Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi! I'm María I 16 years old. In the future I want study psychology.
I study this degree in Alcorcón, Madrid, because there is a science health University. But if you want study in abroud you can study in Arizona University for example.
I want study psychology because I find it interesting and because
 I like listening to people.
Psycology is a degree in wich you can study the behaviour human.
In this degree there are many subjects:
  - History of psychology.
  - Introduction to psychology.
  - Anthropological bases to psychology.
  - Psyconanalitic theory.
  - Biological foundations of personality.

In third year you can choose the branch you want,there are four branch:
Educatinal psychology, clinical psychology, social psycology and 
industrial psychology.

I'll choose clinical psuchology, in this branch you can study 
mental illnesess, when you finish this degree you can work in a 
hospital, social asistent at a mental and physical rehabilitation.
I would love study in abroud I'd prefer USA.
But my English is not so good, but if I get a good English. 
I'm sure ,I'll be gone to USA!

Monday, 29 November 2010

My future studies.TOURISM

Hello,my name is Déborah,I'm 16 years old and I'm going to talk about my future studies.
I want to study Tourism because I would like to travel to a lot of countries and to learn things of them;their cultures,their customs...
I would like to study abroad, in England or Ireland,and then to have a better work, as sterwardess or tourist guide.

The subjects more important in this career are:
-Statistics Applied to Tourism.
-History of Travel and Tourism.
-First Foreign Language (English).
-Social Psychology of Tourism.
-World Territorial Tourist Resources.

I think ot study abroad in this career is a good idea,because I could to have the possibility of obtein a better job with a good salary.

Parque de Lisboa News



Each year in Spain ,it takes place one of the most important sports event in the world, Barcelona-Real Madrid, this football match between ,probably , the best teams of the planet, is watched by millions people of various countries. If each year “el Clasico ” promise to be better than the last year, this year looks that it will be the best “Clasico ” of the history, the reasons are that both team has never had so much good players, moreover, their style to play is one of the best way to treat the ball that has never seen.
Barcelona comes to this match with confidence after a good result in its last match and with its best play´s version.
Real Madrid gets to Camp Nou, with new project created by Jose Mourinho ,that is giving good results and a play so good that the “the madridistas” don´t remember.
Tu sum up, it seems that this year will be the century´s match.


Three teenagers survive 50 days adrift in Pacific
The teenagers survived mainly on coconuts and rainwater Three teenage boys have been found alive after being lost in their boat in the Pacific Ocean for 50 days.

The boys, from the Tokelau Islands, a New Zealand-administered territory in the South Pacific, had been given up for dead after an unsuccessful search.

A tuna fishing boat picked them up near Fiji and is taking them to hospital for treatment for severe sunburn.

The boys survived on coconuts, water they trapped on a tarpaulin and a seabird they managed to catch.

'Strong mental spirit'

The boys - Samu Perez and Filo Filo, both 15, and Edward Nasau, 14 - had gone missing from Atafu atoll in a small aluminium boat after an annual sporting event on 5 October.

They were presumed to have died after unsuccessful searches by the New Zealand air force.

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The boys were then spotted north-east of Fiji on Wednesday afternoon by a member of the tuna boat's crew.

"We drew up next to them, and we asked if they needed any help and their reply was a very ecstatic 'yes'," the tuna vessel's first mate, Tai Fredricsen, told the BBC.

"We immediately deployed our rescue craft and got them straight on board and administered basic first aid."

Continue reading the main story
Sea survival stories
2005-6: Three Mexican fishermen drift across the Pacific Ocean for nine months

1992: Two fishermen from Kiribati come ashore in Samoa after 177 days adrift

1942-3: Chinese sailor survives aboard a life-raft for 133 days after his ship is torpedoed in WWII

2001: Two fishermen from Samoa are rescued after four months adrift in an aluminium dinghy

1982: American sailor survives 76 days on a life-raft off the Canary Islands

2009: Two Burmese men survive 26 days floating in an ice box after their ship breaks up off Australia
Mr Fredricsen said the boys had a small supply of coconuts on their boat, but that it had run out after two days.

"They had a period when they were only drinking fresh water, which they were capturing during the night in a tarpaulin," he said.

"They also told me that two weeks prior to us rescuing them, they were able to catch a sea bird which was very lucky for them."

"They did mention that during the last two days they had started drinking salt water, which could have been disastrous for them," he added.

