 In conclusion, the woman’s are very good at sports where intelligence is used and the mens are very good at sports where the strength or the resistance are more important. Many womens have got more speed and more resistance that in the case of the resistance in general the mens have got more. In sports depends much individuality but the more important quality in sports are the team.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Sonnet for "La Niebla y la Doncella"

Hi all. I leave you a sonnet that was created by me for a book called "La Niebla y la Doncella". Hope you like:

Evasión, sueño, imaginación

profundo respiro a orillas de la mar,
beber cada palabra con ansia de más,
avanzar cada vez con más atracción.
Querer saber cuál es la solución,
pero, a su vez, no quererlo acabar,
misterio, intriga, sorprendente final,
verse sumido en desesperación.
Llegar a casa y, antes que nada,
coger el libro que tanto te fascina,
y leerlo hasta que el día acabe.
Dejar a cualquier persona anonadada
con la historia que, aunque no quieras, termina.
Esto es "La niebla y la doncella",

                                                     quien lo leyó, lo sabe.