Sunday, 21 November 2010

My first day at school

In my first day at school , i was hungry, sad and nervious.
Hungry, because my mother get up me very early.
Sad, because i didnt know where i went.
And nervious because that place it was full of ugly children and crying.
When my mother left i cried so much, because i thought that she didn't came back. When i went to the class i saw that there were more children with me .We started to play and i met to Maria Lopez and Clara Fulgueiras. All played with the crayons and the toys.
After eating we went to slept siesta with my cushion.
When we finished to sleep we ate biscuits and after muy mother came to school for go to home.
I was happy, i wanted to see to my new friends the next day.
This i all that i remember of my first day at school.

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