Monday, 11 June 2012

Women in sport.

The topic of women to make sports has been always a very controversial issue. A lot of men think that they are more stronge than women because their bodies have been prepared in the past to cath animal and fighting. 
On the one hand, it's true that women are less than men as to muscular mass and for that, has been created the womens sports. But it isn't bad, the opposite, this has been created to balance her strength and play only to each other. Although, womens are better than men in some sports, for example: ice skating and in some cases in swimming. On the other hand, women are best than men as well in intellectual themes, for example, some studies show that the women when she have seven years old, have an Intellectually coeficient from 101 and the men only 99. 
In conclusion, women are better than men in some things and in reverse.

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