Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My future studies: Architecture and Design.

Hello my name is Laura Pulido an I´m going to speak to you about my academic future when I go out of this school. I would like to be able to study a degree.
I would prefer to stady architecture and design in the European University.
The subjects that this degree contains are very varied:
-Analysis of the image
-Language and communication
-Space and volume
-It comes out in photographs digital image
-Theory and practie of the color....
I Have not thought to study part of the degreee out Spain because I belive that Spain has syfficiente means but if I have thought to work out when I finish studing. I would like to be able to study this degreee because since I was young allways called me very much the attencion the desingn.
In my family they are all workes and my granfather always said to me when young tahta I had to architect because I has to desingn everything and they wiil construcut it.
Thank you very much your attencion!!

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