Mr Fredricsen said the boys were in surprisingly good shape considering their ordeal under the blazing tropical sun.

"They've got a lot of gusto, a lot of strong mental spirit," he said, adding that though they were physically in a bad way, they were "mentally [...] very strong".

An aunt of Samu Perez told the BBC that the family had already held a memorial service for him and that everyone had been devastated.

"My mum, she cried every day and every night," Fekei said. "We believed he was still alive anyway, we thought that God was still with them."

She said she thought the boys might have been trying to sail to Australia or the US.

After speaking to Sam on the telephone, she said: "He was asking for forgiveness. I think they did learn a big lesson"


I recommend to you Laura's Gallego book, " Two candles for the devil " because it is the third book that it's the well-read one of this authoress and it's very entertaining.It gives a vision interesting and different from the origin of the human beings and the battle between the angels and the demons.

There has an agile and simple writing what facilitates his reading. The history attracts from the beginning: the fight of angels (that live strictly between ourselves and that in addition, some of them are very good) and the demons (that also live between the human beings and that not they all are so bad). Though it is directed for a juvenile public, I recommend it for not so young. In occasions it is entertained and always it is absorbent. Very advisable.



Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Futre Studies: Criminology

Hello I'm Sheila, I'm 16 years old and my talk is going to be about the degree of Criminology:
I want to do this degree because I like Science and Detective Series. To do Criminology you have to study bachillerato of Biology Sciences and you have to obtain 12.5 in your selectivity exams. After that you have to study Medicine during 7 or 8 years more or less.
Some subjects of this degree are:
- Introduction to Psicology I
- Law theory
- Introduction to Criminology I
- Sociality Research
There are some University in Spain that you can study this degree, they are: University Camilo José Cela (Madrid), European University of Madrid (Madrid), ..etc
And the last part of my talk it's about the jobs that you can work when you finish this degree. You can be a detective, periodist (Only for write a page in a newspaper about a murder) or you can work with the Police.
This is all and thank you :)

My future studies: Architecture

Hello! I'm Sofia and I'm 16 years old. My talk is going to be about my future studies. I want to study architecture because I like so much tecnical drawing. An architect desings and plans the construction of buildings of urban zones and of parks.
For this degree, first of all I have to study the bachillerato of science and it is what I'm studying now.
I'd rather go to the Politecnica university because it is the one that is closer to my house. In this university the average mark is 10,78 so I think that it is very difficult to have a place in this university. Some of the subjects of this degree are: Geometry and drawing architecture 1, introduction to the architecture, calculation, initiation to projects and history of the art and the architecture.
During the degree I would have a Erasmus grant to study abroad, for example in Politecnica di Milano Technical university in Italy.
When I finish the degree, I can do a competitive exam and if I approve it, work in the ministry of publics works, or I can also work in a private company and here work in projects of building.
Before starting to work I would like to do a Master in Urban and Territorial planning. The Master I would do it in the Technical university of Madrid and it would cost 2ooo€.
Thanks you for you attention !
Bye !

Job Interview. Private teacher.

INTERVIEWER: Hi! Can I help you?
LIDIA: I want a part time job.
INTERVIEWER: What type of job do you want?
LIDIA: I study social science and I want a job of private teacher of child of 5 to 10 years.
INTERVIEWER: Ok, have you got any work experience?
LIDIA: Yes, I worked in a academy school the last year.
INTERVIEWER: Ok. Linda is a girl and she needs help with language, can you help her?
LIDIA: Yes. For how much time would it be?
INTERVIEWER: I guess that until she finish the course.
LIDIA: Oh! That sound interesting ! And how much salary I will get?
INTERVIEWER: You will get 300€ every month.
LIDIA: It's perfect !
INTERVIEWER: You will start the next monday.
LIDIA: Ok, good bye!

Lidia and Sofia

Job Interview. House Cleaner.

A: Clara
B: Amir
A: Hello Amir. Are you appying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Sorry my name is Bryan. Please call me Bry.
A: Excuse me Bry. But answer my question.
B: Please can you tell me the question again?
A: Yes. Are you applying for the job of house cleaning?
B: Ofcourse!
A: Ok you have to come 5 days a week.
B: Perfect!
A: I will pay you 1000 $ a month and you have to clean 3 houses every hour.
B: Sorry can i ask you a question? Where is the zone I'll work?
A: It is in the west side of Chicago.
B: Oh perfect I live near there !
A: That's right.
A: You are going to start this morning.
B: Sorry I can't start this morning. Can I start tomorrow?
A: Sure!
B: Fantastic! thank you, bye!
A: See you !

