Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Information Academy

Amir:pupil Erika:Secretary

Amir:Hello!Can you help me please?
Secretary(Erika):Yes!How can i help you?
Amir:I come for some information about this academy
Secretary:What would you like to know?What subjects do you want to do?
Amir:Only maths,I´m very bad at maths.How much is it and what would the time table to?
Secretary:The price is 90 euros and the hours are Monday,Wednesday and Friday from 6 to 8
Amir:Ok,it´s good like, I´d like to book a place for November.Now I´m going to pay you.
Secretary:Do you want anything else?
Amir:No, it isn´t,thank you for there information.
Secretary:Good bye!!see you in November.
Amir:See you.

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