Monday, 1 November 2010

Information at Music and Art University

(Secretary - Sheila
Student - Sofía)

Secretary: Hello, how can I help you?
Student: I would like to book a place on the optional course for this year.
Secretary: What are you doing?
Student: I'm doing a degree in Music University.
Secretary: Wich option would you like to do?
Student: Music and Theatre.
Secretary: Oh no, I'm afraid there's no places for Music and Theatre.
Student: Oh! Which options are still avaible?
Secretary: Art and 1960s Pop Music.
Student: Well, I'm interested in 1960s Pop Music, can you tell me the content of the course?
Secretary: Yes, it's a new course in Music, where you study the Music from the 60s and you talk about it.
Student: Oh, that sounds interesting. I will do 1960s Pop Music.
Secretary: Ok, Bye
Student: Bye

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