My future Studies: Industrial Design Engineering.

When i finish bachillerato i would like to study engineering in industrial design at Madrid's Politécnica University.
I need 9 / 14 to pass in this degree
Engineering in industrial design is about to make sketches of all kind of things.
The degree is 4 years. Some subjects are : lineal algebra, infinitesimal calculus, physics, chemistry, graphic expression and computer aided design, statics, computing and artistic drawing.
I'd like to do this degree because I love drawing.
In my degree and in most of them you can go to study abroad in an erasmus grant.
I would love to take part in an erasmus grant and study abroad because is a very good form to know new people and learn languages.
If i am given an erasmus grant I will love to go to Holland because I went last April and I loved it. If I couldn't go to Holland I would like to go to a country where speak English because I could understand pretty well and make my English better.
I hope to get that degree but if I won't I have another ideas.

Clara Fulgueiras.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Job Interview. Waitress

INTERVIEWER: Are you applying for the job of waitress?
LUMINITA: That's correct.
INTERVIEWER: Have you worked as a waitress before?
LUMINITA: No,I haven't
INTERVIEWER: Mmmm,..Have you got any other work experience?
LUMINITA: Yes,I worked baby-sitting last summer.
INTERVIEWER: Ok,and have you got any studies?
LUMINITA: Yes,I have the secondary school graduate.
INTERVIEWER: Ok! I explain to you; this is a part-time job. You have to work four hours a day, and weekends free.
LUMINITA: That's perfect.Then,when do I begin?
INTERVIEWER: Today, at six o'clock here!
LUMINITA: Ok,thank you very much.Goodbye!
INTERVIEWER: See you soon!

Déborah and Luminita

Friday, 26 November 2010

Job Interview. Dialogue.

Erika: Mirellaaa...!!!
Mirella: Oh! Hi Erika.
Erika: Hi! How was your job interview yesterday?
Mirella: It´s difficult to tell. I don´t know.
Erika: I´m sure you will get it.
Mirella: Thank you.
Erika: Have you got any experience?
Mirella: No, I´ve never worked before.
Erika: Perhaps, it isn´t necessary to have esperience I guess that you can get that work.
Mirella: I´m not really sure but I hope I´ll get it.
Erika:Good luck!
Mirella:Thank you and tell me how is everything in your job?
Erika: It´s well now, but last week we had a problem, there was a robbery in our office.
Mirella: How is everything? Is everything ok?
Erika: Oh! Yes. Now it is.
Mirella: Ok. Would you like a coffee?
Erika: Yes, I would.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Job Interview. Baby Sitter.

V: Hello, are you Laura?
L: Hello, yes, I am.
V: Right, Laura.You are applying for the job of baby-sitting, aren't you?
L: Yes, I need the job. I am a student and I need to pay my studies.
V: Have you ever worked as a baby-sitter before?
L: Yes, I've worked fot two years.
V: What are you studying?
L: Primary School Teacher.
V: Ok, fine.
L: I am not really sure but I could work from 3 o´clock to 8 o´clock.
V: Ok! Perfect!. When do you want to begin?
L: I could possibly begin tomorrow.
V: Ok! I guess that you want to know your salary.
L: Yes, please.
V: Your salary would be 7euros one hour.
L: That´s perfect!
V:Ok! You begin tomorrow.
L: Thank you! Goodbye!
V: Goodbye!

(Vanessa y Laura).

Job Interview. Cheerleader.

Interviewer: Iván (I)
Cheerleader: Rebeca (C)

I: Hi, can I help you?
C: Hi! I'm phoning for your advert in the newspaper.
I: OK, so give me your personal details.
C: My name is María Perez, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Spain.
I: OK. Have you got any experience working as a cheerleader?
C: Yes, I've been at Ravenscroft for 2 years, and now I want to jump to a great team like yours.
I: Well, here in the Dallas Cowboys we are looking for girls with charm, a big sense of a team and with certain physical characteristics. Do you think that you have that qualifications?
C: I guess so.
I: OK, can you come to 6, Worwick Avenue tomorrow at 6 pm to do a personal interview?
C: Yes, I'm writting down the address, I will be there tomorrow.
I: So, see you tomorrow. Bye bye.
C: Bye bye.

My future studies: Environmental Sciences.

Hello my name is Rebeca I'm 17 years old and my talk is going to be about my future studies.
When I finish Bachillerato I would study Environmental Science. I like to study this degree because I think is very interesting to know the environment and how to care today because people are not aware of the consequences there may be in the future if we care misuse our planet.
First of all I will say that I like to study this degree at the Complutense University, in my opinion is the most appropiate, but I can also consider the Autonoma University, Rey Juan Carlos University, The European University...
Personally, I would like to study a year of estudies abroad for example in USA or England to improve my english; for example in USA , I could study at the Hardvar University, at Berckley University in California or in Cornell University.
Secondly, the subjets that I will study during four years of the degree are: physics, chemistry, maths, biology, zoology, microbiology, botany, stadistic...
Finally the career of a graduate in a Environmental Science include:
-Consultancy and environmental impact assesment
-Environmental Managment in the Administration
-Quality management system in bussines and environmental organization
-Management of the environment
-Training and education environment
-Technology industrial environment research
That's all

Job Interview: Disc Jockey.

Interviewer - Sheila
Bryan - Setes

Interview: Hello, good morning!
Bryan: Hello!
Interview: Are you here for any work?
Bryan: Yes, I want to apply for the vacancy of Disc Jockey.
Interview: Have you ever worked in a Disco or in a party as a DJ?
Bryan: No, but I have song tracks made by me.
Interview: Ok, could I listen to them?
Bryan: Of course!
Interview: I'm sure they will be good. So tomorrow you have to come here again and we will listen to your songs and then you'll start to work. Ok?
Bryan: Ok, that's perfect!
Interview: Ok, see you tomorrow!
Bryan: Bye!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My future studies: Architecture and Design.

Hello my name is Laura Pulido an I´m going to speak to you about my academic future when I go out of this school. I would like to be able to study a degree.
I would prefer to stady architecture and design in the European University.
The subjects that this degree contains are very varied:
-Analysis of the image
-Language and communication
-Space and volume
-It comes out in photographs digital image
-Theory and practie of the color....
I Have not thought to study part of the degreee out Spain because I belive that Spain has syfficiente means but if I have thought to work out when I finish studing. I would like to be able to study this degreee because since I was young allways called me very much the attencion the desingn.
In my family they are all workes and my granfather always said to me when young tahta I had to architect because I has to desingn everything and they wiil construcut it.
Thank you very much your attencion!!

My zodiac

One of the keys for you life and destination will be the step of pluto along your own sign, which reaches dimensions more thn historical because one produces only every 245 years aproximately. Some time ago that you can bi noticing his effects: as if the land under your feet, deep changes stalk and they wiil be full of uncertainty or enclosedly fears.
Pluto rymbolizes, among other things, the Bord Phoenix, taht one who was reborn of his own ashes. It means that you can cross a long period in the one that you have to learn to break with the past, with circumstances, places , conditions, feelings or ever persons who till now could be fundamental in your if do it well. you enter the most importante period to recontruct your personality and your being.

My future studies: Primary School Teacher.

Hi! I'm Lidia , i'm 15 years old and i study bachillerato of social science in the parque de lisboa school and my talk is going to be about my future studies.
I want to study primary school because i like a lot the children an is my prefer degree.
I want to study this degree in Rey Juan Carlos University or in Complutense University because are close or my house and because when i will start the degree ai will be 17 years old and my parents will not want that i go to study to other city.
This carreer have a three years with diferents subjects in the diferents years.
When i finish the degree also i willcan to be Physopdagogy or social education, not only teacher.
Other option is study the degree in other countries bit i think that is imposible because my english is not so good and i will miss so much to my family and friends.
Thank you for your attention! :)
Good bye

Sunday, 21 November 2010

My first day at school

I feel nervous and scared.
My mum cried when she left me in the main gate. The teacher look like adorable, the teacher's name is Pilar.
Was a state school.
This day I met Lidia Cejuela. She wear a ugly dress.
In fact I don't remember that day as well but I'm sure these day was great.
I played pilla-pilla with my news friends, I drawn with crayons and I made littlefigures with plasticine.
When it was the break time came the teacher given more cookies.
After eatting we went to sleep siesta with your cushion.
After my moher came to school and my mother and me gone to grandmother's home to tell her my first day at school.

María López Sánchez.

My first day at school

In my first day at school , i was hungry, sad and nervious.
Hungry, because my mother get up me very early.
Sad, because i didnt know where i went.
And nervious because that place it was full of ugly children and crying.
When my mother left i cried so much, because i thought that she didn't came back. When i went to the class i saw that there were more children with me .We started to play and i met to Maria Lopez and Clara Fulgueiras. All played with the crayons and the toys.
After eating we went to slept siesta with my cushion.
When we finished to sleep we ate biscuits and after muy mother came to school for go to home.
I was happy, i wanted to see to my new friends the next day.
This i all that i remember of my first day at school.

My future studies: Biochemistry.

Hello my name is Mirella, I'm 17 years old and I'm Peruvian.
Today I'm going to talk about my future studies.
I have a younger sister and two years ago to my mother brought us here because she'd like us study here in Spain.
In this moment I don't really know what I want to study, but I like Biochemistry because I think that this degree is very interesting and the advances in Biochemistry can help people.
Now I'm studying in Parque Lisboa High School. I'm in first of bachillerato sciences modality and I need a high average mark.
Counting the 60% that is the average mark of bachillerato and the 40% that is the selectivity mark I must obtain a 12 out 14.
If I studied Biochemistry, I would like to study in Autónoma University in Madrid or Complutense University in Madrid.
The Biochemistry degree is for 4 years. It's a degree of second cycle, first I must study Biology, Chemistry or Medicine and after that I could study Biochemistry.
When I finish university I would like to study a Biochemistry master in Italy.
Studying Biochemistry I could work in a hospital, in laboratories, in chemical industries, in forest industries, in paper industries and I could also be teacher in schools and universities.
This is all, thank you.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

My future studies: Primary School Teacher.

Hello, I´m Vanessa! I speak about my future studies.
In the future, I will study in the university. I will study for primary school teacher. I want to study in Complutense University.
This degree can be studied at several universities in Madrid: Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Universidad Autónoma in Madrid and Universidad of Alcalá.
I like this degree because since childhood I liked to play the teacher with my friends and because I have an aunt who is teacher and I want to be like her. Also I like this degree because I love children, I love much patiente with them.
This degree is four years. Each year contains between eight and ten subjects.
Most popular subjects are phychology, chemistry, mathematics, language, English or French, Education.. and others subjects, but the most important subjects is physichology because you have to know how to treat children and to help them if they have a problem.
At the time of seeking degrees there are many possibilities of finding a job because can be a school teacher, tutor, psychologist at a school and teachers are always needed.
In my degree, I can go to study the stranger bur I do study the stranger but I don´t like to leave my family and friends and I think it´s easier to pursue a degree in your language and would haven´t problems of adaptation.
Thank´s for your attention and.. that´s all!

My future studies

When I finished bachillerato,I want to university to study teacher a kindergarden,because I like children.In this degree you can study diferents subjects and in differnts universities.
While i study my degree I want to go to erasmus from learning a lot of english,my sister has spoken to me about different existing eramus,in Spain and other places in the world.
When I finish my degree,I won´t mind working abroad for these years and If I still feel like doing it,I will do a vocational training in administration.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Winchester University.


Good morning. How can I help you?
Mark: I´m interested in 1960s Pop Music. Are there any places available?
Secretary: No, I think there aren't, but I'll check. No, there aren´t, sir. I´m sorry. But we have a new course called "Computer-Based music", that one is very interesting.
Mark: Could you tell me the content of the course?
Secretary: Yes, let me see. The course is about music programs on the computer, you could learn a lot about digital recording studios.
Mark: That sounds interesting, I´ll do Computer-Based music then.
Secretary: Ok. We have two places available. You want one, don´t you?
Mark: Yes, I do. Thank you and good bye.
Secretary: See you.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Estos son los deberes del curso...

Estos son los prometidos deberes del curso "Desarrollo del currículo avanzado de inglés en secciones bilingües". correpondientes a la primera sesión. Debéis escribir una hoja DIN-A4 acerca del contenido de estos dos enlaces: Uso educativo de los blogs y características de blogger y Uso educativo de los blogs.

Para la segunda sesión, os recuerdo que debéis elegir dos artículos (los que más os interesen) del blog  Apuntes sobre blogs de Alejandro Valero y escribir otra hoja comentándolos.

Para la tercera sesión vuestro comentario o análisis debe tomar como base las siguientes páginas web: Quince consejos de uso de twitter, A Twitteraholic¡s Guide to Tweets y/o One Hundred Ways to teach with Twitter.

Ambos trabajos los podéis presentar tanto en inglés como en español, como queráis.
¡Un saludo!

Mongolia University.

Lidia: Secretary                 Maria: Jena

Secretary: Hello, how can I help you?
jenna: Hi! Is there any place available? 
Secretary: What would you like to do?
Jenna: I'd like to book in 1960's pop music.
Secretary: I'm sorry, but we haven't got any vacancy in that course.
Jenna: Ok. And what option can I choose?
Secretary: If you prefer, I can give you a leaflet with the different courses.
Jenna: I'm interested  in music. Can you tell me about the course?
Secretary: Yes. It's a new course. In this course you only play instruments.
Jenna: Ok. I like it, could I book now?
Secretary: Yes! Now I need to take some personal details. First: your name?
Jenna: Jenna.
Secretary: Your surname?
Jenna: Gray.
Secretary: What's your nationality?
Jenna: American.
Secretary: Are you a student?
Jenna: Yes. I study in Tennessee Univesity.
Secretary: Your date of birth?
Jenna: Fourth of July.
Secretary: What is your adress here?
Jenna: I live in Roya Street.
Secretary:  Your telephone number?
Jenna: 6517891
Secretary: Ok. We wait for you in September!
Jenna: Ok! Bye!
Secretary: Bye!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My First Day at School.

We are dealing with education in class, and we have been talking about memories from your first day at school. Here you will have the opportunity to share those special memories you have from your first day at school. To take part, follow these instructions (thanks to Ana Méndez and her Up to Date Blog):

When you click on "Comment" you will be asked to sign in. Once you have signed in, you will be able to make your contribution. To comment click on the "comment" link. There you will have the choice of either recording your voice (microphone icon), typing your words (letter "A" icon), or using a web camera (camera icon). This time you will be using the mic. You can listen to your comment before saving. If you are happy with your recording, be sure to save. If not, hit cancel and you may re-record as many times as you wish. Please no inappropriate commenting.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Information at New York University

Student: Hi. Can you help me, please?
Secretary: Yes, tell me.
Student: I am a student in New York University. I'm studying Biology and I would like to know if the options in Chemistry and Phisics are available.
Secretary: Ok. You could study only Phisics.
Student: But I'd rather study Chemistry.
Secretary: I am sorry but there aren't any places available.
Student: Ok. Then, can I book a place?
Secretary: Yes, the degree is for 10 months and costs 300 euros. The classes are 10 hours a week.
Student: Ok, I accept. Can I pay you now?
Secretary: Ok. Here is your timetable and that's all.
Student: Thank you, bye.
Secretary: Bye.

Chinese Horoscope: Cock

Hi, I am Mirella and my chinese zodiac sign is the cock because I was born in 1993. Acording to my sign I know to live with imagination and it is good for me because all is more easy. I am intelligent and perfectionist, I like everything to be perfect and if I love my work I am very hard-working. I am very generous an I don't like the mean persons. The most important is that I like studying and I can be a good professional in the scientist work. Iam sensitive and when I am in love I am a romantic person.

Chinese Horoscope: Dog.

Hello!, I'm Sofía.
In the Chinese horoscope I'm a dog. A person who has born in the year of the dog is sincere, intelligent and very shy. They tend to be friendly, they get on with people because they aren't too demanding. They reacts poorly under strees but they are relaxed and they are always ready to help his friends. The dog get on well with the horse, the rabbit and the tiger, but the dog doesn't get on with the goat, the dragoon and the rooster.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Information Academy

Amir:pupil Erika:Secretary

Amir:Hello!Can you help me please?
Secretary(Erika):Yes!How can i help you?
Amir:I come for some information about this academy
Secretary:What would you like to know?What subjects do you want to do?
Amir:Only maths,I´m very bad at maths.How much is it and what would the time table to?
Secretary:The price is 90 euros and the hours are Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 6 to 8
Amir:Ok,it´s good like, I´d like to book a place for November.Now I´m going to pay you.
Secretary:Do you want anything else?
Amir:No, it isn´t,thank you for there information.
Secretary:Good bye!!see you in November.
Amir:See you.